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Ceaser Slams VH1 for Sky’s ‘Black Ink Crew’ Departure + Makes Some Serious Accusations

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

During an interview, Ceaser claimed Dutchess pushed Sky over the edge.

Ceaser discussed his controversial firing from “Black Ink Crew” in a recent interview. And while he thinks that the way things played out was unfair, he said he can’t help but feel like Sky was treated much worse. He told Math Hoffa that he’s moving forward and he plans to do a new show with Sky now that their relationships with Viacom have been severed. Ceaser just hopes the new show won’t hurt the ratings of “Black Ink Crew” since his friends will remain on the show.

“I got situations, I got a moms to feed and all that ****. I can’t sit here and be like you know what, I’ma stay in this rut. Nah. I’ma get a better situation. I just hope that situation don’t **** up the ratings for them cause I’m definitely gonna get another show with Sky, me and Sky. I’m definitely gonna shoot for that ****, bro.”

He continued, “There’s already offers, there’s wild **** saying you and Sky gonna come back? Yeah. Sky only stayed off TV because she don’t wanna deal with Viacom and they ****, bro.”

Ceaser went on to say that Sky’s son Genesis calling her out in a video he filmed at Dutchess’ tattoo shop was what pushed her to the edge, “She got this person that’s hating on her, bringing out some viral **** about her kid that she ain’t even get to rectify. Can you imagine giving your kid away for adoption and you see them again in this chick shop that hates your guts putting out some crazy **** about you? And then, guess what, VH1 has to pick it up now because now that’s Sky’s son. It’s an issue. Let’s run a storyline. But they not checking for her mental health because that **** is breaking her the **** down.”

Ceaser said Sky should have been allowed back on “Black Ink Crew” to show she fixed her relationships with her sons.

He didn’t like the comments that labeled Sky as a bad mother.

“And I’m sitting here watching the ****, picking my sister up and **** because you know how those comments be looking. Those comments are like yo, you ain’t a good mother. You don’t know what the **** she went through. That was the best thing she could have done. You ain’t have no money to feed these kids, you running from house to house, ***** to *****, nah yo. You can put your kids in a better situation. That’s what she did. And that’s why I always tell her, don’t ever let anybody put you down.”

Sky was booted from the show after she assaulted her youngest son Des while the cameras were rolling. However, Ceaser feels as if Sky reacted in a way that most mothers would.

“But when you sit there and you keep pushing the envelope and pushing the envelope til the last scene everybody seen her getting into it with her son. But no one heard everything. Sky snapped cause lil ***** got disrespectful. Every mother would snap. My mother beat me in my ******* head with wild **** because I said some slick **** like get the **** out my face. You know she heard it (punches his palm).”

He feels Sky should have been able to return to the show to show the progress made with her sons, “So that’s what happened and but then you don’t even sit here and let her come back and try to rectify the situation. You see they rectified the situation on social media. But still people still call her an abuser, but she already rectified the situation with both her sons. But VH1 ain’t covering that. They left it as she’s a crazy *****.”

Serious accusations are made by Ceaser.

Ceaser believes cast members are torn apart when the powers to be want them out, “When they try to end us, that’s how they do us. They leave us on a cliffhanger and say this person’s a piece of ****. This is why we got rid of them…nah, y’all a piece of **** because everybody goes through **** and we should have a chance to bring **** back just like we did with every other thing. But once they feel like it’s time for you to go, they become a problem.”

He continued, “They wasn’t sitting there saying they feed her liquor every ******* scene. Come on now. Y’all left her for dead after that situation. You left her for dead, you ain’t see Sky on no other…how’s Sky? With 4-something million followers ain’t even been on no other show. Think about it, bro. How’s Sky? Y’all ****** did her dirty, bro.”

Ceaser believes that the alleged working conditions caused people to snap, “I been saying they did her dirty. Let her come back and get some mental ******* help because y’all ****** drove her ******* crazy, bro when we was working 12 hours shifts every ******* day, seven days a week for ******* years. Y’all ****** was driving us ******* crazy. Some of us snapped before the others but ****** is bound to snap, bro.”

When it comes to Ceaser’s own situation, he takes issue with how he was fired.

“Y’all investigated the situation with my daughter and knew I didn’t do anything. But with this dog ****, no one talked to me once. Them ****** didn’t even say yo is that a rabid dog that you was trying to get the **** away or…they ain’t ask me none of that ****. That could have been a stray dog I was fighting…”

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Blackrose

    September 21, 2022 at 1:43 pm

    Oh please
    Stop whining. She was making up ignorant fool out of herself every single episode and he was enabling her. And he stayed on that show years without her. Couldn’t have been that upset

  2. Tea

    September 21, 2022 at 2:09 pm

    Someone in those YouTube comments said they loved that Ceaser took accountability in this clip. Umm, he actually didn’t 🥴.

  3. 404

    September 22, 2022 at 10:34 am

    Sky was fired a few years ago and Ceaser had no problem staying on the show without her. If he wasn’t fired, he’d still be on the show now. Ceaser also watched the producers do shady stuff to multiple people and he didn’t care and sometimes even helped them tear people down. He and Sky will go right over to Zeus network for a coin because they haven’t learned anything at all. It never ends well when you agree to exploit yourself for a check.

  4. SJ

    September 22, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Disappointed in him! He had a great thing going and messed it up. Smh. When you in the lime light someone somewhere is watching and recording. Could be Walt that leaked that footage… I don’t believe he put hands on Duchessshe was crazy. I think she may have put hands on him a few time though.

  5. Lizagiirl65

    September 24, 2022 at 12:48 am

    I thought he had all these shops that were making money.He should know by now that these networks dont want black reality shows unless you’re making a fool of yourself. I stopped watching any of them for this reason.

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