Melody Shari Responds to Destiny Payton Accusing Her of Hacking Martell Holt’s Phone

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Melody Shari and Destiny Payton have different perspectives about why their friendship didn’t last.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Destiny Payton‘s friendship fell apart on the show. Interestingly enough, it happened while both women were ending their marriages. They were so close that Melody even gave Destiny money to pay her bills. Destiny called out Martell Holt for his mistreatment of Melody. Regardless, Destiny started to question the friendship once Melody’s calls became less frequent. Melody didn’t think that Destiny would take this the wrong way since she continued to communicate with Destiny via text messages. Melody said she thought it would be understood that she was just taking a mental health break. Regardless, Melody said the last straw was overhearing Destiny talking about her with LaTisha Scott.

It’s safe to say that both women are now questioning if their friendship was ever genuine in the first place.

Destiny Payton accused Melody Shari of hacking Martell Holt’s phone.

On the current season, it seemed as if Destiny and Melody were able to get in a cordal space. On a previous episode, Melody told Destiny that she had no problems with them being cordial. And she isn’t angry with Destiny although their friendship didn’t last.

Destiny said she appreciated this conversation with Melody. She agreed that it is time to move forward. And things do not have to be so tense between them.

Well, it seems as if the peace between Melody and Destiny was short-lived at the reunion. In fact, during a preview for Part 3, Destiny and Melody exchange words. Melody says that she thought it was a bit questionable for Destiny to be contacting Martell in the early hours of the morning like 1 and 2 am. Destiny claps back by accusing Melody of hacking into Martell’s phone.

Melody addressed this on social media. And she said that her phone was hacked, not Martell’s.

She wrote, “Let me say this….I didn’t hack ANYBODY’S phone; however, someone definitely attempted to hack into mine (I already know they’ve done this before and other privacy violations hence why I changed my number so much). One week before the reunion another attempt came to light BUT the angels said “no no no” and whoever they paid did it WRONG!”

Melody continued, “I started getting their calls not even realizing what was happening til I finally called one of the people back and they told me the number they had dialed…which WAS NOT MINE. So for a woman to sit up there and act like she know some ish was stupid to me 💁🏾‍♀️.”

You can check out the screenshot in the video below.


  1. Social media is the devil….so talk about it on the reunion…it’s like beating a dead horse….they talk about it on the reunion….talk about it in social media….talk about it in interviews….on blogs….I can’t wait for it to be over….find something else to talk about next season…. nobody talk about Mel…. nobody talk about Tisha and if Marsau is cheating….build some houses …run your businesses and talk about THAT..

  2. I never believe a word that comes out of Destiny’s mouth. She’s been caught in multiple lies. I hope we get some new storylines FINALLY next season.

  3. Is it clear to say that Mel didn’t know anything bout Destiny’s Marriage until it was over,Destiny kelp it a secret, When she did tell Mel she was feeling real bad she wasn’t there for her friend but it wasn’t Mel’s fault, And Destiny started being real nasty to Mel after…

  4. Are we ever going to see more of Destiny’s life? Her whole storyline has been Mel and Martell. It’s definitely time for her to step up and contribute more.

  5. Honestly there would be no show without Melanie Shari. All the men secretly want her and all the women are jealous of her. La Tisha is plan ghetto to the max. Kimmy likes to start stuff. Destiny is so NEGATIVE. Nothing bad to say about her. Tiffany can stand her own if needed. Wanda needs to sit her no class self down somewhere. Mel’s mom is classy. Stormi and Tiffany’s husband are good men. Maurice sneaky. Marsau is a cheater and a s starter. And finally Martell is still in love with Melanie and he knows it. He can play with Sherie to try to show Melanie he’s moved on but it’s all for show.

  6. Next season I just want ppl to STOP talking about Mel and just focus on their work or something other than her…maybe this mess will go away because I’m tired of the everybody’s jealous of Mel and Mel is their storyline……

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