Gizelle Bryant Says Karen Huger Destroys Families & Monique Samuels’ Binder Wasn’t New Info

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Wendy Osefo isn’t sure the slate can be cleaned with Gizelle Bryant.

Gizelle Bryant doesn’t understand why Wendy Osefo went off on her for discussing the cheating rumors with Ashley Darby. They will discuss this again on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Mia Thornton’s event is the place where this topic and others are addressed.

In a preview, Wendy explains why she was so upset by Gizelle’s actions. “What I’m saying is at the core of this, I still feel as though if you were my friend, you would have come to me first.” Gizelle agrees that this is where she went wrong. “And that’s what I said I apologize for. That’s the only I apologize for. When I was talking to Ashley and we were discussing it, I said I need to talk to Wendy.”

She also says that Wendy should have come to her respectfully to discuss what was said to Ashley, “I have always come to you in a place or spirit of love. I feel like that’s what should have happened after you talked to Ashley.” This is something Wendy can understand, “Yeah. I receive that.” Askale Davis and the others then wonder if Wendy and Gizelle can now move forward.

In a green screen interview, Wendy says, “I don’t know if there’s any bouncing back with Gizelle. I think it’s let’s play nice for now but I think it’s temporary.”

Monique Samuels and her binder are discussed.

Gizelle brings up the fact that she’s been accused of trying to tear down families. In her opinion, that is what Karen Huger does. “But just for the record, as far as like, ‘Oh, Gizelle’s around here trying to destroy families,’ that’s not me. That’s Karen.”

Candiace Dillard is clear that Gizelle is referring to Karen and Monique Samuels making some accusations about Jamal Bryant. Both women accused Jamal of seeing another woman while he was supposed to be back together with Gizelle. So Candiace questions if the binder moment at the reunion is what caused their latest breakup. “I have to say this because I’ve been thinking this for a while about what happened with Jamal. And the things that were brought up and I wonder if maybe the way that stuff came out and the people were talking about it…Karen was included in that…if that had anything to do with you and Jamal kind of going your separate ways?”

In response to this, Gizelle says, “No. That wasn’t new information for me.” Candiace asks, “About the girl, the woman?” Gizelle confirms, “Yes, yes.” And Candiace has to question why Gizelle wasn’t upfront sooner, “So why didn’t you say that?”

Check out the preview below.

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