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‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: The Bordelons Make a Tough Decision to Help Ralph Angel

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 7

Photo Credit: OWN

Ralph Angel turns himself in.

The episode begins with Ralph Angel and Darla standing in front of a police station. Ralph Angel has the support of Darla as he walks in. In the morning, Nova wakes up in her home still ravaged in the aftermath of the NOLA PD searching the home. She gets a call from Charley regarding Ralph Angel turning himself in.

Meanwhile, Micah and his friend are in a classroom when his current teacher and former fling Professor Parker walks in. Micah was preparing for his class presentation when she arrived. After she leaves, Micah and his friend hug just as his frat brothers walk by. 

At Prosper’s, Billie is considering heading back to Chicago. Prosper brings up the revelation she made about Aunt Vi’s abusive ex. But before they talked, Hollywood calls to talk about Ralph Angel. However, Prosper tells Hollywood to call him back later so he and Billie can talk. 

Back at the station, Charley and Darla are outside when Ralph Angel walks out. Charley bailed him out and tells Ralph Angel he needs to tell the family about everything that led to this point.

Ralph Angel explains his side of the story.

When they get to Charley’s house, a remorseful Ralph Angel tells them everything and said he did what he had to do to provide for his family. He also tells them the Landry family poisoned his crops. Of course, his responses didn’t go over well with the family. Charley then reveals that Theo got out and called Sam Landry. As a result, the charges were dropped. It’s at this point, Aunt Vi decides to go pay Sam a visit with Hollywood in tow. She hugs Ralph Angel before they leave. 

Back at Prosper’s, Billie explains how Jimmy Dale tried to assault her but she got away. Billie says her mother blamed her for what happened and wanted to know why she didn’t tell him. Billie felt too ashamed to tell her father. Prosper feels ashamed that he didn’t defend his own daughter against his former friend. 

Sam Landry has the Bordelons where he wants them.

Eventually, Aunt Vi and Hollywood storm into Sam Landry’s office. It turns out Sam worked with Theo. Despite, Ralph Angel’s best efforts, Sam had cameras installed and Theo made sure Ralph Angel got caught on them. Despite Hollywood’s best efforts to claim the Bordelon family know Sam conspired with Theo, Sam doesn’t back down.

It’s at this point, Sam’s ultimate plan comes into play. Sam’s willing to drop all charges if Ralph Angel signs over the deed to the farm to the Landrys. 

It’s time for Micah to give his presentation. Mrs. Parker throws questions at him about his presentation’s main idea and he holds firm. When class is dismissed, the professor stays behind, complimenting him on his growth, and says they should celebrate. However, Micah dismisses her advances. 

The Bordelon family makes a tough decision.

At Aunt Vi’s, she and Hollywood explain how Sam and Theo set up everything. Not even Charley’s attorney can help Ralph Angel gamble going to trial. Although Ralph Angel wants to fight, Hollywood lets him know he was caught “red-handed” on camera. When Aunt Vi tells Ralph Angel his freedom is worth more than the land, Ralph Angel brings up his mom being buried on the land. But Charley says that they can relocate her next to their father’s grave.

In Blue’s room, Ralph Angel sits on the bed and calls him. He gets Blue’s voicemail and leaves a heartfelt message. Darla joins him on the bed and she’s angry. She goes off on Ralph Angel who sits there and takes the frustration maturely. Meanwhile, Charley stops by Nova’s home. Nova tells Charley about the NOLA PD’s actions the day prior. Charley walks in, sees the damage, and hugs Nova. 

Charley tells Nova that this did not break her, but in fact, gave Nova more power. When things calm down that evening, Charley’s helping Nova tidy up her hair as Nova continues to vent. Charley also expresses regret for being unable to stop them from losing the farm. She also tells Nova to get up and fight to which Nova promises to do so.

Billie and Prosper make progress.

In the morning, Billie brings Prosper breakfast in bed. Prosper then asks if Billie could stay longer so they can catch up some more. Billie happily agrees. Meanwhile, Aunt Vi visits Celine. Gabriel’s in school and Aunt Vi uses the moment to criticize her for hitting on Hollywood. Celine apologizes and says she should’ve never disrespected her, Hollywood, and their marriage. She also thanks Aunt Vi for helping her get into therapy and calls her a “good friend.” 

Before Aunt Vi leaves, she gives an envelope and tells Celine she can’t see her or Gabriel anymore. 

Lastly, in her office, Charley calls her DNC contact, telling him she’s ready to run for congress. She’ll have to head to DC for a national fundraiser. Her plan is to use her political power to protect those she loves. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel meets with Sam at the farm. Sam wants to meet to make sure they have a deal. Ralph Angel’s short on words and learns he has 45 days to vacate. When Sam drives off, Ralph Angel looks off in the distance with his head held high. And he says that the fight isn’t over yet. 

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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