Mia Thornton is Thankful for Backlash from RHOP Fans?

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Mia Thornton has been receiving backlash for her feud with Wendy Osefo.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Mia Thornton is currently in the hot seat with the fan base. Things really escalated between her and Wendy Osefo. Although the two women clashed during the previous season, no one anticipated that things would eventually become violent. But that is exactly what happened when the ladies went to Miami. Mia planned the trip. And since she is friends with former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband Peter Thomas, she decided the women would have dinner at Bar One. However, things went left after Peter told Mia that he has “beef” with Wendy over a business deal that never actually happened.

Mia went on to confront Wendy about the failed business deal. She also told Wendy that it was rude for her to not contact Peter to give him a heads-up about her coming to Miami. As we reported, Wendy felt like this is an insane thing to expect from her. And the only man she has to check in with would be her husband Eddie Osefo. Mia took this as shade and she threw her drink at Wendy. As the night progressed, she also hit Wendy with her purse.

Fans have been calling out Mia for her treatment of Wendy. And they haven’t been holding back their thoughts on social media since the episode aired. Interestingly enough, Mia had something to say after an RHOP fan told her that none of the comments have been on her side.

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  1. Mia really needs to grow up. Although, I am not a fan of Wendy, I was rooting for you until you showed your childish and petty side. I guess that’s why Jacqueline cut you loose because of your vindictiveness. Why get your girl on the show to embarrass her? Grow TF up

  2. Let’s be real about this situation including Peter & Mia! For one my husband would have contacted Peter, regarding his comment about his wife not telling him she would be in Miami (that’s not cool) at all. Robyn, Gizelle, Charisse really………

  3. Mia, girl that save was weak. Wendy has a slick mouth and you fell for the Okey dokey. You made a fool of yourself and got nothing for it.

  4. Wendy should of punched Mia in her mouth for being in her business and when she thru the drink and hit me with your purse call the ambulance women down

    1. If Wendy would have punched Mia more damage would have came to Wendy’s hands. Mia face looks extremely hard like a stack of bricks and cement.

  5. Mia needs to stop. I don’t know if anyone is jealous of her but what I do know is, she is petty and messy. Mia instigated that mess with Wendy “on behalf” of Peter and couldn’t handle the smoke from Wendy and responded by throwing her drink and using her purse. I was rooting for Mia but I think she is trying too hard to fit it with the “green eyed-bandits.”

  6. Robyn needs to be removed from show. She instigated the violent Mia. I hope that Wendy sees Mia and Robyn is removed from RHOP.

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