Melody Holt Responds After Martell Holt Accuses Her of Messing Around with Marsau Scott

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Martell Holt continues to be messy on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt is no stranger to feuds and controversy. His friendship with Marsau Scott has had its ups and downs. They had to repair their friendship after Martell accused Marsau of cheating with 20 different women. The accusation caused issues in Marsau’s marriage to LaTisha Scott. Plus, it caused LaTisha and Melody Holt to clash as well. Eventually, Martell admitted that he wasn’t being truthful. However, he made more accusations at the reunion for season 3. He accused Marsau and Melody of messing around. Prior to the latest accusations, Martell even accused Melody of cheating on him. She’s denied ever being a “side chick” to any man or cheating on Martell.

Martell also rubbed Maurice Scott the wrong way when he posted a messy post on Instagram. He accused Maurice, Marsau, and Louis Whitlow of all being unfaithful to their wives. Martell alleged that the men don’t act like they are married when the LAMH cameras aren’t around. Then, of course, Martell gave life to the rumors about Kimmi Scott allegedly being Maurice’s former mistress on the show as well. Kimmi and Maurice have both denied that they began their relationship while he was married to Kiuwha Scott-Bonds.

Well, Melody responded to Martell’s latest accusations about her and Marsau. And she said he’s not telling the truth.

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  1. Why did Melody dignify that bullswankey with a response? It just keeps the spoon in the pot just stirring.
    As long as they counter Martell he will keep conjuring up lies.

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