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RHOP Recap: After Having Some Drama over Text Messages, Mia & Gizelle Hash Things Out

rhop season 6 episode 4

Photo Credit: Bravo

Robyn and Gizelle want to get to know Mia without Karen.

Gizelle and Robyn now have a podcast together called “Reasonably Shady.” The best friends meet up for a photoshoot so they can launch their promotional campaign. They discuss Mia with Kal, Gizelle’s friend, and hairstylist. And they think that it would be best to try to get to know her without Karen being around. So Gizelle texts Mia to meet her and Robyn for drinks without Karen.

While Michael and Ashley are on a date, Michael tells her that he wants to make movies now. He and his partners will put money behind films. Ashley isn’t sure about this and says she doesn’t want them to get caught up in risky investments that could harm their children financially.

Mia needs more balance.

Karen has been named an ambassador of her hometown, Surry County. Her daughter Rayvin FaceTimes her and congratulates her on this. And Karen is proud of Rayvin for landing her first corporate job.

Mia is struggling to balance running 14 business locations and being a wife and mother. Her husband calls her out about this and tells her that she needs to remember the appointments she has with her children because they look forward to spending more time with her.

Gizelle rubs Mia the wrong way.

Robyn invites Wendy and Askale to work out at a nearby park. And they discuss Mia after Candiace invites them to a pajama party to celebrate moving out of her townhouse. She invited Karen and Mia as well. Robyn tells the ladies that Gizelle sent a text to Mia inviting her out to drinks without Karen.

Meanwhile, Mia is giving the same rundown to Karen. Apparently, Mia told Gizelle she doesn’t have time to talk to Gizelle unless it’s about business. And her assistant can pencil Gizelle in later if that’s what she wants to do.

Robyn sent a text in response asking why Mia was being so rude to Gizelle. And Mia sent a text emphasizing that she was talking to Gizelle and she wasn’t trying to be rude.

Mia tells Karen the issue is Gizelle was telling her who she can and cannot bring. As for Robyn, she just thinks Karen has gotten into Mia’s head. So now Mia may see Robyn and Gizelle as the bad guys.

Music is still a passion for Candiace.

Candiace didn’t take the record deal with Chucky Thompson. So she’s financially supporting her own music career. She heads to the studio to record more music. And Chris is going to continue to manage her.

Gizelle and the twins go with Grace to take her driver’s permit test. Unfortunately, she fails. And she’s upset about this. But Gizelle tells her not to worry because they will try again in a few days.

Mia and Gizelle hash things out.

It’s the night of Candiace’s pajama jam. Mia is the last person to arrive, but she’s the one just about everyone has a bone to pick with. In fact, Gizelle and Robyn want her to explain her text messages in response to Gizelle inviting her out for drinks.

When Mia gets there, she’s immediately put on the spot about her texts. Askale says that she feels Mia is being delusional. Mia asks Askale how many businesses she owns, Askale says several. Then Robyn gets angry and questions why that even matters. Candiace tells everyone to drop the drama for now and handle their issues with each other another time.

Later, Mia tells Gizelle she was aggressive and it wasn’t the best way to handle things. Gizelle says that she felt she wasn’t being messy but both women agree to just move on.

The ladies play a game of Never Have I Ever, and the women aren’t surprised when Mia confirms she had a 3some with her current husband. She also says that she didn’t have work done on her cl*t. But she got work done on her v*gina. The women are appreciative of the fact that Mia is an open book.

At the end of the episode, Ashley goes into labor. And Michael drives her to the hospital.

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