Quad Webb Says ‘Married to Medicine’ Costars Are Trying to Turn the Fans Against Her?

Photo Credit: Bravo

Quad Webb has been receiving backlash on social media.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb is used to having controversial moments on the show. In fact, the most controversial moments she had was her divorce and feud with Mariah Huq. Before Dr. Gregory Lunceford moved on from the show, he and Quad made a lot of accusations about each other at the reunion. Quad accused Gregory of assaulting her. And he accused her of doing the same to him.

Although Mariah and Quad used to be best friends, their fallout was very messy. Mariah accused Quad of sleeping with her ex-brother-in-law. Quad fired back by accusing Mariah of having a serious drug problem. At the reunion, Quad alleged that she witnessed Mariah doing coke. Then she did an interview alleging that Mariah would come to film the show visibly on the drug. However, none of the other cast members backed her up on this. Producers did not either. As for Mariah, she said she felt like the drug accusations were just a tool to push her off the show she created. She showed off multiple negative drug test results before departing the show.

While it looked as if Quad’s biggest feuds were behind her, her relationship with Toya Bush-Harris has definitely taken a sharp turn. On the current season, Quad has accused Toya of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. And she also said she suspected that Toya had something to do with Anila Sajja’s house being broken into.

Some “Married to Medicine” fans are outraged about Quad’s accusations. They feel she has crossed the line to accuse Toya of a serious crime. So the backlash has been strong on social media.

Interestingly enough, Quad feels like she’s on the right side of the drama. And she accused other cast members of trying to make her unlikeable to the fan base.

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      1. I totally agree. She should have been gone when she divorced her husband. He should have stayed and let phony quad go.she brings nothing to the show.Andy let her go asap.

    1. I think Quad is doing them the way they do her. Quad has the right to defend herself and I LOVE Quad on the show no she isn’t married anymore but she can still learn from married couples.

  1. Nonsense. The fans just see Quad for who she is and she doesn’t have Mariah to hide behind anymore. Quad is a very dangerous liar. She’ll get her just deserts eventually. Anila as well. I was done with Anila after she accused Lisa of going into her purse and stealing money. And I was done with Quad when she lied on Mariah about being on drugs. It’s crazy seeing grown women in their 30s so ignorant about reaping and sowing, and defamation all because they want to stay on a reality show. Pathetic.

    1. I agree I stopped liking Quad after how she treated Mariah and they were real friends before the show. I believe Quad starts a lot of bs to stay relevant

  2. “Older women.” Quad must think she’s still in her 20s. When has Quad ever been held accountable for anything? This is the first time and she can’t take it. She can write all the comments she wants because it changes nothing. We are tired of her getting on this show and lying on people because she has no authentic storyline to offer anymore.

    1. Get Quad off the show. Where is her husband? Why can’t we just have married couples that are able to get along and stop all of the bone carrying about one another. I hope this isn’t the way they act in real life, if so it is sad.

      1. I agree Quad is a master mind of gas lighting. She doesn’t share anything in regards of her love life. She not married nor a doctor. H-ll what do she do but be fake…

  3. She’s making a complete a-s of herself because she’s terrified of being demoted again. Can’t blame that on other cast members.

  4. Hearsay is not considered facts in the court of law nor is it accepted as proof that someone committed a crime. Quad is lucky she can’t be sued by another cast member. Maybe that’s why she’s so pressed to do whatever necessary to not get fired. Getting fired would open her up to multiple lawsuits.

  5. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Quad and Anila are the two most annoying women on this show to me. On top of that they will slander the h-ll out of anyone with the quickness. It’s all fun and games until the lawsuits start flying and people start quitting because they don’t want to risk their reputations for a check. Producers better clean this up quickly before the whole show goes down in flames.

  6. For years people said Porsha makes RHOA dark but Quad really does make Married to Medicine too dark to enjoy. I don’t even like watching her scenes because the majority of the time her energy isn’t good.

    1. So true. Andy, get rid of Quad. See how she likes being pushed off the show like what she helped to do to Mariah. Also, get rid of boring Jackie and please fix Simone’s teeth! Ugh 😑

  7. Y’all I think karma may have already visited Quad. Her talk show was canceled. The ex husband she dragged through the mud is now happily engaged and currently planning a wedding. Even Mariah is doing good because she still gets paid as the EP and she’s out here buying properties and running media businesses while Quad continues to sacrifice her image and character because some producer probably told her she wasn’t entertaining enough with her family storyline (I would have preferred to see more of that than the mudslinging and defaming). She made a big deal about buying a house on her own but she seems really miserable in her attempt to keep it. I hope Quad wakes up one day and chooses to become a better person. These producers don’t really care about any of these people. So they shouldn’t degrade themselves and play dirty to hold on to a sliver of fame. Rooting for a new and improved Miss Quad. Jackie is the smartest one there. She refuses to let producers talk her into ruining her brand.

    1. I replied on a post show Quad Quad thought Sister Circle was going to be the start of her new tv career. If she was the wonderful marvelous matriarch person she claims she would’ve booked another show by now. Yup! Mariah continues to flourish in life with her loving husband and kids and business. Gregory has moved on to stability and will probably get the family he desires-snd most likely discussed with Quad prior to their marriage. Quad still has no man. She tries the I don’t want but honestly you don’t even see her dating. You know she’d show us someone wants her. When Heavenly exposed she “f@&*d” Common…. then talked about her like a sl-t on her Utube show….. whew!
      I also wish they’d focus on her family life as well. It was such a sweet side of her. Hey👀 What happened to that babygirl family member she adopted? Seem right there! Quad the Fraud! Maybe I missed something.

  8. I don’t think that Quad should be fired JUST because she is not Married To Medicine.
    At the same time.
    Quad serves no purpose on the show. She’s not in the medical field and it seems like she’s better at stirring up the problems to keep the ratings up

    1. That’s the thing. She’s not helping ratings either. Ratings have been bad since Mariah was pushed out. People don’t like Quad because of what she did to Mariah. Quad will lie on anybody and the lies she tells can ruin lives and careers. She’s another Phaedra. And I’m not surprised they are friends.

  9. If Quad is saying she shut people down at the reunion and folks were quiet when confronted, then the exact opposite happened. 🤣

  10. Quad needs to hush. Fans not liking her is her fault. Someone who lies the way she does won’t be popular and likable to most people. In real life people don’t like liars and drama queens. So why would someone like that be universally adored on a reality show? If she wants more fans and support, she should become a better person.

  11. S1,they did start out attacking Quad, but by S3 I was done with her.She’s toxic and counterfeit. Quad used Greg & Mariah then tried to use her brother & nephew. She has never loved Greg. Also Quad’s self-worth and validation is determined by the number of materialistic & physical attribute praises she receives from the public. Without that, her self esteem would bottom out and that’s sad. Quad is not in a financially secure position to purchase and remodel a $2.1 million home especially for 1 person, but again that was done for show & tell praises. Quad will be completely broke within 10yrs if she does not change her mentality. Rich people scream until they’re broke. Wealthy people whisper,amass an empire. I would rather see Greg on the show than Quad.

  12. People not liking Quad is Quad’s fault. She doesn’t realize that no one likes or trust a person who will tell the most damaging lie possible when they feel slighted, or feelings hurt. Quad has shown herself to be someone willing to say anything for airtime. She is always going on about others, yet she can’t handle what she dishes.

  13. Quad is fake and an attention wh*re. That is the post. Married women beware. She will sleep wit yo husband if she feels it will get her where she needs to be.

  14. No one is turning her fans against her. They are finally seeing her for who she really is, a Liar who will do or say anything to stay in this show. She did the same thing with Lisa Nicole & Mariah when she wanted them off the show. Mariah warned us about Quad the Fraud, but we didn’t listen. Now she is trying to force Toya & Eugene off the show. Whereas, she is the main person that shouldn’t be on the show, she is not Married to Medicine. I hope that she does not return for the next season. I hate to hear her speak, it is always so negative & she is so toxic.

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