Upscale Magazine Responds to Backlash for Putting Martell Holt on the Cover

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Martell Holt received backlash for his treatment of Melody Shari.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt is easily one of the most controversial cast members. This is due to the fact that fans watched his marriage to Melody Shari implode on the show. Melody labeled Martell as a “serial cheater.” While Melody also said that Martell allegedly cheated with multiple women, his longtime affair eventually resulted in him having a baby. Melody decided to pull the plug on the marriage before she learned that Arionne Curry was pregnant. She took the news as confirmation that her choice to file for divorce was the right one. To no surprise, co-parenting has also been contentious between Melody and Martell.

Martell decided to sue Melody for full custody of their children. He said that he isn’t okay with Melody’s brother Marcus Minnifield watching their children. Marcus is married to a man. So Martell’s objection led to fans accusing him of homophobia.

Melody also accused Martell of causing trouble when she did a hosting job for another OWN show. She alleged that Martell showed up to set to confront her. And he allegedly assaulted someone else who worked on the show. So he allegedly ruined her opportunity.

These accusations and controversial moments have resulted in some LAMH fans being very critical of Martell. And they were not here for Martell landing the front cover of Upscale Magazine about “losing everything.”

After the backlash rolled in, the staff of the magazine responded.

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      1. I don’t have to do anything. The stats are the way they are now because the black community coddles toxic black men too much.

        1. How many opportunistic, gold-digging females are lauded in today’s society. #GooseandGander

          1. I don’t support hood rats, gold diggers, or toxic black men. Why are you and other black men so feminine? You shouldn’t be following a woman’s lead. Be a man and do better. When will you be the leaders you’re supposed to be Thomas? You embarrass your ancestors.

      2. He lost his family at his own hands. If he left his wife alone and stop trying to get others to harass her, I’m sure he wouldn’t be bothered. Besides, he lies too much.

  1. Martell hasn’t done anything to redeem himself so this seems more like an attempt at getting attention more than anything else.

    1. Pay forever? Why do y’all get so dramatic and defensive when black men are being held accountable? People are only saying it makes no sense to award someone like Martell with a magazine cover. Just like it’s mind blowing that ignorant rappers and athletes are made speakers of the black community. Like y’all don’t want better representation? Raise your standards.

  2. The black community is not toxic! The black community is no different than any other community or race of people. We all need to learn to respect each other. Melody knew long before the baby arrived that she needed her to end her marriage with Martel. Instead she chose to stay in the situation which only escalated the problems. Although Martel made substantial mistakes in their marriage he is entitled to earn a living. I am not a fan of Martel or his decisions but the facts remain that he made choices that were detrimental to his marriage and his being. Learn to respect the choices a People good or bad.

    1. This is not true at all. Only the black community worships, protects, and praises abusers. Look at you placing blame on Melody for Martell cheating instead of holding a man accountable for his actions. That’s the toxicity I was referring to.

      1. That’s a lie, the black community is the only community who is expected to to hold their own hostage to all their mistakes and are the only people who is expected to never forgive their own. Look at trump grabbing women by their private parts and was still voted presidont, he was a cheater a liar and a racist, look at how forgiving everyone is of Elvis, Jerry l. Lewis ain’t nobody asking you not to buy their movies or music, the list goes on and on. I don’t see nobody taking Woody the freak Allen movies off tv or Weinstein movies off air.

        1. You’re still lying. Donald Trump is not universally loved by white people. They drag him constantly. Would you see Trump or his wife on the cover of Vogue labeling them as upscale and survivors? Absolutely not. Harvey Weinstein was locked up and booted out of Hollywood by white people. I didn’t see any white women or white men crying injustice about it either like black people did R Kelly. Elvis? Really? The same Elvis loved by black people? I’ve actually seen more black people praise Elvis on Twitter recently because of that new movie. Either way, you’re arguing that black people’s toxicity is okay because you think white people are the same way. That’s a weak minded perspective. Black people aren’t ignorant little children needing white people to show us right and wrong.

    2. How is the black community not toxic when the black community is still defending R Kelly to this day? And less than 48 hours ago it was black people defending Chris Brown on Twitter saying Rihanna and Karrueche deserved to be abused just because they like his music? This is bigger than Martell. A lot of us need therapy.

  3. Realness, she is not victim blaming. What I think Anita was trying to say was melody knew about Martello behavior for years. She kept taking him back and forgiving his sob stories which in his mind thought that this was acceptable behavior. He never had seen any consequences for his actions. So this is why we are in this situation that he’s in today. He’s finally being held accountable. I also agree with the other reader. He still has to provide for the 5 innocent victims, his children. Which he has to look at their faces and know that he had a hand in being a part of messing up their lives like his dad did his. He’s a good dad but could’ve been a better one with not displaying the selfishness he did by thinking about himself and having an outside affair which led to an innocent child. Now both sets of children can’t have 100% of their dad that he could’ve prevented by being a real man. He may look good on the outside but trust, looking at his children is killing him inside. Also that’s not true about black community coddling their men too much. It’s just everything the black community does is amplified and white community’s swept under the rug. Prime example, look at the news.

    1. “Realness, she is not victim blaming. What I think Anita was trying to say was melody knew about Martello behavior for years. She kept taking him back and forgiving his sob stories which in his mind thought that this was acceptable behavior.”

      Wait, reread this. You’re actually coddling Martell with this comment. You don’t see an issue with you not expecting a grown man to know right from wrong without a grown woman teaching him?

    2. You wrote: Realness, she is not victim blaming. What I think Anita was trying to say was melody knew about Martello behavior for years. She kept taking him back and forgiving his sob stories which in his mind thought that this was acceptable behavior. He never had seen any consequences for his actions. So this is why we are in this situation that he’s in today. He’s finally being held accountable.


  4. The fact that y’all keep trying to defend black men and argue that misogyny and the coddling of black men isn’t an issue in the black community proves Realness was correct with her observation. Then the cherry on the top is the “but white people do it too!” responses. I pity y’all truly. This is exactly why the black community hasn’t made enough progress. Y’all truly put on capes for the worst men.

  5. Realness told not one lie. Black people stay putting some of the most dysfunctional people on pedestals. They said this is about redemption when Martell has done absolutely no work to redeem himself. Only a black magazine would do something this low vibrational. And it’s sad. Thank goodness some of us are waking up though.

  6. Melody knew of Martell’s behavior for years but stayed anyway. Everyone has an opinion but the reality is that the magazine could and did do what they wanted to, which was to put Martell on the cover. People need to move on and realize that Melody is not the first nor will she be the last woman to deal with infidelity in their marriage and choose to stay anyway. The magazine owes her nothing, and everyone is not going to punish him for his poor behavior and choices that ruined his marriage. Point. Blank. Period.

    1. I would not be surprised if Carlos King had a hand in this fiasco. Carlos King does underhanded tactics. Carlos King most likely have connection with someone at the magazine company. It is my opinion that Carlos King is not about uplifting Black males or females unless it is to his advantage.

  7. This show is to much, I want to see positivity, I know everyone loves Drama, but there is so much more things they can do, stop fighting, I would love to see real friendship, do everyshow have to fight,

  8. I don’t give a d-mn that Melody isn’t the first woman to be cheated on nor do I give a d-mn how many times she took him back. None of that is relevant. As a black woman with sense, I don’t care to see a degenerate on the cover of a magazine targeted to me. Don’t call your magazine Upscale when you clearly don’t have high standards for who you put on your cover. It’s false advertising and very raggedy. And I don’t support it because I don’t have to.

    1. Thank you for writing the most intelligent comment on here. Too many black women are foolish pick me’s. So embarrassing. I haven’t read Upscale in years. I’ll keep it that way.

  9. You don’t have to support it and you don’t have to look at it or read it. They can STILL put whoever they want to on the cover and that’s facts. You are entitled to your opinion and so is everybody else.
    Point. Blank. Period.

  10. There are other men more deserving than Martel. He thinks he above what does. His own mom sees no wrong and makes excuses and lies. Martel needs to man up and accept the fact that that he screwed up his life and marriage. Man up and stop expecting without accepting. I don’t think Tisha is going to be gullible and take him up on his belief that they should work with him. He has no apologies and don’t think he should give any.
    We’ll see. Don’t plan on buying or reading the magazine.

  11. Upscale’s rationale for the front cover was “redemption”…not buying it or the magazine…Upscale needs to find a Webster dictionary for not only the definition of redemption but the definition of upscale. Martell Holt is not even close to the definition of upscale and has done nothing on or off camera to suggest he deserves redemption…It is my opinion that if this black publication has to dive down to the bottom of the barrel for their front cover because they couldn’t or wouldn’t find a more positive role model to showcase on their front cover, possibly they need to close their doors…not sure who is worse Martell Holt for his past and ongoing behavior or Upscale Magazine for rewarding him for it…maybe Upscale needs some of its own “redemption” because, again in my opinion, it is not upscale either.

  12. I’m not a fan of Martell or Melody..however; I do watch the show…everyone is talking about what he did..but She also went on National TV and admitted that she didn’t remember what guys she “treated” orally!! They have BOTH made detrimental mistakes in their public marriage….its time to let them live and do what they need to do for their lives!!

    1. Please stop. What Melody did with another man while she and Martell were broken up and living in two different homes is not the equivalent to Martell cheating and impregnating another woman while he was still in a RELATIONSHIP with Melody. I really want black women to stop being so male identified. Free yourselves.

  13. You Stop!! I’m very free..thank you!! It does not matter whether they were broken up or not..SHE like him was still married!!! They BOTH messed up!! I’m just not down for all the male bashing when they both did things that they should not have been doing…yes, his was worse…but in MY opinion..hers was just as bad!!! Free yourself..and call a spade a spade!!

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