Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Says Dr. Heavenly Kimes Told Her Quad Webb Slept with Married Men?

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YouTube has become a source of drama for Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes thought she could speak her mind on her YouTube channel about what happens on and off of the show between cast members. However, her success on YouTube has cost her some friendships along the way. And as it stands, she is currently not on good terms with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Quad Webb. When it comes to Contessa, Contessa is upset about what Heavenly said about her marriage. After she was asked her thoughts in a YouTube session, Heavenly accused Dr. Scott Metcalfe of being emotionally and verbally abusive. So Contessa backed off from the friendship. She also planned an intervention so all of the women could call out Heavenly for the comments she’s made about all of them.

Interestingly enough, Quad defended Heavenly. She agreed that Heavenly goes too far on YouTube. However, she didn’t feel like an intervention was the best way to address the situation. And it just seemed more like an attack on Heavenly. But Quad saw something she didn’t like in the montage of Heavenly’s comments either. Heavenly accused Quad of getting work done. She also didn’t deny the rumor about Quad allegedly sleeping with married men.

Although Heavenly apologized to Quad on the recent episode, Quad took to Twitter to call her out for a scene she had with Anila Sajja. In the scene, Anila told Heavenly that Quad was upset about being linked to married men. Heavenly then told Anila that the rumors are out there. And she went on to tell her the source of the accusations. Producers censored out the names of those involved.

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe spilled some tea on WWHL?

When Quad watched the scene, she was livid. She doesn’t think it’s cool for a friend to do this on a television show. So she wanted her Twitter followers to know that she is coming for Heavenly. And it’s not looking good for the future of their friendship.

Contessa had some interesting things to say about the scene. She was asked about it on “Watch What Happens Live.” A fan asked, “What was your reaction when you saw Heavenly tell Anila about rumors about Quad sleeping with married men after Quad had her back at the intervention?”

And Contessa answered, “Unfortunately, that’s typical Heavenly. That’s what happens. You confront her in private. And you think it’s resolved. But then she does the same thing over and over again.”

She added, “I’ve heard Heavenly say that Quad slept with married men. So isn’t it kind of more of the same? It’s just her M.O.”

While Quad didn’t reveal just how she plans to handle Heavenly, one can assume she will have a lot of smoke for her at the reunion. Regardless, Heavenly isn’t backing down. And she will continue to speak her mind on the show and other cast members on YouTube.


  1. Heavenly has threatened to reveal Contessa’s secret during reunion show if Contessa throws shade at her. Heavenly threw shade at Contessa by saying she is board certified and not over- extending her children at private school. Ouch!!! It’s lovely to see them turning against each other. I miss Mariah.

    1. Contessa is military. They don’t have to be board certified because they practice on members/other military personnel. Military doctors also don’t have to do residency.

  2. Heavenly throws little jabs at Quad all the time on her YouTube channel. It’s laughable that people thought this friendship was genuine. Their hate for Mariah is the only thing that kept them close. She’s gone now so here we are.

  3. I think Heavenly picked the right person to play with this time. Let the mudslinging and secret spilling begin.

  4. That clip they played was really messy. Quad deserves better. I wish she would realize Heavenly isn’t her real friend. But she always forgives her. All Heavenly has to do is tell Quad she loves her and was just joking. I’m glad my friends don’t “joke” like this.

  5. This is getting so ugly but I feel bad for no one because of how all of them treated Mariah. She warned all of them about Heavenly.

  6. Heavenly is always making comments about Quad and her life. Heavenly is a jealous evil person. She has been Quad’s friend to get back at Mariah, they use to be besties. Heavenly thinks she can say whatever, laugh about it and everything is good all she has to say is sorry. Heavenly is going to continue to do her friends dirty.

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