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GUHH Recap: Tee Tee’s Mom is Fed Up with Egypt, Sam, & Pepa

GUHH Season 6 Episode 9

Photo Credit: WE tv

JoJo learns Tanice could be pregnant.

At Vanessa’s condo, Angela walks in as Vanessa incorrectly opens a bottle of wine. Vanessa’s okay with this as this is the first time in a while they’ve had wine together.

During their wine time, Vanessa explains how she told Tee Tee about the rumors being spread by Egypt. Angela’s disappointed to learn Tee Tee and Shawn revealed the wedding’s on hold. She wanted to plan a photo shoot in Jamaica. Meanwhile, Vanessa feels ashamed as she feels responsible for the delay In the wedding.

As they’re hanging out, JoJo gets some huge news. Tanice reveals she’s going to the doctor’s office soon. She believes she’s pregnant and JoJo’s excited. Eric and Aaliyah join them at a restaurant and they talk about the drama with Tee Tee, Shawn, and the wedding. Of course, Eric and Savannah’s strife at Briana’s event comes up and JoJo suggests he should talk to Stevie J before Savanah gets to him first. Eric agrees.

Egypt, Sam, and Pepa discuss Tee Tee.

As this goes on, Sam and Savanah meet up at a store selling thongs. Sam tells Savannah he wants to start a male lingerie line and he wants Savannah to help. Savannah agrees to it but then tells Sam about how Tee Tee and Shawn reacted to the rumor. Sam’s gleeful about the wedding cancellation and she tells him how she and Eric got into it. It’s revealed Savannah told Stevie J about the incident, ruining Eric’s chance to reach out first.

Later on, Egypt and Sam are at home cooking and Pepa walks in. They’re cooking tacos and Pepa’s excited. While Pepa waits for dinner, Egypt tells them about Tee Tee canceling the wedding. Pepa feels that Tee Tee should be the bigger person in keeping her relationship with Egypt intact. She also says this drama isn’t going to stop Egypt and Sam’s wedding.

Tee Tee explains why the wedding isn’t happening soon.

Speaking of Tee Tee, the next day, she meets up with Briana and her friend Dee at a restaurant. Things get a bit tense when Vanessa shows up late. She apologizes for showing up late and says she’s going to have her back if anyone talks negatively about her.

Tee Tee tells the ladies the wedding isn’t canceled. But the pandemic is delaying their wedding plans. Vanessa asks if she’s still invited and Tee Tee says yes. However, Egypt and Pepa aren’t invited and Tee Tee isn’t “part of the family anymore.” In fact, she learned that her Aunt Dawn started the rumor. So at this point, she’s going to get her mom Maureen involved.

Eric meets with Stevie J.

Stevie J. Is at the studio with his son Stevie Jr. They’re working with their artists when Eric stops by to talk. Eric’s nervous as he’s here to talk about Savannah and their incident. Eric explains his side of the story at Briana’s event and Stevie understands it. He tells Eric Savannah has a mouth on her and is quick to anger. Next, Eric brings up the purchases from the shop and Stevie asks Stevie Jr to invite Savannah up to the studio. Meanwhile, Savannah and Cree are riding around when Stevie Jr texts. He tells Savannah to come to the studio ASAP and their dad is there. Savannah knows something is up but comes over anyway.

When she arrives, Savannah sees Eric in the studio with them.

The doctor gives Tanice and JoJo wonderful news.

Back in New York, JoJo and Tanice visit their doctor to see if Tanice is really pregnant. They’re nervous because of past miscarriages. The doctor listens to them and consoles them, easing their worries. As the doctor remains hopeful, the doctor performs an ultrasound.

Everyone’s all smiles when the doctor reveals a healthy baby. The doctor tells JoJo to make sure Tanice isn’t stressed and he understands. They then decide who to tell, which will only be their daughter and JoJo’s mom. They really want to play it safe this time and not tell people too soon.

Stevie J finally learns of Savannah’s money moves.

Back in LA, Savannah walks in and sees Eric then goes off. Eric tries to calm things down when he apologizes. Eventually, Savannah accepts the apology and Stevie J says “everything is all love” as the two of them hug it out. Stevie J then kicks Stevie Jr and Eric out of the studio to once again ask about her money.

When he asks her where she’s getting the money, Savannah reveals she got a business loan. Stevie then asks about the bank, Savannah reveals her mom has it all under her control. In her interview, she says the loan was for $40,000.

Maureen’s fed up with her family.

At Tee Tee’s apartment in NYC, Maureen stops by. She notices Tee Tee’s stressed. This leads Tee Tee to unload everything about the rumor. Maureen gets angry when Tee Tee reveals Dawn was the source. She then tells Tee Tee Egypt and Pepa are allowing Sam to break up the family. 

Maureen then calls her nephew Chris to talk about the drama. Chris agrees that this drama is going to tear the family apart. When Chris hangs up, Maureen says she’s going to call Dawn. When Dawn picks up, Maureen asks about the rumor and Dawn immediately hangs up. At this point, Maureen understands why Tee Tee doesn’t associate with her family.

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