Melody Holt Makes Some Serious Accusations About Martell Holt Amid Custody Battle

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Melody Holt continues to call out Martell Holt.

The custody battle between Martell Holt and Melody Holt has gotten really nasty. “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans are paying close attention to their social media posts. To no surprise, a lot of accusations have been made. Martell told followers that he deserves to have a say so about who watches their children when it’s Melody’s weeks with them. And he really doesn’t want her brother and his husband babysitting them.

This has caused some to accuse Martell of being homophobic. Melody certainly believes Martell is a homophobe and she alleged he has no problem letting his uncle babysit. So it’s not true that he just doesn’t want any man to watch their children.

Well, Melody had more to say on Instagram/Facebook Story in response to Martell’s accusations.

She wrote, “And you’re right…what they see on TV ain’t the real. Life is WORST…and so many people have witnessed yo terrible behavior.

Melody added, “I really don’t even know why you still on OWN’s payroll.”

She then accused him of ruining her hosting opportunity with “Behind Every Man.”

“I literally had to stop filming ‘Behind Every Man’ (fall 2020…been left ya) because you came to my set, started ****, got in the faces of people there working with me, pushed one of em…all recorded and on video. SMH with several people witnessing smh.”

Melody added, “And I still ain’t said **** about it.”

She went on to say she tried to remain professional, “I had to walk outside, cry and all, then go back in and KILL the job STILL. 💁🏾‍♀️”

Interestingly enough, Melody’s makeup artist made a similar accusation. On Instagram, J Taylor wrote, “I personally know as the makeup artist for @melodysholt he has lost his mind. Furthermore, what men are watching the kids other than @minnimarc their UNCLE? Since March, this man has made posts and idolize threats. He says ‘leave me alone’? Melody literally changed her number 2x and dude still emailed her and we all know he likes to email because his baby’s mother posted his emails. I’m glad Melody is finally standing up for herself because I’ve seen first-hand what she endures and it hurts because she has to keep her game face on so the kids don’t see her sweat. He’s a BULLY…”

He continued, “I wish we can get the footage from #behindeveryman he literally interrupted production 2 days in a row because Melody wouldn’t answer the phone, kicked everyone out of the house, and pushed the female Hairstylist. It was so bad we had to call the police and this was within the same week he stole the $17k. He’s a monster!!! Finally, Melody was a friend to everyone on the LAMH platform until she wasn’t. Literally gave money to a cast member during her custody battle only to be betrayed by the said person who is now potentially a character witness for Martel WTF… 4 people maybe 5 all joined forces to do one thing to destroy her and everyone has failed. Remember this one thing the ditch you dig for someone else prepare to dig 2 cause you are falling too. #10toesdown #sheaintneverfalling.”

Check out the screenshot in the video below.

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  1. Martell seems like if I can’t have no one can. In my opinion it looks like Melody is the first woman to reject him or said no

  2. I think Melody should get a restraining order. He’s losing it!! I really wish that Melody didn’t even respond to him. Don’t give him any energy. Let him keep making himself look like the fool he is. I hope they give Melody full custody so we can see that clown face of his.

  3. So now that we know Martell has a history of being violent and threatening to Melody and other people employed by OWN, why is the network and Carlos King doing nothing about it? Ratings are more important than the safety of employees working on these shows? OWN and Carlos are playing with fire. This isn’t cool.

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