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‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Blue Learns About the Farm’s Fate + Nova Comes up With a Plan

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 9

Photo Credit: OWN

Darla and Ralph Angel have a baby shower.

It’s almost moving day for Darla and Ralph Angel. Most of the farmhouse is packed up and the couple slept on a makeshift bed. Both of them are ready for the move to occur yet nervous about what is to come. Meanwhile, Aunt Vi is relaxing in her sunroom. She’s saving her energy for Darla and Ralph Angel’s baby shower. Hollywood and Aunt Vi talk about Celine and Gabriel. Although Aunt Vi cut off Celine, Hollywood still keeps in touch with her son, which perplexes Aunt Vi. 

It’s time for Darla’s baby shower and Charley’s hosting at her home. Micah’s home for the event and he and Charley do a little bonding as Charley’s team set up for the event. Blue also came home for the baby shower. He’s excited to see everyone, especially Aunt Vi. 

Dominic has details about remains found on the Bordelon farm.

Nova’s making flower arrangements for the shower when Dominic shows up with a muffin and tea for Nova. He also has information regarding the bones on the farm. The bones suggest the farm may contain a graveyard. 

At Prosper’s, Billie and Prosper are wearing color-coordinated outfits. It seemingly demonstrates their growth together. They’re attending the shower but Billie’s nervous about how Aunt Vi will react towards her. But Prosper has her back. 

Eventually, Blue made it home possibly for the last time and Ralph Angel measured his height. Blue doesn’t know they’re moving out yet. When he points out the boxes, Ralph Angel takes him outside for a sobering talk. 

At Nova’s, she tells Dominic about Ralph Angel and the farm. She hopes the news about the bones will help Ralph Angel keep the farm. Dominic’s happy to help. Before he heads out, Nova invites him to the shower. 

Aunt Vi shows up with Hollywood and pies in tow for Blue. They’re both happy for their family and the drama between Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel is behind them.

Blue learns his parents are losing the farm.

Out on the farm, Blue asks Darla and Ralph Angel why there are boxes in their living room. Ralph Angel recounts a time where Blue had him when he robbed a liquor store as a way to explain how he lost the farm. He tells Blue he doesn’t want that life for him and tells him about the vision he had for Blue. Ralph Angel tells him they may lose the farm for a little while. 

Blue’s sad about the news but seemingly takes it in stride. He listens as his father warns him to never act in desperation. 

At the baby shower, Blue tells Aunt Vi about his time in DC. He tells them about a school project where he did well. Nova shows up next with Dominic and introduces him to Micah and Blue. He meets everyone else and Charley’s surprised to see Nova with Dominic. Nova tells them they aren’t a couple but she may want it to happen. 

The baby shower gets underway and the expecting family expresses thanks to everyone for coming and supporting them. Darla thanks each person personally. This process leads Darla to tears.

Later on, Blue shows Prosper and other guests photos of his time in DC, and Billie is in the kitchen talking with Dominic and Nova. Billie tells them Prosper wants her to move back home. She’s considering in light of things occurring back in Chicago. Overall, Nova’s glad Billie came to the event. Inside, Aunt Vi sees Hollywood having a really good time playing the baby shower game with Blue. Her feelings were hurt when Darla told her and Charley that she’s been comfortably sleeping on the floor and only mothers would understand this.

Nova gives Micah advice regarding Isaiah.

Meanwhile, Nova visits Micah who’s in his room avoiding everyone. She asks what’s going on and Micah confides in her and explains his rift with his friend Isaiah. He’s nervous about his friend because of the intimacy he had with him and wonders if he is indeed gay. Nova tells Micah not to stress, worry, or force it. He doesn’t have to define anything for others and Micah welcomes this advice. 

As the shower goes on, Ralph Angel has Billie, Prosper, and others talk about a co-op formed from the settlement money. The goal of the co-op is to combine their resources to increase power. Billie had her firm look into it and it appears a really good option, especially since they could use the first right of purchase for various pieces of land in the county. When they all thank Ralph Angel, he in turns thanks Darla for giving him the idea. 

Finally, the shower winds down, Darla talks to Aunt Vi and Charley about their impending move. They offer help including Aunt Vi telling them they can move in with her. Charley then offers her place as she will be traveling to campaign. These offers cause Darla to shed even more tears. 

Nova has an idea for saving the farm from the Landrys.

Later that night, Dominic got more information regarding the bones. Apparently, the bones were from an apparent massacre in the late 19th century. Nova comes up with the idea that the cemetery could be marked as a historical site by the state. If it happens, the Landrys can’t take the farm. 

Back at the dorm, Micah arrives and heads to Isaiah’s room. He sees a whiteboard on the door writes a note and leaves food. 

At the farm, Darla tells Ralph Angel about the offers from Aunt Vi and Charley. Darla thinks it would be a good idea to accept Aunt Vi’s offer as she would like help and guidance. 

Ralph Angel agrees.

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