RHOP Fans Are Critical of Robyn Dixon’s Attempt to Expose Candiace Dillard Bassett

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Friendships are being tested on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard Bassett has complaints about the current season. In fact, she’s expressed this on social media and in interviews. She’s not happy that Gizelle Bryant accused Chris Bassett of making her uncomfortable at the last reunion. Then to make matters messier, Ashley Darby also accused Chris of flirting with her friend at Karen Huger’s event. She has accused both of lying out of desperation for storylines. Interestingly enough, Gizelle clapped back at this. She said that Candiace is the one dragging out the situation for a storyline. Regardless, it’s doubtful that Candiace will be on good terms with Ashley or Gizelle anytime soon.

Interestingly enough, fans are wondering what her current status is with Robyn Dixon. Robyn is not in a good space with Wendy Osefo. She claimed that this is the reason why she didn’t have much empathy for Wendy when Mia Thornton assaulted her. So Robyn isn’t necessarily upset that Mia did her best to ice out Wendy for the remainder of the Miami trip.

Robyn Dixon disagreed with Candiace Dillard Bassett’s position on the altercation.

Candiace takes issue with how Wendy was treated. And she has compared the situation to her altercation with Monique Samuels.

Robyn doesn’t think the two incidents are alike in any way. Plus, she doesn’t like how Candiace perceives the entire situation. So it seems as if that has created some tension in their friendship.

On the upcoming episode, Robyn actually puts Candiace on blast in front of the others. And in the preview, she took out her phone to play a recent video of Candiace in which she had strong words about the collective.

RHOP fans have dug up that video. And some think Robyn played herself.

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  1. Robyn is two faced snake. It’s not about right or ethics. It’s about what’s right for her and who she likes. She’s a liar she lied when she said Shree did hold back when she was running up on Wendy. She and Mia are going to keep trying Wendy. Wendy don’t stoop to their level .I hope Wendy presses charges.

    1. Candice was spot on about these skanks. I use to like Robyn but she has allowed Gorilla I’m GIZELLE nasty two faced ways wear on her and it don’t look good

    1. I completely agree. I mean these women can’t coexist! You don’t have to like everyone but be civil. The entire Miami ordeal was a disappointment. Wendy is not a saint either but she uses her words and that is what bothers them. Robyn is a mess this season! P.S. Chris is perfectly happy with Candice , he is not interested in any them.

  2. Everything Robyn tries to do to Wendy and Candice fail, it’s just what Candice was saying in that video, they are nothing, with there little businesses ” Hats, Podcast) like Katie said back in Season3 Reunion, Dumb and Dumber( Gizelle, Robyn’s) shei is one of
    the smartest woman telling the truth, so what was the point of Robyn playing that Video, NOTHING apparently, she so lame, get rid of Robert and Gizzard, they trying to mess with the smartest 2 woman in the group, so they will never outsmart or outdo Wendy or Candice.

  3. Poor Robyn is still boring 😴. You know she thought Candice was talking about her and her businesses. She had to bring the others into her thought process.

    1. Spot, on!!
      All I heard was a vent session posted publicly. And I heard no lies. Robyn was reaching and trying to bring everyone in.
      Ashley on the other hand has awful timing. She’s almost as messy as Giselle.

      1. Ashley is trashy and nasty..her fxcking scripted storyline is not going cut it .Juan roommate is a low down..what she did to Wendy’s kids shouldn’t be acceptable or forgiven..call herself a mother!!..neck GIZELLE trying to ruin peoples marriages..the woman that’s been on a housewives show for years and never a real man..apart from the ones she have arrangements and pays for some storylines..Ashley Robin and Gizelle should exit next season!!

    2. Wendy and her family is the most boring cast member. Robyn has gotten shots about her ex-husband as to Micheal wanted to suck his private, Robyn has been accused of no storyline, and now that she stop trying to keep the peace in this episode, then fans want to come after her, because Wendy and Candice trying to make everyone think because they are darker skinned, they are victims. Candice, Ashley,and Wendy like to play games, Karen needs to take her old self off the show, everybody’s husband have been attacked on this show, so Candice and Wendy put on your big girls pantiesand shut the h-ll up, you are no victim.

  4. Sorry I disagree….. It’s okay for Candiance to put them on blast on Instagram, and no one say anything to her? So she can go cry? Again.
    The other girls get their stuff put on “blast” why can’t Candiance? She’s the one doing most of the “blasting”.

  5. Robyn is wrong all the way around. She’s a snake, shady and a trouble maker. She’s jealous of Wendy and I do believe colorism is the root of her problem with Wendy. What she did to Candice was low. She has no storyline. Bye Robyn!

    1. Robin wasn’t wrong. Candice is always saying things about people and she was called out about it. She needs to shut her d-mn mouth. If you want to play with the big dogs stand your ground. I don’t like Candice anyway

      1. Yesss! She crys about everything. If she’s not crying, she’s snapping off, but she can’t take it if someone says something about her or Chris.

  6. Robyn is boring as hell and she needs to go! If anyone is dragging out a storyline it’s her! How many seasons is she going to drag out an engagement with Juan????? 🙄

  7. Robyn is a hypocrite, because she sits on her podcast with Gizelle and talk about the ladies on the show too. They even spoke about Mia Cancer post too on the podcast. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Robin and Gizelle are not jealous of any of the women. Wendy and Candice are not that good friend either. This is a TV show and to me, all of them have to keep the show going. Each women have shaded one another. Nothing is off guarded when it comes to these ladies! Ashley and Katen are shady women too and Mia and her friend. I can honestly say right now that the only one that is honest on the show is Charisse! She here what they say about one another and no said a work! I think they all have to bring it. Don’t let your mouth cash a check if you put out your feelings during the show that you can’t tell the truth that you said.

  9. Robyn or sleepy of the 7dwarfs thought she had a gotcha moment she is ridiculous we don’t need to know about you sitting on the toilet but when you are as boring as she is that is the highlight of your day. She is grasping for anything that will make her relevant them caps she had to work so hard at isn’t cutting it.

  10. Wendy is very negative and thinks too.highly of herself. She will turn against everyone of them. Just wait and see. It’s great to be successful but don’t put down other who have not arrived, try to encourage o th hers that they can be successful.

    1. I agree, but Wendy is highly educated, not successful, that is the reason she is trying to come after the other women. A professor doesn’t make a lot of money, she has to depend on her husband to help her, and he told her to slow down with his money.

    2. I disagree, Robin and Giselle are just jealous of Wendy because she is well educated and Ashley is a traitor to everyone. Robin needs to get a life.

  11. I watch and why is everyone involved inoring the violence there is no excuse for throwing things or swinging pocket books at people. Grown adults don’t do that. Nothing warrent violence

  12. I don’t know why everyone wants to feel sorry for Candiace when she’s always throwing shade and seems to have a tissue ready when she’s called out. I’m so sick of her a-s crying. She thinks she’s better than everybody. She’s irrelevant and needs a story line too. Maybe if she quit low key talking crap, she wouldn’t get called out like she claims she didn’t say anything about Karen and they showed the clip. Now who’s lying?

  13. Sorry I am team Robyn. Candiace loves to throw rocks then dabs those eyes (Dorothy’s little girl). Candiace can talk about other people marriages Ashley’s (true Michael is a mate from the underbelly), Karen’s (which she blatantly lied and said she didn’t) and I could go on. But let someone critic Chris’ actions (which he has probably grown tired of her antics and entitlement)and she goes into name calling mode, like a kid on the playground. All the time dabbing her eyes. All Robyn did was played what she had put out on a public forum. If she put it on a public forum she didn’t care who saw or heard it, she exposed herself. Again, is and will be always be Dorothy’s little girl. She needs intense therapy.

  14. Robin and Gizelle need to get a life and stop hating on Candice and Wendy. Those two love to start sh…t, and then play the victim. Get off the show

  15. I thought Candice was going to get put off show with her always crying self grow up girrl start stuff but it’s a problem when they come after you Wendy stop listen to your husband and the two trouble makers get a life Karen get a life and move on from this show Period and miss messy with that nasty husband of yours come on y’all all y’all need to do better Period

  16. I’m team Robyn they need to check Candice and Wendy they are both evil B-tches and every body scare of the two loud mouth can’t stand Wendy

  17. It’s time the hold Candiece accountable for her crap. First Ashley brings her on the show and she dragged her the entire season. Then she brings Charrise to the show when her so-called bestie at the time Monique is having beef with her. She always been a sh-t starter a pot stirrer and we are tired of it.
    I agree Robin should have shared her talking sh-t about the group.
    Candiece stop back peddling and own your shit.
    Focus on your singing cause auto tunes is the only reason you have any songs out and thank Ashley for bringing you to the show to get a record deal because YOU CANT SING!!!!!

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