Tami Roman Claps Back at ‘The Real World’ Cast for Comments About Reggie Youngblood

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Tami Roman told David Edwards how she felt about his BLM comments.

David Edwards and Tami Roman clashed something serious on the latest episode of “The Real World Homecoming.” Tami took issue with the things David said when everyone was discussing the Black Lives Matter Movement. David said that he just thinks those with all the political power like to keep people divided with all these different groups. And corporations are also taking advantage. For Tami, she felt she and David should have been on the same page since they are the only two Black people in the house. So she confronted him about it.

The conversation seemed peaceful at first. Tami playfully said, “You p*ssed me off. I’ma tell you that.” She continued, “You a Black man. You’re supposed to speak to the plight of the Black man and your a*s started talking about a corporation.”

David said that he understands her perspective but it’s okay for them to disagree because all perspectives should be heard. “You would like for what you thought and what you would have said to come out of my mouth, and that didn’t happen. We are two different beings. Me and you together on this show have two voices. Both must be heard.” He added, “I get it, where you’re coming from…but I also get where I’m coming from.”

David Edwards wants to just stay in his lane.

Tami explained what she really wanted from David at that moment, “Black men are the ones that’s being targeted, that are being killed. I would have liked for you to address that from a Black man’s perspective.”

David said he no longer has a chip on his shoulder. “I only can voice from what I feel honestly, and I no longer walk around with this f*cking chip on my shoulder that I used to have.” He continued, “All I’m saying is, to me, can’t nobody oppress me but me, can’t nobody hurt my people but me, and f*ck being politically correct. Black Lives Matter has to start first with our own kind because the Black male is killing the Black male faster than the police are taking us out, than any Klansmen, than any…we gotta start with us first, I feel. That’s just me.”

Tami said other races commit intraracial crimes. “If we had a level playing field, who’s to say that any of that stuff would be going on? What I’m speaking to is systematic racism that keeps us from elevating and because of that level of racism, we’re being killed off.”

But David just wanted to stay in his lane. “You know, it’s so heavy and sometimes I just go, ‘I don’t even give a f*ck.’ All human beings are crazy and there’s some f*cking cat sh*t no matter what color you are. It’s a lot. You know, I just stay in my lane.”

The conversation went left.

Beth Stolarczyk later joined the conversation and suggested they use the show as a platform to educate others. David wasn’t interested. But when she asked him what his daughter thinks about his perspective, David got upset. “Don’t you bring my daughter in this…don’t do that.”

Tami then began to tell David he should be considering the futures of his grandchildren and their children’s children. And David said, “That’s your perspective. This is how I operate. This is what got me thus far. The game is the f*cking game.” He added, “The people that make the rules are the motherf*ckers that make the rules. Now you play within the rules and you learn how to play the game.” In response to this, Tami said, “So…be a good slave.”

David said he’s not a slave and it’s about playing the course. Tami told David he has a “slave mentality.” He said he can do whatever he wants. But Tami wouldn’t back down on her slave references, “Keep picking cotton.” David was heated at this point, “If I had the audacity to sit here and insult your mentality…Said I got a slave mentality sitting here with a motherf*cking wig on.”

David Edwards’ daughter is brought up, again.

He then walked away.  Tami and David went back into the house. Their argument continued. “You’re an idiot which is unfortunate because a lot of young brothers that’s gonna be watching this where you could be an example for but you’re too busy talking about play within the rules and you don’t give a f*ck about what’s happening to Black men in America and that’s sad as f*ck.”

She continued, “When your daughter has a son that you…” David asked Tami what she said about his daughter. She answered, “I said when your daughter has a son and you’re not fighting in this moment for that child, this is what makes it sad.” And David said, “Shut your baldheaded a*s up.”

Tami Roman defended Reggie Youngblood.

The roommates witnessed this heated exchange go on and on. Tami told David, “You, sir, sat out here and said, ‘I don’t give a f*ck. I’m staying in my lane and I’m playing within the rules.’ The rules are f*cked up and they need to be changed.” David was over it, “Then go f*ck with the person that makes them, not me.”

Eventually, David pulled out his phone and but his anger for Tami contained, “I’m about to get put off again cause I’m gonna snatch your wig.” Tami would later call her husband Reggie Youngblood to check David. He told her he was on his way to the house. However, the producers had already pulled David from the house. Well, the rest of the cast didn’t know David was already gone. During their green screen interviews and confessionals, they made it clear that they felt uncomfortable when Reggie was screaming for David.

Well, Tami addressed this on her YouTube channel.

“I don’t appreciate them perpetuating the stereotype of the angry black man. Reggie wasn’t gon mess with none of y’all.” She continued, “Reggie was there to have a conversation with David about disrespecting me which you all witnessed. This man called me b*tch, this man walking behind me, this man saying he gon snatch my wig, this man saying he’ll bust me in my mouth. Y’all witnessed all that sh*t…so y’all know why he was there.”

She wasn’t feeling some of the confessionals done about Reggie. “So the confessions that lend to, ‘Oh my God. Here he comes, what’s gonna happen?’ That’s bullsh*t and I don’t appreciate it.”

Check out Tami’s video here.

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  1. Wait she didn’t appreciate THEM perpetuating the stereotype of an angry black man???? He came in there ACTING crazy n angry n THAT’S why they saw him angry. He didn’t come there to calmly discuss anything so just give me a break. If he pulls sh** like that anywhere else he’ll meet his match and/or wind up locked tf up further perpetuating that stereotype about black men Tami don’t like. Smdh She’s a thirsty geriatric drama queen always looking to hype things up. One day someone’s either gonna sue her and/or whip her a**. Good thing she didn’t pull that thugette role on OG n get sidelined like her favorite nemesis Evelyn Lozada. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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