Toya Bush-Harris Goes Off on Alleged Person Who Said She Cheated on Dr. Eugene Harris

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The upcoming episode of “Married to Medicine” will be an explosive one for Toya Bush-Harris.

Toya Bush-Harris will have another eventful episode of “Married to Medicine.” As it stands, she’s in a very interesting place with Anila Sajja. They used to spend a lot of time together. However, their friendship went left during Anila’s first season on the show. And she alleged that she was told that Toya was talking behind her back to other people in their neighborhood. Toya denied this. She went on to say that she told Anila her issue to her face.

Toya referred her hairstylist and makeup artist to Anila for her rookie season. But Toya was told that Anila was taking her sweet time paying for the services rendered. And Toya felt like it made her look bad since she recommended that they provide their services to Anila.

All of this caused a huge blowup between them, so they cooled off on the friendship. While they have been trying to at least be cordial, Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja then got shady with Halloween costumes. So these days, Toya isn’t optimistic that she and Anila will ever be friends again.

Well, things get messier on the upcoming episode. In the preview, Dr. Heavenly Kimes tells Dr. Jackie Walters some very interesting tea. Apparently, Anila brought a controversial plus one to an event.

Heavenly says to Jackie, “Anila done brought the girl that done said that Toya’s sleeping with a dude in the neighborhood.”

It’s on when Toya finds all of this out. In a later scene, Toya calls the woman out, “One of you ******* said I slept with somebody in the neighborhood?” She continues, “***** I’ll take my shoe off and put it in your ******* face.”


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  1. Seems like to me Toya and Anila have some messy a-s neighbors. I don’t believe Toya cheated at all. But I do believe quite a few of these ladies are very thirsty for storylines. So they depend on Toya to give them one.

  2. They have made this show all about Toya and it’s hilarious to me how these girls don’t even realize how much it helps Toya. She’ll keep getting a big check to do this show because the other women are obsessed and pressed.

  3. Leave to Heavenly to repeat on camera what Anlia told her off camera. I don’t believe Toya’s cheated, I do believe Anlia, Heavenly, Quad and Audra will repeat anything that may make Toya like bad. They just love ❤️ giving Toya screen time.

  4. I believe she did sleep with someone, Why would they risk making Toya mad? They could have said a lot of other things about Toya that are true. If it is not true why did Toya get so mad? It was true about her not making a million dollars when she sold her house Toya didn’t get mad. Why would they put a lie like that out there and knowing that one day they will have to prove it. Toya was buddy buddy with them, so they know something,

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