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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Tee Tee Regrets Her Messy Comments About Angela Simmons

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Tee Tee’s issues with Sam Wright have caused division in her family.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis is no stranger to drama and feuds on the show. In fact, she’s currently not on the best terms with Egypt Criss, Sam Wright, and Pepa. Since she’s actually related to Egypt and Pepa, these fallouts have affected Tee Tee the most. In fact, she was very close to Egypt until she started a romantic relationship with Sam. In Tee Tee’s opinion, Sam didn’t seem all that genuine. She suspected that Sam was just using Egypt to advance his own music career. The more Tee Tee continued to try to warn Egypt about Sam, the further apart they drifted. Now they don’t even speak. Both women didn’t even feel comfortable inviting each other to their weddings.

These days, Tee Tee is actually closer to Vanessa Simmons. Although their friendship did take some time, Vanessa has already shown that she’s extremely loyal to Tee Tee. So when rumors about Tee Tee’s boo Shawn Rogers got back to Vanessa, she wasted no time telling Tee Tee what she heard. Unfortunately, the rumors made their way to the group thanks to Egypt. Egypt told people that she heard that Shawn was unfaithful to Tee Tee. All this did was worsen things between Tee Tee and her family.

Well, Tee Tee and Vanessa recently talked about their close friendship. And Tee Tee revealed that she’s regretful of some of the things she’s said about Vanessa’s sister Angela Simmons.

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