Quad Webb Tells Toya Bush-Harris to Run Up After Altercation with Audra Frimpong

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Quad Webb and Toya Bush-Harris may be past the point of fixing their friendship.

Married to Medicine” stars Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb have clashed for years. But most fans will probably agree that their issues never seemed that big. In fact, their back and forths are usually just petty TV moments. And they have been able to be cordial and sometimes even friendly after their arguments. However, fans are noticing that it seems a lot deeper during the current season. So far, Quad has accused Toya of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. Now she suspects that Toya had something to do with Anila Sajja’s home being broken into. This has led to fans calling out Quad’s actions on social media. As for Quad, she doesn’t seem to think the backlash is warranted. And she has accused her costars of saying things to turn the fanbase against her.

As for Toya, she’s had enough of Quad at this point. She doesn’t appreciate the accusations that have linked her to an actual crime. And when she considers the history of “Married to Medicine,” she firmly believes that Quad has a history of slandering people on the show. An example Toya referenced is when Quad accused Mariah Huq of being a drug addict. Mariah responded by taking multiple drug tests that came back with negative results. While the doctors on the show confirmed the legitimacy of the tests done, Quad refused to retract her accusations. Mariah would later say Quad’s accusations were intended to remove her from the show she created.

Well, the upcoming episode will be another interesting one. The cast is in Blue Ridge. And when Anila and Toya attempt to discuss what’s going on, Quad ends up telling Toya to run up.

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  1. I just know this ain’t the same Quad who got her a-s beat by Lisa Nicole, Mariah, and Lake. She won’t do sh-t. Quad is not a fighter. She’s just an annoying gnat desperate for a moment because she doesn’t have a storyline and Mariah ain’t there to make her relevant. This is Heavenly and Toya’s show now.

    1. I’l never forget how pitiful Quad looked when Lisa got in her tail and the next scene of Quad was her rocking that huge band aid on her face 😩

      1. Quad isn’t a friend to anyone but herself. She’s not a kind person. What you have doesn’t define who you are.

  2. Why is Quad so angry and messy all the time? I miss how fun and light hearted she used to be on the first two seasons. She’s turned into a monster. Everybody isn’t cut out for a lil fame. Some people become arrogant and unlikable when the success starts. And that’s exactly what happened to Quad smh.

  3. Ah, I see now. Quad has teamed up with Audra, Kari and Anila to take down Toya. They all parrot the same talking points too (ie. lie detector tests, Anila was targeted, etc.). Quad instigated that altercation between Toya and Audra by going back and telling Audra what she said in passing. Knowing how much Quad lies, she probably said a lot worse than what Toya actually said about Audra’s outfit. Audra foolishly tried to get even but ended up looking ridiculous and got mushed. So now she’s going to sit her pregnant self down. Kari’s scenes were cut out. And now Anila is backtracking about thinking Toya robbed her. Quad is the only one left on the Toya takedown train and she’ll get her L soon because apparently God and the universe aren’t on her side on this. Quad really thought she was powerful by ousting Mariah. But she’s going to see soon she was just a pawn for more powerful people who wanted Mariah gone. In reality, Quad is always just an episode or two away from another demotion. She isn’t essential anymore.

    1. Toya is no puck. Quad thinks she all that. Dies everyone remember when Lisa trapped that a-s. Quad is a liar and extremely messy anda liar.

  4. Unpopular opinion: Quad is not the problem. She is responding to situations that are being created by Heavenly, Toya and Simone. Toya and Simone aren’t happy at home so it’s easier to focus on other people’s drama then to get marital counseling (Simone) and financial counseling (Toya). This little bit of drama with Toya and Quad at the end of the season doesn’t really equal the dragging that’s being done which is why people are having to go to past seasons to validate their dislike for Quad.

    1. Some of us actually liked Quad until this season and even wanted her full time while she was part time last season. I think you’re the one still stuck on past seasons. Quad is accusing Toya of a serious crime without receipts. How is she not responsible for her own actions? I personally think Quad is the miserable one. Greg is getting remarried and she’s lashing out this season. Happy people don’t act like Quad. She needs extensive therapy.

      1. In REAL LIFE Quad is not the only person close to the situation who had those thoughts. And Toya ALSO accused Anila of setting up her own robbery, a crime it’s self. Prior to Anila’s robbery what has Quad done THIS SEASON that warrants her being deemed “a villain”? Up until now most bloggers were clowning Quad because all we saw was her mama and nephew. Idk..I guess her involvement in this situation in the last 3 episodes of the season REALLY hold a lot more weight than ALLL the drama before. Which would actually mean that Quad made the season if you were think about it…

        1. You’re wrong again. Heavenly, Kari, and Anila have all come out and said they do not believe Toya robbed Anila and Kiran. They know it’s not her character. Quad is the only one saying that and she’s about to get in some serious trouble. Quad has not made the season and she has become very forgettable on this show. That is why she’s not getting much screen time. The fact that you think it’s entertaining to accuse a black woman of a crime means you may need to work on yourself. Also, I’m waiting on an actual clip of Toya saying Anila robbed herself. So far, nothing exists.

          1. How is she “unforgettable” and the drama? Lol. THIS IS A REALITY SHOW. THE CAST AND MYSELF ARE STRANGERS to you. Lol. The fact that you think you can make character judgements on STRANGERS speaks VOLUMES to your rational. Trying to make this a racial situation when this is a REALITY SHOW WITH AN ALL POC CAST is also..a choice…the more you do that for miniscule situations the less people take it seriously in general. FYI.

          2. Quad is not the source of the drama, Toya is. This whole scene is about Toya and Anila. Why are you so confused? Quad has no storyline. She has literally latched on to Toya and Anila. So yes, forgettable which is why she was demoted and Toya never has been. Get it now sis?

          3. You’re a little…off. You just said I can’t make character judgments about strangers but you literally made character judgments about Simone and Toya in your first comment. It’s like you’re not really trying to debate or make valid points. You just want to argue. Are you okay?

            Lastly, this show touches on race all the time and it was literally discussed it in the first couple of episodes this season. It’s not a good look to accuse black people of crimes with no proof when your show touches on racism and BLM all the time. Irony and hypocrisy shouldn’t be too complex and nuanced for you to understand, right?

        2. You said people don’t like Quad because of past seasons but people are telling you right here they don’t like what’s she doing on this season. Let it go. No one has to like Quad just because you do. Quad made herself a villain. Tell her to become a better person if people not liking her bothers you so much.

          1. So my comment is titled ” Unpopular Opinion” yet you all keep getting triggered, why? The only thing people are bringing up is the CURRENT situation. So you might want to work on your reading comprehension. Also at what point am I trying to make anyone like Quad? So because I named other people who share responsibility in the messiness of this season I am trying to make folks like someone? Lol. It’s interesting to see folks IMMEDIATELY make character judgements about me ALLL because I have a different opinion. You want to talk about false accusations against a black woman WHILE MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST A BLACK WOMAN. Whew. Good luck with that.

          2. So you’re an adult and still have no idea how discourse works? You think no one has a right to reply to you and if they do, surely, they must be triggered. Yeah, I’m starting to understand what kind of person stans Quad. You have fun arguing and back and forth for Quad on here. I’m going back to work.

          3. Me Thank you so much for an emotional intelligent comment. Quad is so childish, disgusting and annoying

      2. I think Quad has ALWAYS played the “look at them” game so people don’t take an intense look into her actions and interactions. I NEVER bought that her husband was the terrible man and cheater she worked overtime to present him as. I simply think she was chasing the good life, found an easy target in her ex, but never really loved him. She loved the circles being Doctors wife brought her into. So Quad has been one of my least favorites for quite some time. Fast forward to several seasons in, she hasn’t gotten better, but worse…and it’s not because anyone is casting a “bad light” on her. She’s doing that all by herself. Heavenly, is a H-llish nightmare. She would not even be considered if I needed a dentist in Atlanta. I think these women need to realize they have Real Careers as professionals and stop performing for clout. They really aren’t looking very respectable from their antics on TV. Anila, well why is she even there? I guess stealing your own jewelry gives you a storyline…finally.

    2. Quad accusing Toya of a crime with no receipts validates my dislike of Quad easily. She needs way more therapy than Simone and Toya do which is why she’s always deflecting and obsessing over someone else every season rather than addressing her own mess. See how easy that was? What’s next boo?

    3. Naw, you’re really trying to drag other people down to ignore Quad’s wrongdoing and that’s wrong. Some of us really do not play around with this kind of stuff. We understand how unfair the system is against black people and we’re not about to downplay Quad accusing a black couple of a crime and then turn around and say Black Lives Matter. Naw, if you believe Black Lives Matter, then keep that same energy on this right here. Quad is dead wrong. And it’s even worse that last season the show focused on BLM and at the start of this current season, Toya and Eugene were talking to their son about being falsely accused of stealing by white kids in the neighborhood. It’s okay to say Quad is wrong even if you like her. Stop acting like you’re in a cult. Wrong is wrong.

      1. What does BLM have to do with ANY of this? Lol. And as seriously as you want Quad’s accusations to be taken make sure you keep that SAME ENERGY for Toya as she accused Anila of setting up her own robbery. If yall are Mariah fans just say that, but I have yet to see ANYONE 1. Go as hard on Toya for her false accusations or 2. Provide other instances THIS SEASON that she was the source of drama. Lol. But keep hating someone you DON’T know based off of 45mins of edited footage. Lol. Not I’m in a cult because I have a different opinion! 😫😂

        1. Of course, you don’t see a connection with accusing innocent black people of crimes to BLM. That’s just you being obtuse. Toya didn’t accuse Anila of her staging her robbery. But you know who does have questions? Heavenly. Why are you and Quad not discussing that? I personally don’t think Anila lied. She was robbed. And Toya didn’t have anything to do with that. Use your common sense a little. Toya isn’t a genius. She can’t pull off crimes in her own neighborhood and not be caught.

    4. That is unpopular opinion. Quad is the problem. She is using Anila. Quad is bitter and is seeking revenge. She do not have a story line except being messy. No one care about her midget nephew. She turned on the group when she was on the talk show and that went out the window.

    5. 100% agreed. Toya and Simone was intending to have the majority of the ladies on their team to do the same thing Simone did to Mariah on the downlow, nobody wants to film with Quad and Heavenly but it backfired.

      1. Quad is literally trying to push Toya off the show like she did Mariah. And it’s not working lol. Toya actually is Married to Medicine. Quad hasn’t been in a long time. *shrugs*

    6. Quad plays this peace guru but is just as messy. She has known Toya a long time and good, bad or ugly she knows Toya didn’t have anything to do with Anila’s break-in. Toya nor Simone have claimed perfect marriages and we have even seen that. We know nothing about Quad or really what is going on in her life. We know she lost her brother and is raising her nephew but what do we know besides that… nothing, but what we do know is she has a hand or a slick lip in all the drama.

    7. Quad is only addressing Toya sick problem, that is the reason Jackie and messy Simone tried to talk to Toya before the other ladies came. But as soon as the ladies came in Toya started her sh-t. Toya need to get her a career so husband can have a life. All of the ladies have careers but Toya, her husband is to tired to have s-x with her. She can get a remote job or hybrid job. Quad is doing her own thing. Quad don’t care about her ex-husband getting married, she don’t want that psycho. Quad has taken her dead brother’s son into her home and her mother. Some of those husbands are depending on the career wife. You go Quad, you are knowledgeable, career minded and a Gorgeous Black Woman.

  5. Quad wanted a moment and Toya didn’t give her one. Very smart. Whew these girls have made me a Toya fan. I don’t like it when one person is being ganged up on.

      1. Hey! Yes, I like Toya now. Prior to, Heavenly and Mariah were my only favorites. I did like Quad but she started to lose me when she accused Mariah of doing drugs and wouldn’t admit she lied when negative test results were presented. I have a hard time supporting anyone who can’t admit when they’re wrong. This season sealed the deal for me and I no longer like Quad at all.

  6. LMBO! I think Quad and her fans are really having a hard time this season. They aren’t used to her being dragged by so many fans. Welp! Maybe Quad should try a new approach to her payback. People are tired of her accusing people of felonies with no receipts.

    1. Like how is it not obvious to people that isn’t a Quad stan but Quad herself writing those comments? This ain’t the first time Quad has come on here writing comments and deflecting because negative comments bother her so much. Quad has bloggers delete posts and close comment sections on IG because negative comments hurt her feelings. She can’t dish what she dishes out. So annoying.

      1. I am dead serious. That is Quad you are arguing with. She is not handling the backlash well and she’s been leaving comments everywhere. Pay attention to the words used and so called points made. That is Quad dear.

          1. Vicky got y’all saying “Amen” to a whole lie and y’all are falling for it. But I guess this would fall in line with the Disney villan yall have created. Lmao! Yall have imagination though, I will say that much is true!

    2. I came to that conclusion pretty fast. We have real Quad stans on here and they don’t act that pressed. That is clearly Quad and I’m glad she’s so bothered. It’s what she deserves.

      1. Lmao! If it makes y’all day better to think that I am Quad, hell if it’s THAT EASY to convince any of y’all that I am Quad then lord help us during this upcoming election cause wow…the scammers must LOVE yall. A few back and forth opposing opinions and that’s all it takes. 🥴😬

  7. I’m a little off because I titled my comment ” Unpopular OPINION (not judgement)” and YOU were triggered by my Unpopular opinion and even though according to you “I just want to argue” you ENGAGED with me. (NOT to be rude but I don’t think I’m the “off” one in this senerio.🥴 Also if everytime a person on a REALITY SHOW falsely accuses someone of color of a crime, it becomes a BLM issue then sweetheart you have WAAAAAY bigger fish to fry on VH1 than this. It’s like you’re trying to create a villain out of me because of a difference of opinion. I can’t imagine how you navigate real life if anyone with a difference in opinion has to either side with you or become “obtuse and off”.

  8. I saw one of Anila’s likes and she’s realizing Quad lied to her about those girls accusing her of staging the robbery. No one said nothing of the sort. So I hope Anila and Kiran realize they have been used and apologize to Toya and Eugene. That is how Quad is. She lies and gets her friends in trouble when they repeat said lies. I remember when she lied and said Mariah did drugs and Heavenly believed it at first. Once Heavenly realized Quad lied, she apologized because she wasn’t about to be sued or fired for Quad. That’s why Heavenly isn’t touching this. She learned her lesson.

  9. I think you can express your difference in opinion RESPECTFULLY without making things personal with a STRANGER. (Which is probably why I’m salaried and have been making money during all of this, since you wanted to let me know you were going back to work.) Have a LOVELY day!🤗

  10. Naw yall are actually slow if you believe that I am Quad. Lol. The things people tell themselves to feel good (because why else would you make up stuff like this)is astounding.

  11. Since Quad is on here having a meltdown in the comment section, I think I should remind people that Quad was actually fired from the show for lying on Mariah about drug addiction. It was Heavenly who begged producers to bring her back and that’s why she is too afraid to try Heavenly like she does Toya. She crosses Heavenly, she’s off the show again. Producers don’t favor Quad like they used to. She’s jealous Toya’s spot is more secure.

  12. Ooo Jesus! WOW! The fact that it’s easier to IMAGINE Quad is on here defending herself is funny AND sad at the same damn time. I pray that I never get so IMMERSED in a REALITY SHOW that I have to now start imagining them in the comment section of random blogs. I mean idk if it’s narcissistic because you think QUAD or ANYONE from married to medicine would be surfing through blog comments on a Tuesday Afternoon or if it’s just plain delusion but wow…

  13. Quad girl you ain’t been right since Sister Circle was canceled and you’re really spiraling since Greg got engaged. Get off this blog and get some help. Leaving all these comments isn’t healthy or normal.

    1. Girl assuming that I am Quad based on OTHER STRANGERS interactions and opinions isn’t healthy. Like how do you say “Yep I know who that stranger is! She’s ANOTHER stranger I watch on TV.” I am HAPPY to respond to EVERY comment that “falsely accuses” (since yall are sensitive to that) me of being someone that I am not. It further shows me that it’s okay to question things and have a different opinion because “sheeple” are happy being strong and wrong.

  14. Anyway someone on here said Simone looks great this season and I completely agree. She’s beautiful and her fashion has been on point. And Heavenly is so funny. She really grew on me.

  15. I think Quad should stop while she’s ahead. Nothing she’s doing or saying about Toya is sticking. And when you try to hurt someone and it doesn’t stick, that person you’re coming for may be spiritually protected in a way you are not. Watch the people that always land on their feet. God doesn’t play about them. They better leave Toya alone because they all look crazy. And I say this to everyone on here. Be careful what you say to people. Some people have a personal relationship with karma and God don’t play about them.

  16. Quad can’t even fight and just wanted attention. I’m glad Toya didn’t give it to her. How embarrassing. What is Anila talking about? What did the police say? That’s what matters. Not some PI talking about lie detector tests when those things aren’t even admissible in court.

  17. Can’t defend Quad on this one. If anyone accused Quad of a crime, she’d have a heart attack and call for their firing. I wish she would admit when she goes too far. It would make her likable again. I want the old Quad back.

  18. This all seems weird to me now. It honestly seems like Anila isn’t really trying to find the people who broke into her house. A PI is not it sis. Lie detector tests do not put criminals in prison. They are a joke. Courts don’t accept them. Like Anila and Quad are making a robbery about Toya when they need to be going to the actual police about what they claim to know. Do they want the proper people punished or is it about sticking it to Toya since the cheating narrative was a fart in the wind? I’ve never seen victims of robbery act like this before. It’s so strange.

  19. Quad was really trying to make her a moment and it didn’t work. She hasn’t won a single fight, but she thinks that Anila and Audra will help her. Not. Toya gave her just what she needed dust. Quad and Anila both need to learn when to fold. This is not it.
    Quad, keep stating your case. Even though it’s not believed.

  20. Sorry but Quad sounds so dumb to me. Anila too. This is a cast of educated people with careers. They ain’t about to risk it all and go to prison to steal a little jewelry from Anila’s house. The robberies in metro ATL have been well documented. Get this stupid sh-t out of my face right now. This show is so d-mn stupid now. I really wonder sometimes if the cast lies about goofy sh-t now because they think that their majority black audience are idiots. This is what season 9? The cast has had beefs for years and no one was robbed. But now a nonblack couple comes on the show and they are coming with this bullsh-t. Yeah, I see them clearly for what they really are. I don’t feel bad about their ratings anymore. Who wants to watch black doctors and their black wives being accused of stealing from the only nonblack couple on the show? No thanks. I’m getting tired of this show and LAMH. The content they feed black people is so low vibrational and anti black.

  21. Now Heavenly said Quad has a whole different friend circle outside of the show and one of those girls accused her of sleeping with somebody’s husband. That is what Quad needs to be talking about and obsessing over. She’s such a weirdo. Always in everyone else’s business with no storyline.

  22. I really never cared for toya at all and I don’t even no this woman but on this show since about the third season she’s just whack to me and acts kinda slow.

  23. If you believe anything Quad says in 2022, I’m questioning your intelligence. This woman lies as much as she breathes. And her lies are always outlandish like they came from a soap opera or bad movie. If they really had proof Toya was behind it, they would have gone to the police with actual evidence and we would have heard about Toya’s arrest by now. Don’t let these reality stars have you looking stupid out here. You have to use your common sense.

  24. There was a time when Quad was needed on this show. That time has passed. That’s exactly why she’s so desperate for Toya’s attention now. She wants to fight with Toya to be relevant again but her plan is backfiring horribly. Viewers are really tired of her now and it’s not just Mariah fans who want her gone.

  25. The fact that Quad and Anila are talking about taking non dependable lie detector tests that aren’t admissible in court instead of talking to police confirms to me they know Toya didn’t have anything to do with it. And this is just a storyline for them. I definitely don’t respect anyone who lies on people for storylines. I don’t understand how anyone is a fan of Quad. She plays too dirty and she hasn’t realized karma came for her a few times already. Quad better stop because she’s blocking her own blessings.

  26. Quad is just showing how ghetto she truly can be…chile you are too old to be tellin somebody to “run up”. You know in the streets you’d get your pumped up paid for a-s whipped. PLEASE get this desperate, miserable wanna be off this show.

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