Amid Criticisms About Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon Says Karen Huger Avoids Transparency

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Karen Huger & Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s fallout has become a fascination for Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger wants absolutely nothing to do with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon are aware of this. However, this hasn’t stopped them from bringing Charrisse around a lot on the current season. Karen has tried to explain that she has no desire to have a friendship with Charrisse ever again. However, Charisse and the green-eyed bandits wanted an explanation of how Karen arrived at this point. On the recent episode, Karen became so agitated with the attempt to make her hash things out with Charisse that she snapped. And she couldn’t stand it after Charrisse said that she tried to support Karen by attending her mother’s funeral.

Things became very explosive and both women were screaming obscenities at one another before the episode ended. Karen also told Charrisse to not mention her mother ever again. As for Robyn and Gizelle, they will address all of this on the upcoming episode. In fact, they attempt to confront Karen. But Karen just isn’t interested.

In a preview, Gizelle says, “Clearly, if there’s going to be a queen of Potomac, that is Charrisse.”

Karen responds, “Because it involves me, stop. Just stop. Okay? Enough is enough. This is deaded.” She adds, “You can give your thoughts. I receive your thoughts. I heard you, I let you have your moment. But there is nothing else to discuss on this issue. And that’s it.”

Does Karen Huger believe she’s off-limits?

Robyn then interjects, “But Karen in this group, we all are held to the fire about the things that we say and do. But you’re off limits. Is that what you’re saying?”

Karen then specifies that she meant she was done with the topic herself. And she has nothing to add to the discourse.

Robyn continues, “Anyway, the behavior last night is extremely contradictory to the person and the woman that Karen tries to present herself to be. And to try to flip a sincere gesture of trying to support you in your time of grief…”

This doesn’t sit well with Karen, “Please, do not discuss this, please. I asked you not to touch my mother. Please respect that.”

Robyn denies talking about Karen’s mother and Karen responds, “Grief is my mother.”

In a green screen interview, Robyn revealed her theory about Karen.

“Karen knows how to deflect from the real issues, real conversations. And the shields that she puts up include my husband, my kids, and now my mother. So she’s very crafty,” Robyn says.


  1. Meanwhile Gizelle spends each season never showing her real life and getting in everyone else’s business. By the way, Robyn filmed this whole season and neglected to mention that messy lawsuit Juan is involved in. Does she really want to go there?

    1. Idk but it’s hilarious how she looked when the camera panned to her after Gizelle said she’s the real queen of RHOP. Even Charrisse doesn’t agree. 😂

  2. Robyn and Gizelle are jealous that Karen has a much larger fan base. How is Karen off limits when Robyn and Gizelle have spent years making her life their storylines? Honestly, the GEBs always use Karen, Wendy, and Candiace to avoid discussing what’s really going on in their lives.

  3. Yeah it may be time for Gizelle and Robyn to go. And they wanted to hold Karen more accountable than they held Mia for assaulting Wendy. Karen doesn’t have to be Charrisse’s friend. This is so childish and pathetic.

  4. Robert Dixon …your own husband called you stupid on national TV and rolled a window up on you and left you talking to yourself. You have GOT to be the most brick for brains chic on thos show! Noooo real relationship, fake wedding cause you figure the boys or Your Roomate won’t lie on you, and now a sequel assault knowledge lawsuit against said Roomate. Let’s see alll that d-mn energy on the Reunion…cannot wait. Let’s see if yo Dizzy Gizzy buddy defend you. And how u defend the lies Gizzard Bye spun on Chris. Cannon notttt wait!

  5. Excuse typos .. Juan and his knowledge of sexual…..let’s see what lie Robot Robyn comes up as to why IM SO GLAD JUAN DIXON IS NOT HERE!!!

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