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LAMDC Recap: Monique Plays Peacekeeper + Jamie and Quick Experience a Breakthrough

LAMDC Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Photo Credit: OWN

DJ Quicksilva gets a serious diagnosis.

Quick’s visiting his doctor for wrist pains to begin tonight’s episode of “Love and Marriage: DC.” He’s experienced pain so bad, that his wrist and hand went numb. Quick could be developing gout or arthritis. His doctor explains Quick may need to wear a brace which Quick scoffs at. Ashley’s critical, especially since the doctor tells Quick he could lose his ability to DJ if things worsen because he didn’t wear the brace.

Ashley reminds Quick to practice what he’s preached by working smarter. This includes not taking as many as 14 gigs in a week. Meanwhile, Erana’s out with his oldest daughter Brittney to recap her latest argument with Jamie. Brittney tells Erana that Jamie went to her to vent about the argument.

Later on, Ashley and Quick host the Samuels for a dinner, with vegan options. Of course, Ashley and Quick get annoyed when they begin talking about Winter. A montage scene ensues when Monique talks about Winter and the incident and Quick and Ashley roll their eyes.

Monique goes into damage control mode.

Eventually, the Silvas explains that Winter is trying to play up the tension and she’s likely jealous of their success. Chris tells the Silvas not to read too deeply into Winter. However, it may be too late. Monique just wants to keep the peace, not stir the pot between Ashley and Winter.

She then tells the Quicks that Winter is an empowering woman. She also wants to have a sit down between them to squash the beef. This will include seeing someone that will help release all of their anger during a healing session.

Winter’s kids keep it real about Kevin.

Speaking of Winter, she’s with her kids and explains how she’s filing for divorce from Kevin. Winter’s kids are happy this happened as they suspect Winter was love-bombed by Kevin, manipulating her. Her daughter tells Winter that none of this was her fault. This makes Winter very emotional.

Monique gets Winter and Ashley to meet up as they all link up at a DC restaurant. Winter’s guards are up as she walks in to see Monique sitting with Ashley. Monique tells them both she hopes to have the ladies reach a common ground of some kind. They both explain their perspectives and Winter suspects Monique stirred the pot between them. For what it’s worth, Monique apologizes for what she did.

Monique says she values her relationship with both women and doesn’t want to be messy. Ashley suspects she’s defending herself. Overall, Monique achieves her goal of having the women reach a common ground.

The couples visit a healer.

Next, Monique and Chris have the Silvas and Tylers meet with their healer. Erana’s nervous about what’s going to happen. Jamie’s closed off to the healer yet the healer does her best to speak to him and his emotional traumas. This includes his aggressiveness towards Erana and their family. This impresses Jamie and he opens up to her.

She then reaches out to Quick and pulls out of him a strong moment of his life when he was just 9 years old. It’s at this age Quick learned of his mom’s cancer diagnosis and what it ultimately meant for her. He also reveals his father passed away in the year 1999. He used deejaying as a way to escape his reality. He also wishes his father was around to see his success. His dad wasn’t a fan of Quick pursuing this career.

Lastly, the healer addresses Chris and Monique, followed by Erana. She discovers Erana is covering up hurt. This causes Erana to shed tears. She says she feels she needs to be perfect in everything.

Overall, the couples enjoyed the time with the healer. Inspired by his time with the healer, Quick takes his brothers to his parent’s gravesites. He gets emotional as he reads a letter his mom wrote to him before her passing.

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