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‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Lou Lou Snaps + Unique Makes His Move on Raq

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

Worrell makes his move.

Raq calls a meeting with the whole organization. She wants to make it clear that they will not be backing down from the Italians. If they allow themselves to be pushed out of Newark, other groups will come for them as well. And since her vision is for their business to make money worldwide, they have to fight back. 

Even though Lou Lou and Marvin feel Newark isn’t a big enough place to war against Boselli over, Raq strongly disagrees. And she wants Kanan to be more involved so he can see her vision. Lou isn’t happy to find out that Kanan is getting deeper into the family business. He seemingly feels like Raq is trying to force Kanan into the life she chose.

Meanwhile, Marvin is trying to get some intel on Toni. One of their associates tells him that Toni met a rich man one night partying. They got high together and they have been inseparable since. 

Worrell tells Raq that she should ask Unique to help her with the Italians because Unique is actually on very good terms with Boselli. 

Kenya and Jukebox continue to bond.

As Burke is doing more research, she finds it interesting when she learns that Howard worked as an undercover cop at one point. While she’s doing this, Howard is at a diner waiting on someone who never shows up.

Raq, Lou, and Marvin go with Worrell to talk to Unique about Boselli. Unique says he isn’t friends with Boselli. But he did do him a favor once so Boselli owes him. He agrees to help Raq make peace with Boselli. After the meeting, Raq says she doesn’t trust Worrell or Unique. But she does need them to try to end her feud with Boselli.

While Marvin is making strides in his anger management class, Jukebox is bonding with her mother Kenya during a shopping trip.

Bad luck continues for Kanan.

Raq gets her meeting with Boselli. He tells her that Unique is actually a good friend of the family. He will bring down the amount of interest Raq will have to pay him for her Jersey operation. However, she must agree to have Unique run things on the Jersey side. Raq agrees to this but later tells Unique that his and Worrell’s little plan may have worked for now. But she will win the game in the long term. 

Kanan and Famous are robbed by a guy named Freddy after Kanan gets Raq’s money from one of the associates. Since it’s Kanan’s official first day on the job, he knows he will have to be the one to handle this.

Raq continues to learn more from Cartier as she spends time with him. They visit an art gallery he owns. He says the drug game works out for him so well because he handles supply and distribution. He takes the drugs sold in popular places like New York and sells them in smaller places like DC and Norfolk. And those people pay higher prices because they want what’s sold in New York.  This business model has made him a monopoly. He cleans his cash with his art galleries. 

Famous is arrested. 

Kanan and Famous go to Kanan’s crush Corrine’s house to see if she has any knives they can use. Apparently, Corrine’s mother has a good idea about what Kanan is really up to. She takes him to the kitchen and hands him a pistol. She then kisses him and warns him that it gets hot in that lifestyle he’s chosen. All of this is so confusing to Kanan.

When Kanan and Famous make it to Freddy’s apartment, Freddy hands over the money quickly. He explains that he’s not trying to get involved in the drug game. So he planned to give the money right back after he figured out where the cash came from. 

Well, Kanan isn’t impressed. He pistol whips Freddy and beats him up badly. Famous begs him to stop after he sees a neighbor witness the violence. Police are called. Kanan is able to escape but Famous isn’t so lucky due to falling down while police were pursuing them on foot. 

Raq puts things in motion.

Back at the house, Raq and Marvin are talking. Raq tells Marvin she knows he put his hands on Juke. And if he ever does it again, she’ll kill him herself. Marvin says he knows he messed up. But Raq says he doesn’t even know the extent. She lets him know that Juke has located her mother Kenya and she’s been spending a lot of time with her.

Marvin is furious because Kenya hasn’t been in Juke’s life for 16 years. But she’s getting to enjoy Juke after he and Raq raised her. 

Their conversation is cut short after Kanan busts in to tell them that Famous was arrested. Kanan lies and says he doesn’t know what Famous did. Raq and Marvin refuse to help Famous. And Raq says she doesn’t get involved in other people’s problems. 

Family dinner is pretty awkward for Kanan, Raq, Marvin, Juke, and Lou. Raq uses the evening to tell Lou that Crown asked her to move Lou out of the way because he doesn’t know what he’s doing with the label. 

Crown insulted Lou for the last time.

Marvin goes to Kenya’s house to confront her. Kenya says she has a right to be in Juke’s life. Marvin tells her she should have stayed gone.

Howard is able to pull strings to get Famous released from jail. He pulls Kanan aside to call him out for not showing up to the diner as they agreed. Kanan apologizes because he completely forgot. Burke watches their interaction from a distance. 

Lou catches Crown in the studio. He confronts him about Jessica and going to Raq. Crown says that Lou doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to the label. And all he is and will ever be is Raq’s little brother. 

Lou kills Crown. And he’s surprised when Zisa asks him what they’re going to do with his body. Apparently, she witnessed everything. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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