Martell Holt Accuses Melody Holt & Marsau Scott of Messing Around

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The reunion was too much at times for Melody Holt.

Martell Holt has made a lot of accusations about his ex-wife Melody Holt. On the current season of “Love & Marriage: Hunstville,” Martell accused Melody of being a side chick to other men. She denied this. And she challenged Martell to provide proof on the show. Well, Martell made more accusations while the cast filmed the season 3 reunion. Marsau Scott was dragged into the drama.

During one segment, Carlos King asks Martell, “You accused Marsau and Melody of messing around.” In response to this, Martell says, “Yeah and he apologized for this.” Marsau denies this, “I never apologized for anything.” However, Martell says he has proof. “I got the recording in my phone!”

Maurice Scott has some tough questions to answer as well. During the season, Kimmi Scott has once again been accused of being his side chick while he was married to Kiuwha Scott-Bonds.

Carlos asks Maurice, “When you filed for divorce for the first time, were you and Kiuwha intimate?”

Eventually, Martell is asked about his former mistress, now baby mother, Arionne Curry. Carlos asks Martell if he would have married her if he met her before Melody. Martell doesn’t rush to answer. And Kimmi says, “The silence is deafening.” At this point, Melody has had enough. “I think it’s bullsh*t.”

Carlos then tells Martell it’s something that keeps “drawing” him to Arionne. As for Melody, she makes her exit from the building. “It’s such a f*cking dark shadow.” And she really hates being in Huntsville now.

The “Love & Marriage: Hunstville” reunion is a 3 part event. Part 1 airs December 4 at 9/8 c on OWN.

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