A Former RHOA Producer’s Revelation About Porsha Williams & Kandi Burruss Causes a Stir

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Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams had a disagreement amid the BLM movement.

Months ago, Kenya Moore had some things to say during an interview with Kandi Burruss. Kandi created a YouTube channel, and on her show, “Speak On It,” she sometimes has some of her RHOA costars come to discuss the show. Well, Kenya discussed the previous season. And she said that Porsha had a scene deleted from the show because she didn’t want to look bad. According to Kenya, the scene was about the text message drama that took place about the Black Lives Matter Movement. The cast decided that they would come together and ask Bravo to make a donation to the cause. But Porsha and NeNe Leakes took issue with Kandi doing additional things outside of their agreement. Kandi convinced producers to hire more black interns. She also helped produce a special about race for the network.

In Porsha’s text to NeNe, which was eventually leaked to blogger Straight From the A, Porsha said she didn’t like that Kandi did something outside of what the group agreed on. This offended Kandi. And she confronted Porsha about it during the previous season. Porsha later told producers it wasn’t a good look to show black women disagreeing about their contribution to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Producers agreed and the scene was edited out from season 13.

To Kenya, it didn’t seem fair that Porsha was able to convince production to delete a scene from the show. Kenya’s revelation had some fans feeling as if Porsha may have too much power with producers and this is unfair to the other women. However, Porsha said this isn’t the case. And the network just did what they felt was best and respectful to the movement.

Interestingly enough, a new revelation from a former RHOA producer has fans talking again on social media.

A former producer revealed how he helped Porsha Williams amid backlash from the situation with Kandi Burruss.

Choke No Joke reflected on his time working on the show after he saw Porsha at NeNe’s birthday party. He brought up the drama that followed after Porsha accused Kandi and Todd Tucker of wanting to drug and r*pe her. And he said he produced a scene to help Porsha because he believed those in charge were trying to make her look bad.

In the Instagram post, he began with, “Do you rather a Ferrari or a Porsha? @porsha4real. I worked with the finest women throughout my career. My career has been blessed with Eye Candy. God is good!!! I secretly produced a scene with Porsha during Season 10 and didn’t tell the Executive Producers. They were trying to play Porsha on the San Francisco trip with Kandi @Kandi and I went to Porsha’s room and told her how we were going to play production since they were playing her and setting her up to look bad.”

He continued, “I wrote a play that would stop her and Kandi from beefing. I had Porsha unexpectedly apologize to Kandi during Kenya’s fake wedding and it threw the entire storyline off because Kandi accepted her apology and they got cordial on the trip, and the Executive Producers had no idea I set that up with Porsha. I was tired of them making her cry. Rating Rats!!! Porsha and I held that secret and laugh at their a*ses to this day about that!”

The revelation has caused debates on social media.

Choke No Joke added, “Then she walked away from the show before they destroyed her and that’s sweet redemption!! I love to see them show these people they can move on in life. A lot of them women will continue to let them destroy their relationships and images because they NEED that check. After giving a company so much of your life to the public, you would think they respect you after all the years. NOT! You are just talent to these people and ratings!”

You can check out the screenshot here.

Phaedra was exposed for the lie she told Porsha during the season 9 reunion. It took a while for Kandi and Porsha to get back on friendly terms.

Interestingly enough, Porsha has denied that she left RHOA because she didn’t want to catch any heat from the ladies about her engagement to Simon Guobadia.

While some RHOA fans think the revelation was harmless, others feel that this is proof that Porsha receives a lot of protection from producers.

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