RHOP Recap: Karen Goes off on Charrisse + Mia Puts Jacqueline All the Way on Blast

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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the ladies head to Mexico to celebrate Ashley’s birthday. But it’s hard for the good times to happen due to a couple of breakdowns in friendships. Mia and Jacqueline clash after they have a disagreement over parenting choices. But things really go south when both women hurl accusations at one another. And Mia alleges that Jacqueline slept with a married man. 

Jacqueline is devastated by the accusation. She breaks down in tears and denies ever sleeping with Gordon. And this confuses everyone. 

After the ladies do enough poking at Charrisse and Karen, the two women have a major blowup about the demise of their friendship. And they nearly come to blows, shocking all the other ladies. 

Here’s a recap for, “Sisterhood of the Traveling Beefs.”

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  1. Karen had to be restrained you say? I wonder if she will be judged like Robyn was….or will hypocrisy prevail?

    1. To be honest, Karen needs to sit her old butt down and stop this madness. Her show was crap and this show is getting old and if other viewers see what is happening, it is time for the show to change up this back biting, two faced women from every episode with this fighting or take it off. Karen what is it with you and Charisse? Karen, Charisse was right, be a Woman and tell her you don’t want to be friends and just be cordial around each other.

      1. Old so Karen should STOP living because she’s a little older then the rest of the children in the group! All their shows was wack as hell…AND why should be anything with Charisse, she can’t even keep it 💯 when asked about holding Robyn back when clearly WE ALL saw it!!

    2. Hypocrisy reigns! Candiace is still there, as she obviouslyreceiveda pass for the butter knife incident, salad toss, etc. . IMO, Monique shouldn’t have been restrained.

  2. Charisse should have NEVER been brought back she doesn’t fit in she ALWAYS look a mess hell even Gizelle be looking better than her….and poor Jacqulyn Mia showed that she could have NEVER been her friend because it was too easy for her to try and embarrass her in front of the other ladies.

    1. I think Mia may be a little upset with Jaqulyn because it sounds like she has Jacquelines children quite a bit, Mia said Jacqueline made the comment, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, sometimes I believe some parents use that saying because they don’t want the responsibility of taking care of their own children, and yes I am expecting some backlash.

  3. Why is Bravo still trying to stuff this Linebacker, grating voice, bad makeup Cherisse down our throats?!!! Get her off the show, and if she says she likes champagne one more time! Heffa, that aint no sign of wealth to drink champagne. Got 3 bottles in the house all the time, it ain’t nop big deal mam. Stop it, ain’t nobody checkin for you on RHOP. Brings nuthin but a constant thorn in Karens side. NUTHINNNN

  4. I do agree with Shay Shay and IsaidwhatIsaid. Something else must have been said to Karen, because I can’t see the outrage just based on what I saw. Karen went overboard for a reason, other than what we saw.

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