LHHATL Drama: Bambi Responds to Recent Comments Made by Erica Dixon

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Bambi has been receiving backlash due to Erica Dixon’s revelation.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Erica Dixon has been open about her messy co-parenting relationship with Scrappy on and off of the show. In fact, Momma Dee wanted them to hash things out on “VH1: Family Reunion.” Interestingly enough, Erica and Bambi hashed things out before Scrappy and Erica did. Bambi told Erica that she realized that Scrappy did things to instigate issues between them. She wanted to move forward and support Erica when she needs it. Scrappy was so moved by the moment that he figured he’d have success with Erica too. And he was right. So LHHATL fans thought that Erica was currently in a good space with Scrappy and Bambi.

Turns out that is not the case. Erica made an appearance on the recent “Where Are They Now?” special. She addressed the growth made at the family reunion show. However, she confirmed the peace didn’t last. And she’s no longer on good terms with Bambi and Scrappy.

Erica didn’t specify why the peace didn’t last. But that didn’t stop some LHHATL fans from assuming that the breakdown is Bambi’s fault. Bambi clapped back at this assumption, too. And she wanted to make it clear that she did her part.

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  1. Why it seems some folks always be coming for The Bam? From what I’ve seen on the show, she calls it straight down the line. She’s even empowered my girl to check me when I need it. I like The Bam!

    1. I agree with you totally she one of the real ones on the show she check whoever it don’t matter don’t mess with her friends and family cause she coming ..love the Bam

        1. Huh yes before shr knew Rasheeda . She was in the not tub with 6 ppl one being Kirk . She wasnt with kirk lol. Also team Bambi or team Erica is juvenile

  2. To be honest at a certain age the child can speak for themselves. Why would Scrap have to go through Erica if Mani cam speak for herself. Make it make sense.

    1. I am 53 years old, my parents split when I was 12 years old and they still communicate directly to this day.
      My parents knew what they wanted their co-parenting to look like. They remained true to that no matter who was in their lives. My brothers and I were blessed as a result. Did we also have direct conversations with our dad, yes. However we never felt like we were in the middle of adults that could not get along. It was/is a great example of adults being adults.

    2. Unless Imani is going to be totally independent, she will still need both of her parents. I do not know too many 18 year old children that can take care of themselves financially, mentally or emotionally. Is she going to school? Who is filling out her paperwork ? Is going to be given an allowance? Who is her cosigner? Does she know how to fill out her paperwork? Parenting doesn’t stop at 18, therefore the co-parenting shouldn’t either

  3. Bambi needs to stay out of it that’s between scrappy and Erica when it comes to their child she wouldn’t like it off the shore was on the other feet she’s not going to like it if scrappy Get a new woman and they have to go parenting

  4. It seems like Erica want a continue story line. That young lady has a whole boyfriend can speak for herself. Why this man have to go through you to speak to his daughter.? That’s a grown a-s woman!!

    Concentrate on your other kids and ain’t you have a husband babe. Stay busy with that husband of yours before he strays. Word on the street!!!!

    1. Why would Erica need to keep a storyline going? You are aware she’s no longer on LHHATL. She has only appeared on the reunion show & a few episodes here and there.

  5. These thirsty females only have these babies bacause in their mind thy setting up for the future it’s all a game and tv so fake b/c Bam went from whore to housewives and why would U want 3 kids by a woman who slept with half the ppl in Atlanta most of thm U knw thts crazy

  6. Bam should have realized a long time ago that Scrappy was still in love with Erica. Now that she’s started to have her own children, she is feigning as if she had nothing to do with the way that Scrappy and Erica communicated at first. Erica was likely blindsided by Bambi. Negrows pop up with new girlfriends all while they were just trying to get their family back or pop up with new girlfriends acting like they coparent so well when the truth is they barely even speak to their baby mama and she’s calling and texting him to see about needs and wants and extracurriculars. Where they act oblivious and act like they didn’t know there was a problem. Erica should have put Scrappy on a parenting plan long ago and been done with it. He no longer has to go through her to talk to his child.

  7. Well I agree Bambi have when around with the men I could not be leave that she got marry to scrappy after every one have a share I have never seen scrappy oldest daughter with her Sept mom why because when u marry a man u suppose to help out with the child right .and yes it all about the money that why she having baby right after each other she seal the deal …..she in the money she may have one more lmao .scrappy your eyes was close on this one

    1. That’s why he kissing her bottom she done warned him. That’s why he flipping on Momma Dee and acting mad at Erica. She will leave and take them kids and everything.🔨🔨🔨

    2. Needs and ways Imani is 18 not a toddler and you dont know he still likes Erica. You make it seem like Bamni is rebound.but he put a ring on it he was never married to Erica.Idk wtf your talking about she wasnt around the way your saying. She made out with Benzino never had sex with him.

  8. No woman can make a man do nothing so leave Bam along. Why she got to make the first move she just the step mom and Erica need to stop putting the blame on her Scrappy is grown. I feel she mad because Scrappy wife her.

  9. Why everybody on The Bam about who she slept with.Why ppl so quick to point out the negative things more than the positive. There is plenty more celebrities 304’s(male/females) out her worst then The Bam. Why should it matter? Scrappy married that woman knowing her history. No one is perfect & its this little thing called redemption & forgiveness. If she’s in it for the money isn’t that the name of the game? I totally understand bf, gf, steps staying in their lane that’s the general rule, but sometimes it might take someone else to bring some peace to warring parents

  10. Bam is an instigator, period. She always have input on other relationships and can barely keep hers in tact, it won’t be long before Scrap is done, trust and believe. That’s what bam should be worried about

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