Ceaser’s Daughter Slams Him & Ex-Girlfriend After He’s Pushed off ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Suzette has been accused of leaking the video that led to Ceaser being fired from “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser made headlines after he was fired from the show following accusations of dog abuse. Of course, it was former cast member Donna who seemingly got the ball rolling. She reposted the controversial video after it was first shared by blogger Gossip of the City. In the caption, Donna called for Ceaser to be fired. She also brought back up the abuse accusations made by his daughter Cheyenne. Donna believes Ceaser did get violent with Cheyenne. And she also accused VH1 of not holding Ceaser accountable for his toxic behavior over the years. Although some of Ceaser’s supporters accused Donna of not being loyal, Donna prefers to be loyal to Cheynne and her mother Crystal. She also hasn’t forgotten that Ceaser has accused her of being abusive towards Alex. This is something both Donna and Alex have vehemently denied.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser and those close to him have accused his ex Suzette of leaking the video. According to Ceaser, the footage came from his security camera. So he strongly feels like Suzette is the person who set him up and leaked the video.

More accusations were made.

Well, Suzette has clapped back at the claims. Not only did she deny leaking the video but she has also accused Ceaser of being violent.

On her Instagram Story, Suzette posted a photo of what appears to be a bruised leg and wrote, “I tried not to do this but here we go. You know I know EVERYTHING! You’re an abuser!!! Member Christmas time when you found that dude in my dm?! This was the result. U played with the wrong one!”

She continued, “You used the network to manipulate me and threaten to use the show to destroy my brand for months. I left you your birthday weekend stop playin!”

Cheyenne doesn’t feel bad for Ceaser.

Suzette added, “You worrying about who leaked the video instead of focusing on the part that you need help!!!! And your team so d*mn wack and lame they got you making videos lying about some defenseless animals attacking you. Ocean was a puppy! My puppy! But since you try to destroy my character, I’ma show the world what I been dealing with and why I decided to leave YOU! All the time u denied getting therapy, I think you should start now because you’re gonna need it.”

She also posted what she claims are clips from the security camera showing someone trying to break into the house she and Ceaser bought together. And she alleged that Ceaser has some very real and dangerous enemies.

You can check out Suzette’s screenshots here.

One person who isn’t empathetic to what Ceaser is currently going through is Cheyenne. And she had some things to get off her chest about her father and his ex.

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  1. The irony of this situation doesn’t evade me. Ceaser really abandoned his daughter for a woman who most likely leaked the video that destroyed his TV career. Man, this is a valuable lesson for those humble enough to notice.

  2. I wish my daughter would post something like that, just disrespectful, he’s still your father like it or not, because you’re 18 it doesn’t make you grown, potty mouth, I’d beat her a-s too, and for her mother to condone the behavior she’s displaying says a lot…periodt!!!!

    1. So you’re more mad at Cheyenne cursing than Ceaser abusing her and dogs. And it’s always black women at the forefront of misogynoir. Free yourself.

    2. Omg…. Thank you Cooki i thought it was just me like what makes this girl speak the way she does and no one says anything about how she speaks. From what i heard her dad asked her to wash the dishes she said NO she’ll do it later went to take a shower he probably told her do it now and she copped an attitude got smart and from the way shes talking its not far fetched that she got smart so he put a lickin to a-s. And so what she should of listened from the beginning PERIOD!!! As for Ceasar if he does have a problem i wish him all the luck in getting the help he needs. But Thank you Cooki for recognizing real sh-t and speaking on it i salute you.

      1. This man is on camera abusing puppies, employees, and disrespecting women but you still have more empathy for him than his victims. So the black girl deserves violence because of the way she talks. But Ceaser just needs to get help. It ain’t “real sh-t” y’all are spewing on here, it’s misogyny and support for child abuse. Beating on someone because they use profanity or didn’t do a chore fast enough will send you straight to prison. Had Ceaser been a better father, none of this would have happened.

  3. Cooki, you have an outdated perspective to parenting. “Beating” black children like slaves doesn’t actually help them. In fact, studies indicated that a good bit of those black kids y’all “beat” still end up in prison. Cheyenne graduated from high school with honors and is getting a full ride to college. But you’re stuck on her cursing on IG like she didn’t get that potty mouth from Ceaser. Sit down with the fake outrage.

    1. Yea but I hope she actually grows up into a lady. So far she is not but Im not surprised. The adults on her life as classless.

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