‘Black Ink Crew’ Will Return Without Ceaser

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Ceaser’s departure from “Black Ink Crew” was a hot topic on social media.

Black Ink Crew” fans had a lot to say about the recent season. Before the season premiere, Ceaser found himself a target of the headlines. He was accused of abusing a dog in security footage recorded by his own security camera. He and others would later accuse his ex Suzette of leaking the footage after a messy breakup.

Suzette denied that she had anything to do with the video being leaked.

Donna was one of the first to bring attention to the video on her social media accounts. And she called for Ceaser’s firing. VH1 eventually decided to part ways with Ceaser. Ceaser didn’t think that any of this was fair. In an interview, he said that he felt like some hasty decisions were made. So he now thinks producers didn’t actually care about him or other past cast members who were pushed off the show.

The show will continue without Ceaser.

Although Ceaser was fired, producers decided not to remove any of the footage that he had already filmed. So he was still featured in the latest season. Producers showed viewers what led up to his controversial departure.

Interestingly enough, the other cast members had a lot of feelings about Ceaser’s exit. Tatti questioned how “Black Ink Crew” could continue without Ceaser. Since the first season, Ceaser’s perspective has been the focus of the show. And the cameras were there to capture the ups and downs Ceaser had to endure as he worked to expand his Black Ink empire.

So Tatti and others questioned how someone else could even take over that role at this point. During the season finale, it felt like the show itself was coming to an end. However, Teddy and Puma revealed they were looking for a new shop. And fans started to suspect that VH1 was going to keep the show afloat by just putting Teddy and Puma in charge. The speculation only got stronger after Ceaser was critical of Teddy on Instagram. He said he was questioning Teddy’s loyalty due to recent decisions he has made. But he never got into what those decisions were.

Well, it looks as if “Black Ink Crew” really is coming back for another season. Hours ago, photos of some of the cast members filming green screen interviews began to make rounds on social media. Puma, Alex, Spyder, Young Bae, and Quani filmed green screen interviews hours ago.


      1. did you see the horrible video of him abusing that poor dog!! NOT COOL AND HE DESERVES WHATEVER IS HANDED DOWN TO HIM…

    1. I was just saying the same thing!!! THE SHOW IS WHACK WITHOUT CESAR. He IS Black Ink! VH1 need to get it together and bring Cesar back! I’m so tired of the politics controlling People’s outside business!

  1. As it is written in God’s Holy Word, none is perfect no not one and only He God is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes in their lives. Ceaser made a mistake, but it should not result him to being kicked off the show. Ceaser and the crew from season 1 started, and built something positive, very special, and what it Black Ink is today. Removing him is like removing the show. It will be very different and not the same without him. He deserves to be back on the show.

  2. Ceaser messed himself up not the brand so I say carry on.
    I stopped liking Ceaser waaay back because I saw a shift in him I didn’t like.

  3. Quite a few people in life have made mistakes. I think Ceasar has learned a valuable lesson and will never make the same mistake twice if given the opportunity. I think he has been humbled. He is the show. No Ceasar no me…ijs

  4. Karma is undefeated. You do wrong by people it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the backside. You reap what you sew. That’s all I got to say about that. I was getting sick of watching the show anyway so now I DEFINITELY won’t be watching now. I give it 1 more season before the ratings crash and burn before they get the good sense to pull the plug on this show. I said what I said.

  5. I feel that the embarrassment along with the backlash was enough punishment for Ceasar….we all have done some bad thing sin life and hide them in our closet. He made a terrible mistake but should be shown grace now. He doesn’t deserve to lose his position on the show. He should donate to an animal group, do consistent service to an animal rights group and become an advocate against animal abuse. He lost his cool and paid the ultimate price. His cousin Ted is not loyal and the new girl who was so outspoken to kick him while down should go find another shop to work at. I hope he fired her

    1. I definitely agree with u. But u know in Amerikkka u can abuse women, be inappropriate with children, lie, cheat and steal but dare not hurt an animal. That new girl was doing way too much talking and Teddy has always been out for self. He wanted to be the boss and now that Caese is bumped out he thinks it’s his time to shine. What makes it so disloyal is that Ted wasn’t even into it or doing his part the last 2 seasons and was saying how Caesar should understand they have different dreams in life other than the tattoo dynasty now all of a sudden he wants the crown smh

      1. I definitely agree with you. Teddy hasn’t done anything for Black Ink. He was turning his back on Caesar way before now. I believe Caesar when he said he was set up. Although he may have done wrong but someone made sure that video was leaked. And that was personal. Now Teddy wanna shine since his cousin gone. I’ll pass on the new season

  6. Ceasar deserves another chance, he messed up. Someone went behind his back, and threw in some madness. Black Ink Crew will not be the same without the master in place. Please allow Ceasar to redeem himself. God forgives us all for our mistakes in life. Thank you kindly,

  7. Vh1 should give ceasar another chance. No one is perfect and people deserve a second chance. Black ink New York was better than all the other show. And that was because of ceasar. He helped pave the way for the other Black Ink shows. He wasn’t just bringing himself up and building a brand, he was also bringing other people up along the way. It just ridiculous that Vh1 let me go, u would’ve thought he killed someone. U have people that are doing way worst than that, but they just haven’t been caught yet. Leave Ceasar alone and let that man live. Black Ink is nothing without Ceasar…PERIOD!!!!!

  8. Ceaser needs to come back he made a mistake and shouldn’t be kicked off the show. Black ink is nothing without Ceaser .

  9. That’s like the Jackson 5 without Michael… it won’t last ! No one wants to see the other’s messiness and then talking about Ceasar.. if he’s not going to be on the show don’t make him a story line Either !

  10. I really think Ceasar should come back on black ink. I will not be watching this season with out him,because he made the show for me.

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