Martell Holt’s Former Mistress Puts Him on Blast Amid Romance with Sheree Whitfield

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The drama hasn’t waned for Martell Holt amid his romance with Sheree Whitfield.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt has been in the headlines plenty as of late. Days ago, he hopped on social media and caused a stir. He confirmed that he is suing Melody Holt for full custody. Martell was already receiving backlash for this after Melody recently revealed this during an interview. They currently have joint custody of their children. However, Martell isn’t satisfied with this. And he claimed he takes issue with the people Melody chooses to babysit, including her brother Marcus *****. As a result of Martell’s actions, some LAMH fans have accused Martell of being homophobic and emotionally abusive. They created a petition to have him removed from the show and it’s picking up steam with signatures.

In the meantime, Martell’s romance with Sheree Whitfield has also been a hot topic. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star told TMZ that she is dating Martell. They are having fun. And she’s already introduced him to her friends and family members.

Melody was asked about the relationship. She didn’t seem all that impressed. In her opinion, Martell has not changed. It doesn’t seem as if she thinks Martell is capable of doing right regardless of what woman he’s entertaining.

Interestingly enough, Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry went off when she saw new photos of Martell spending time with Sheree. And the accusations she made were pretty messy.

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  1. One thing I noticed is how so many women lust over Martell like he doesn’t dog out women on the regular. I’m for sure not going to be attracted to a man who cheated on his wife and had a baby on the side. Plus he does everything possible to still try to ruin Melody’s life when they aren’t married anymore. I’m not going to watch that and want to sleep with or date someone like that. I don’t ignore red flags at my big age. The fact that Sheree is in her 50s and this is what she’s being pulled into is embarrassing.

  2. I want Arionne to free herself because Martell wants her to sit and wait on him while he does what he wants to. All these years wasted on a narcissist who loves no one but himself.

  3. I have been where Arione is. She, like all of us were created with a need to be loved unconditionally. However, because she is pining after a man who is incapable of loving anyone but himself, she will never have that need fulfilled. Unfortunately, her like me doesn’t/didn’t understand/know her/my worth until a relationship with God, the Father is established and nurtured.
    Then she will recognize what unconditional love is, recognize she deserves more and that her child deserves more.
    Until then, She is going to continue to be fueled by jealousy, motivated by revenge to defend and respond to foolishness instead of taking care of herself, her baby, and spiritual well-being.

    Martell doesn’t want Arione! He is only in her life because she allows him to disrespect her by coming and going when he pleases and not demanding he step up and be a man, which is more than fathering children.

    Martel has humiliated her countless times and she continues to allow it and even joins in by posting comments like this, WHY? It only makes her look bad…..STOP IT….you are worth more than this!

  4. If a man disrespected his wife and risked their lives in a pandemic to have s-x, that should be enough proof that he’s not capable of real love or putting anyone before himself. Sheree and Arionne are both playing themselves and this man isn’t worth the trouble not even a little bit. But can we talk about how Sheree is in her 50s and we haven’t seen her make any good decisions when it comes to men? She’s always been the most disappointing Atlanta real housewife to me.

  5. Men like Future, and Diddy, exist because the Bar is set LOW in the Black Community.

    BW ignore the flags and end up in a sister wife situation..
    I hate this for us🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Oh chile, Arione you need to find an established woman to be your adopted auntie. This ain’t it girl, love yourself and make better choices for yourself and your children. You do realize that your daughter goes to school with some children that will see your post on the ShadeRoom – you really need to do better.

  7. I was just waiting for Arionne to confirm the obvious. Martell is wild. He’s loyal to nobody. Can’t stand his a-s.

  8. Come on Arrione, please! God is not pleased! Adulteress! Ask God for help! I’m Praying for you. MELODY is GOD’S child in this Matter in every way

  9. Arian you look and sound so stupid. He has no respect for you. H-ll it sounds like You have no respect for yourself girl you tell an all your business how that man licked you in this and that you don’t know where his D-ck been you need to fall back behind your business get your child support and move on. You got what you asked for he cheated on his wife with you And you thought he was gonna treat you any better you’re right

  10. First of all Arionne just spoke her self worth. She just made herself look bad and down right nasty as h*ll. Side note: that is why you don’t eat or drink after people because you do not know where their mouth has been. Just plain nasty!! All of them are going to catch something they can not get rid of messing around with Martell. Martell is selfish, self-centered, arrogant, bitter, mean, nasty, childish, and a liar. His mother holds him up instead of holding him accountable. Women already know how he is so if they get with him they know what they are stepping into. Maybe Sheree did not get enough mental abuse from Bob Whitfield so she found Martell to pick up where Bob left off.

  11. Of course he F***** you from the back men like Martell are gonna do what LOW SELF-ESTEEM WOMEN allow him too…Men we get horny so we are gonna go where we know we can get some a**…however you CONTINUALLY allow yourself to get HUMILIATED time after time….i am sorry but you will ALWAYS be a side dish (cole slaw) NEVER the FULL COURSE.

  12. So very sad…Sheree needs to sit her old a$$ down somewhere! Whitfield dumped her..Tyrone dumped her she looks so manly. Pray and ask God for a man and wait on him to answer.

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