Dr. Contessa Shades & Dr. Heavenly’s Marriage + Defends Toya Bush-Harris’ Real Estate Moves

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe had a nasty end to their friendship.

Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes were close for years. However, Contessa wasn’t here for the comments Heavenly made on her YouTube channel. A fan asked Heavenly if she thought Dr. Scott Metcalfe was abusive. Heavenly said she felt like he is emotionally and verbally abusive. While Heavenly believes she should be able to have a voice on her channel, Contessa said lines were crossed. And she’s not okay with Heavenly calling Scott abusive in any way because he’s not. So Contessa cooled off on the friendship but she planned an intervention to make her issue with Heavenly known.

Heavenly felt like the intervention was more of an attack than anything else. Quad Webb agreed. However, Quad has also taken issue with comments Heavenly made on YouTube. And while Quad does think Heavenly could be more considerate of her friends, Quad thinks Contessa was messy. Contessa had Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Simone Whitmore help her plan the intervention. Heavenly has a messy history with Simone and Toya, plus they also clashed with Heavenly over comments she made on YouTube and social media platforms.

It’s been hard for Contessa and Heavenly to hash things out because tempers flare whenever they made the attempt. So the gloves are off. And recently, Contessa made some interesting accusations. She also had something to say about Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris moving often.

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  1. Contessa is the hypocrite, she has no loyalty to no one not even Dr. Scott. She will do whatever it takes to remain on the show, nothing about her storylines are real or interesting. She talked about Toya celebrating paying bills, she talked against her husband, she told Buffie to get over the fertility situation w/Jackie, she joked about Anila’s stolen jewelry from the robbery, she has no integrity or compassion.

    1. I feel ya with Cone-tessa and remember when she wanted to beat Toya down. They all talk about each other but Cone-tessa straddles the fence. She needs to be gone frfr she and her weirdo husband. I think Simone straddles the fence and is a bullie. Heavenly and Quad don’t think before they speakwhich got me into a lot of trouble over the years. The producers need to bring some positive back to the show because the arguing and cat fights is getting old!!

  2. I went back to Sept of 21 and looked at clips when Contessa was talking back things about her marriage. Not Heavenly but Contessa where she doing all that crying. I wish she would stop trying to change that lie up now. I don’t know why she want to put Toya and Dr. Simone in this. This don’t have anything to do with them. Come Contessa get your lie right. Don’t get. Like I said early all people got to do is go back to Sept of 21 and things you said Heavenly was lying about they will see the words coming from your lying lips.

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