Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena Discuss Why Their Relationship Failed + Mariahlynn Responds

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Rich Dollaz and Mariahlynn have a complicated relationship.

Love And Hip Hop New York” stars Rich Dollaz and Mariahlynn are on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp.” Interestingly enough, LHHNY fans had no idea they even had a romance. This was Mariah’s issue. So she called Rich out during the reunion. And she said that she and Rich had a serious relationship. They even talked about having children together. However, Rich never claimed her on the show. So it felt like he was trying to hide what they had going on from the public.

Rich didn’t enjoy Mariah putting him on the spot like that. And he said that he didn’t want to share because some things should be private until they are for certain. Regardless, Mariah has always felt like what they had was serious. So she wanted to be claimed publicly. They decided to try to address things on the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.”

Of course, Mariah isn’t the only woman that Rich has an interesting past with from “Love And Hip Hop New York.” Most fans know that his history with Erica Mena played out plenty on the show. In fact, Rich was even flirty with Erica while they filmed the latest season of “VH1 Family Reunion.” And Erica kind of felt like Rich really just wants “that old thang back.”

Well, Rich and Erica recently discussed what went wrong with their romance on Instagram Live. And it went left after Mariahlynn chimed in.

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  1. I’m trying to understand what Mariah said to warrant his reaction. I don’t like how he treats her. And I wish she would just move on completely with her life. He wouldn’t have that same energy with Erica. Ladies don’t let anyone disrespect you. It doesn’t get better.

  2. He’s gaslighting her. He literally sat in this video talking to Erica about what he’d do differently like he’s not on MBC right now with Mariahlynn. It’s Erica he wants to be with.

  3. I blame the ladies for swelling both heads. Erica shoulda kept it business in the studio, not the bed.
    Mariahlynn is/has played herself for 10 years she said on MBC and she’s still looking for something she’s not going to get…the ‘C’ word. We know what it is, right? COMMITMENT
    Rich is too old for the HE-NANIGANS. ????

  4. Sigh…this whole video was just a no for me. It’s just a reminder that so many people have no idea how a healthy relationship is supposed to be. Also Rich will never respect Mariahlynn on any level. This is why people think their relationship was fake. He talks to her and about her like he’s disgusted by her.

  5. @ Me she didn’t say anything bad, he was just triggered because it was the truth. All he’s been talking about is Erica lately so why on earth did he go on Marriage Boot Camp with Mariahlynn? I guess he just wanted a check. She needs to stop allowing him to waste her time. If Erica wanted him back, that is where he would be.

  6. Mariah knows that Rich STILL loves Erica….shes been chasing him for years and hasn’t gotten a commitment yet. I don’t feel sorry for her…just like when she went after Safaree….she always go for men who don’t want her….her OWN fault. Ppl only do what you allow them to do.

  7. Mariahlynn may have low self esteem and issues but let’s not act like Rich treated Erica any better. This man wanted to manage her and gave her song to Olivia because she didn’t feel comfortable signing a contract. Rich doesn’t respect any woman. They are just play things to him. Erica’s problem in my opinion is she thinks men wanting to sleep with her will eventually lead to real love and respect. She gets off on men being attracted to her. But that’s not ever going to be enough and she should have learn that from her time with Safari.

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