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Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris Respond After Fans Say Kimbella Vanderhee Was Right

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith responded to the backlash.

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are probably used to people having strong opinions about their choices. In fact, Mendeecees received a lot of backlash after the comments he made on “VH1’s Couple’s Retreat.” When Yandy asked him if he would have held her down if she had to spend time in prison, Mendeecees said he couldn’t be sure. This was hurtful to Yandy. And she broke down in tears. Regardless, the couple has been able to move past that. Now they are trying to figure things out with Infinity Gilyard, their foster daughter.

For Yandy, she feels she’s been walking on eggshells since Infinity threatened to write a tell-all book. This occurred after Infinity ended up in a relationship with an older person who was critical of Yandy. Yandy claimed the person tried to get her children taken away while Mendeecees was locked up. The person is now out of the picture, but Infinity caused a stir on social media after Mendeecees posted holiday photos without her. This was after Infinity said she wouldn’t be spending Christmas with them.

Infinity’s past actions have made it hard for Yandy and Mendeecees to trust that there won’t be another issue. And they are concerned that any little thing could lead to Infinity running back to social media to call them out. So they want to take baby steps in building back up trust. In the meantime, they’ve decided that it would be best for Infinity to get her own apartment. They offered to pay her bills for the first two months while she looks for a job.

This decision caused Infinity to break down in tears. And Mendeecees decided to exit the conversation at this point. In a green screen interview, Mendeecees said that the situation is for Yandy to fix. This could be due to the fact that Yandy chose to take in Infinity while Mendeecees was in prison.

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have had a lot to say on social media. And an Instagram user even wrote that Mendeecees isn’t being fair because he wanted people to “accept him” after he came back from prison. But he’s not willing to give Infinity that kind of empathy.

In response to this, Mendeecees wrote, “Y’all don’t have the whole story out of respect for her ? . However, have a wonderful day.”

And Yandy responded after someone said Kimbella Vanderhee was right when she said Yandy took in Infinity for “clout.”

She wrote, “?  ?  ?  YOU’RE CRAZY! You don’t bring a whole person in your family with your toddler children, love them, feed them, clothed them, cry with them and so much more I won’t share for a game. You have no idea of anything. Clout? On a TV show? That I helped create? Nope. Never.”

Yandy continued, “And this season specifically I was surprised when she wanted to have this conversation with cameras. I most certainly would have preferred it in private because of the sensitivity of it all. Again…you have no idea of everything and I will protect it forever. But I know she reads y’all dumb a*s comments so I have to put this one to bed.”

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