‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Candiace Dillard Bassett Calls for a Recast

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Candiace Dillard Bassett is fed up.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett is fed up with her costars on the current season. As we reported, some messy accusations have been made about Chris Bassett. Gizelle Bryant accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable at last season’s reunion. She made the claim after Ashley Darby took issue with Chris replying to her Instagram Story. And to make matters worse, Ashley made more accusations during the recent episode. She said that her friend alleged that Chris was flirty with her at Karen Huger’s Spring Bling event. So Candiace is fed up with both. And she’s accused them of attacking her marriage for a storyline on the show.

Candiace isn’t the only one with complaints about the season. Wendy Osefo previously told Carlos King that she felt like she was being iced out of the group amid her feud with Robyn Dixon. She and Robyn fell out during the last season. Wendy thought Robyn played a role in cheating accusations about Eddie Osefo being brought on the show. So she clapped back by saying Robyn and Gizelle are just jealous they don’t have real relationships of their own.

Well, Candiace thinks it’s time for a recast of RHOP.

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  1. And she’ll be one of the first to go if they ever recast. She’s really letting these new fans blow her head up not realizing how fickle they are.

  2. Reality stars will drag their own shows down with their ridiculous egos and hurt feelings. NeNe did it to RHOA, now Candiace is about to do it with RHOP. It’s so aggravating that this is starting to become a pattern for black ensemble reality shows. One thing I appreciate about Gizelle is she’s a much better sport and she’s not going to rally the troops when a season doesn’t go her way. She cares about the show too much for that.

  3. I am sick and tired of the Entire cast kissing Gizelle A**!

    The Women are giving “Weak” this season!!

  4. Candiace should be grateful she wasn’t recast for being homophobic and transphobic. She’s also said some pretty racist stuff and kept her job. So she has a lot of nerve this season writing tweets like this.

  5. Huh? RHOP has been one of the best shows on Bravo since Season 2 and the majority of the cast has been there since Season 1 because they made the show great. Candiace is really doing too much now. She doesn’t have to like Gizelle and Ashley, but they’re a huge reason why RHOP lasted this long. What annoys me is Candiace and fans think a show should be cast based on their likes and dislikes. It’s the recipe to a show’s decline.

    1. Gizelle gets so much hate but she’s been giving the fan favorites a storyline since 2. Ashley always comes to work as well. I peeped that a long time ago. No shade to Candiace, but she’d have nothing to offer this season if Ashley and Gizelle didn’t give her something to do. It’s a job at the end of the day. I’m not sure why Candiace doesn’t understand that when she’s been on RHOP since Season 3. She’s not wise in trying to push out two of the biggest contributors.

  6. Candiace is my girl but I want her to stop this. She’s riling people up to make Bravo do something that will ultimately hurt the entire show.

  7. Hunni….how can u call for a recast on a show u didn’t start?!?!… Make it make sense to me!!! Lil girl…u are NOT one of the ORIGINAL cast members of this show!! Now u doing too much Miss Ting!!!

  8. Candiace, Wendy and these fan pages are going to keep right on until they destroy this show. Now they already ruined basketball wives and atlanta housewives. Enough already! If you’re too sensitive to be in reality television or watch it, don’t sign up for it or watch so the rest of us can enjoy it in peace.

  9. I don’t fault Candiance Gezelle carry it too far. It just some lines you don’t cross. This is in a businessman world and working toward his goal. It just not right for someone to try and damage that like Gezelle trying to do. Then dried up Ashely put her too cent in on the lie. Just give Gezelle a man to make her happy so she has a story line and she force on

  10. Candice needs to stop ✋️. She has no problem when they do it to Karen, Ashley, or Mia. She had no problem sitting there help plan to do to Monique who was her friend. Or even when Giselle did it to Wendy last season, but now its a issue because it is her turn. Now that its her turn stop everything and let’s redo it. Nope,enjoy your turn at bat. Monique warned you and Wendy.

  11. LMAO @My 2 Cents…to much dip on your chip!! Ain’t nobody recasting nuthin cause the pendulum now swingin your way Crybaby Candy! Had nooo problem when they conspired about Moniques child. And on some post she said they coming for her children and her husband…ummm mam, I missed the episode where you have children. If she’s suggesting she’s so stressed she can’t complete the IVF then have your babies the old fashioned way. Not telling her what to do with her body but Boo you can’t blame nobody for your stress cause you could always leave RHOP and be stress free!!

  12. @SHAY SHAY!! Come on girl! I Love the way b the you reminded her of how she did Monique. Yeah.. that get back ain’t so sweet. I’m tired of her and that tissue anyway. She is so ratchet always talking about her black a** this and that. She really make her self look unprofessional.

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