‘VH1: Family Reunion’ Recap: Safaree Comes Clean + Cisco Makes Peace with Cyn

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Safaree is tired of Cisco.

The episode picks up on Safaree and Cisco’s confrontation. Before the men can come to blows, they are restrained by the others. Safaree later talks to Booby and Stevie. They have never seen him this angry before. In a green screen interview, Erica says that Safaree’s guilt is causing him to lash out at other people. 

Mimi and Stevie catch up. Stevie apologizes for everything he’s put Mimi through over the years. He plans on spending more time with their daughter Eva because he will now be in Atlanta more. In a green screen interview, Mimi says words don’t impress her. Stevie needs to show her he’s serious with his actions. 

Safaree comes clean.

Marcus and Peter talk to Safaree about the latest rumor. Safaree says he didn’t send the woman flowers, however, in a green screen interview he says he did. But it shouldn’t matter because he and Erica have been going through a divorce for months. So that means they can do whatever they want with other people. 

Cisco apologizes to Cyn. 

Jonathan pushes Cyn and Cisco to hash things out. Cisco admits that he did have romantic feelings for Cyn and he decided to stop helping her after he found out she was dating someone else. Then he sent her an invoice. The song Cyn was working on back then was for her deceased brother. So this was a very emotional situation for her. Cyn felt like she was played. 

Cisco says he transferred the song back to Cyn the other day to make things right. However, Cyn doesn’t want the track. She breaks down in tears. Cyn says she thought she and Cisco were friends. So this was so stressful for her. Even though the song was for her brother, Cyn has been back in the studio. All her music honors her brother now. Regardless, Cisco apologizes once again. Cyn accepts and even hugs Cisco. 

Amina calls out Peter.

Jonathan holds a pride event to bring awareness to gay conversion therapy. When he was a child, his mother sent him to a facility so he could stop being bullied at school. Jonathan says parents should support their children. And when they don’t, it increases the odds of them harming themselves. 

He has someone from the nonprofit organization, Born Perfect, discuss gay conversion therapy and how harmful it is to children. 

Peter tells Jonathan he loves and supports him. Amina eventually puts him on blast by accusing him of not allowing his son to wear a ladybug costume for Halloween. In a green screen interview, Amina says Peter’s son was only four at the time. Peter gets angry and tells her not to put him on blast like this. 

Peter explains. 

Tara takes the stage. She says Peter isn’t a bad dad. Their son wants to be something different all the time. Zell agrees and says Peter is a real dad for not letting his son wear the costume. In a green screen interview, Peter says the costume was for girls and came with stockings. But if his child gets older and wants to wear something feminine, he will support him. 

Amina doesn’t back down.

Bobby and Zell start arguing. Zell stresses he was taught to be a man first because he was raised by his father and he taught him real values. Bobby snatches off his microphone and says he’s done filming. 

Erica tells Amina she was wrong to put Peter on blast. Rich, Zell, and Yo-Yo agree. They stress that she shouldn’t make him look bad on TV. But Amina doesn’t care. She feels Peter has made her look bad on TV for years. After Amina storms off, Erica says they all know that the topic at hand is taboo. And Jonathan recalls wanting a pink power ranger Halloween costume, but his mother said no. That moment taught him that what he wanted isn’t okay. And he couldn’t be himself. 

Jonathan and Bobby make peace with Zell.

Zell and Jonathan hash things out. They realize they need to all support each other even when they see things differently. So the two men hug it out. Their sweet moment is cut short after a bug gets on Zell. 

Bobby and Zell also hash things out. For Bobby, his feelings were hurt because he was raised by a woman. And his father was in prison. Zell apologizes. He tells Bobby he really loves him. Zell realizes that he, Bobby, and Jonathan have to always support each other. Zell hugs a tearful Bobby. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 


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