Post LHHATL Reunion, Momma Dee Slams Erica Mena & Bambi

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Momma Dee’s treatment of Bambi has caused Scrappy to cool off on their relationship.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Momma Dee and Scrappy were hot topics on social media as their issues played out on the current season. As we reported, Momma Dee caused a stir when she told Shekinah Anderson that Scrappy wanted a divorce. This comes as Momma Dee has also been in a contentious place with Bambi. Scrappy and Bambi feel like Momma Dee has been very disrespectful on social media. She posts plenty about her friendship with Shay Johnson. And when she appeared on “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” she said Scrappy could have fathered Shay’s child. Plus, Momma Dee said that she wishes Scrappy would have married Shay instead.

Bambi has washed her hands of her mother-in-law so much so that she hasn’t been receptive to her coming over to see her grandchildren. Scrappy understands this. He told Momma Dee that Bambi has every right to dictate who can see their children. And he thinks Momma Dee is flat-out wrong about the way she treats Bambi. So he’s not about to fight with Bambi over this or try to talk her into changing her stance.

Erica Mena wasn’t spared by Momma Dee.

Despite the drama, the reunion made some LHHATL fans hopeful that Momma Dee could mend things with Scrappy and Bambi while the cameras weren’t rolling. Interestingly enough, Momma Dee is still being messy on social media. Not only did she call out Scrappy and Bambi, but she slammed Erica Mena as well.

Erica and Sierra Gates are Bambi’s friends. Both had no issue telling Momma Dee that the way she’s been moving is wrong and causing issues in her son’s marriage.

Well, Momma Dee wasn’t feeling any of this. So she took a shot at Erica while she ranted about the situation on Instagram Live.

While she was hanging out with Shay, Momma Dee said, “So mind you, don’t ever come between me…because one thing about it, y’all saw in Vegas when Erica Mena came to talk to me and the Bam…it’s like who are you? Erica Mena, girl you can’t even keep a man. Girl, you can’t do this, and girl you can’t do that. And so as far as my daughter-in-law, how you gon talk about tell me well he’s angry? Well, I’m angry. And ***** you’re the problem. Yes, you are the problem.”

She continued, “Guess what she said, guess what she said though Shay, I feel like it’s my fault. Yes, it’s your fault ***** because you did what you did. But I’m coming back with a vengeance.”

Momma Dee accused Scrappy of deflecting.

Shay brought up the emotional scene of Scrappy calling out Momma Dee about his tough childhood. While she and fans thought the scene was moving, Momma Dee feels Scrappy was just deflecting.

“Yes, it was emotional for me to live through that. It was hurtful that he deflected. It’s really supposed to be about me telling Shekinah his business. But it went to his childhood. But everybody know I was a pimp and a drug dealer. So we not even finna go there.”

Shay responded, “I think he been wanting to say that.”

And Momma Dee blamed Bambi, “Good for him to say that, yeah but still his ***** *** wife is in his ear…”

After Shay told Momma Dee to chill out, Momma Dee dragged Bambi’s mother Cece, “You don’t know what Momma Dee had to endure. Just so happen I wasn’t a *** that laid on her back. I was a pimp. Just so happen I didn’t have a glass pipe in my mouth smoking crack. It was Bambi momma. So…”

Momma Dee dragged Bambi yet again as she dismissed Scrappy’s comments about his childhood, “What he tried to do is shift the blame because as you know, we were in Vegas because I told Shekinah what he told me, that he want a divorce. So he deflected from the whole ****, remember y’all? He never addressed that **** I told Shekinah. He just went all to the little boy **** when he was a kid. So he need to have been checking was his rabid, big gum *** wife he got.”


    1. They defend Momma Dee because they don’t like Bambi. In real life they wouldn’t be okay with their mother in law treating them the way Momma Dee treats Bambi. Once you realize that a lot of people are full of sh-t and will tell a lie for the smallest of reasons, no comment will surprise you anymore.

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