Robyn Dixon Accuses Karen Huger of Being Obsessed with Juan Dixon + Karen Responds

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Karen Huger and Robyn Dixon have been exchanging accusations.

Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger‘s feud has worsened quite a bit during the current season. As we reported, Robyn has been very critical of Karen since she wants nothing to do with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Years ago, Charrisse accused Karen of having an affair with a man who has blue eyes. They haven’t been on good terms since. But this hasn’t stopped Charrisse, Robyn, and Gizelle Bryant from saying they are confused as to why Karen isn’t open to being cordial with Charrisse. In fact, they think the root of Karen’s issue with Charrisse isn’t the Blue Eyes talk at all. They believe Karen is jealous of Charrisse since Charrisse was the one who helped select most of the cast members. Interestingly enough, Karen was brought in by someone else.

Karen has denied being jealous of Charrisse. And she said that Robyn crossed the line with her when she accused Karen of being fake. After Karen clapped back by calling Robyn and Juan Dixon‘s upcoming wedding (the wedding has since happened according to reports), Robyn brought out her cell phone. She then proceeded to show the other women what she alleged was a photo of Karen and the blue-eyed man together at a restaurant years ago.

When it comes to the rumors, Karen has repeatedly said that the man was her driver. And they didn’t have an affair.

Robyn Dixon doesn’t believe anything Karen Huger alleged.

Karen made more accusations. In fact, she alleged that Juan has a girlfriend on the side and Robyn knows. Another highlight of the episode was Karen also alleging that it was Juan who hugged her inappropriately three seasons ago. Karen mentioned this previously during a conversation with Gizelle. She told Gizelle she wanted to hear her out about her claims regarding Chris Bassett because one of the husbands hugged her so hard that her breasts were squeezed and it was very painful. At the time, Karen said she didn’t want to reveal the husband she was referring to.

Well, a lot of drama has unfolded since the episode aired. Juan and Robyn made headlines recently because a woman came forward with even more accusations. And she accused Juan of sleeping with her up until January 2022. Blogger Sergio Says was sent a hotel invoice.

Interestingly enough, Robyn hasn’t publicly addressed the latest accusations. But she did do an interview recently about the claims made by Karen.

She told Page Six, “You’re going to tell me you’re going to wait over years to bring it up as it was such a big deal? No, if it was such a big deal, tell me then and I’ll tell him, ‘Listen, the woman is fragile. She cannot handle your firm hugs.”

Karen Huger clapped back on Twitter.

Robyn thinks Karen is obsessed.

“At this point, I just think that she might be a little obsessed with Juan or something — I don’t know!” she says. “It’s just … it’s really weird to me, you know? Especially coming from someone of her maturity.”

She continued, “For it to come from her, where it’s just, like, she’s so pressed about what we’re doing, this is very strange.”

Karen responded to Robyn’s interview on Twitter. And she believes Robyn is using her to deflect, “Deflection is an admittance of guilt. You don’t have to interview just because they ask you. Especially when everyone knows you sound delusional given the current temperature in your own world. Just shhhh! #rhop #robin”


  1. I’m annoyed now. Did Robyn consider herself obsessed with Karen when her, Ashley, and Gizelle drove to Karen’s house with pizzas because they wanted to see if she actually lived there? Were they obsessed when they were hounding her about Ray’s tax debt and even had a shirt made about it? Is Robyn obsessed with Karen now since she and Gizelle planned to bring Charrisse back with the sole purpose of harassing Karen and bringing up an old rumor from 5 years ago? And was Robyn obsessed with Monique when she participated in that dinner Gizelle threw to talk about how to bring those cheating rumors on RHOP? I really don’t like Robyn anymore. She can’t take it when the others return the energy her and Gizelle give them.

    1. I totally agree. Who, in their right mind would be jealous of Robin’s relationship with Juan Dixon? He had an affair, they tried to keep up with the Jones and lost their home, he is now living off of Robin’s income being on the show and the few caps she sells. He even got mad at Robin for sleeping late and not up making money. Girl bye! He smells like p-ss; he’s all urine!🤣

    2. Karen said, SHHH cuz sis you spilled an entire urn of tea…ain’t enough mops, buckets nor paper towels to clean none of it up.
      Poor Robyn…I never gave her any props because she’s a seat filler…a minion of Gizelle’s.
      She & Juan…WHY DID THEY GET MARRIED…AGAIN? A new Tyler Perry title with them being the main characters .

  2. Robin is delusional…..she knows alot that’s going on and pretends that everything is good ..yet she needed him to sign a prenup….she should worry about that lawsuit…. Juan knew that man was harassing that young man and did nothing… something isn’t right with him. I believe that woman who says she dated Juan recently and was at that hotel ..she showed the receipt literally with Juan’s name on it…. Robin is just using Karen as a storyline to keep her job …

    1. Juan is buddies with Michael Darby. He’s the only husband who befriended Michael. That told me all I needed to know about his character.

  3. Karen is overdoing it with her obsession with Robyn and Juan. The best anyone can come up with is Robyn and the pizza prank? Seriously? Robyn has never come for Karens dead boring marriage. lets be honest for once..

    1. I noticed the passive aggressive shot you took at Queen. Real cute but you sound ridiculous too. Nobody came for Robyn and Juan’s dusty a-s marriage. H-ll, they’ve only been married for 2 months. And he’s already been outed for cheating again. Robyn needs to shut the f-ck up. If we’re talking about being obsessed, Robyn definitely is obsessed with Karen since she and Gizelle’s boring a-ses brought Charrisse to the show just to push Karen off. Let’s also talk about the role Robyn had in spreading those bogus rumors about Monique’s marriage. Or how she sat back and gossiped about Wendy’s marriage with her bestie. Robyn ain’t innocent. Now y’all care about other people’s marriages when you’ve been stanning Gizelle and Robyn’s useless a-ses all these years. If it’s okay for them to gossip and attempt to expose people, they better eat it when they get it back. The fake outrage and hypocrisy is audacious.

    2. Your name is fitting since you’re on here lying and manipulating timelines. Karen didn’t come for Juan and Robyn’s marriage. They were not married when she made her accusations. Why are y’all so haughty now that Robyn and Juan are married again? If you really were honest with your self, you wouldn’t be on here writing comments like this. Remarrying Juan was another L for Robyn. Stop being pretentious about a struggle relationship. Robyn has been coming for Karen and her personal life unwarranted since season one all because Gizelle doesn’t like Karen. Robyn is the most pathetic cast member honestly. All her beefs are with people Gizelle doesn’t like. And they never come for Robyn first. She picks a fight with them because Gizelle told her to.

    3. I don’t understand comments like these. You’re watching RHOP. The premise is shade, reads, gossip, and feuds. If you can’t handle it, you can watch something else. All these women make accusations about each other, their husbands, I mean even the kids aren’t off limits. What show have you been watching this whole time? You think Karen went too far? Now that’s laughable. Especially since Robyn just approved of Wendy being assaulted all simply because she doesn’t like her. There’s no such thing as going too far on this platform. You don’t see Karen or her supporters crying and whining about Karen being called a pr-stitute last night. Toughen up.

  4. Robyn is so unlikable and delusional. Now Karen is “obsessed” with her embarrassing relationship with Juan? She’s so pathetic. Robyn and Gizelle have been antagonizing Karen unwarranted since season one. The fact that it took her this long to return the energy already proves she’s a much better person than those two demons Robyn and Gizelle.

  5. I think I’m more annoyed at how male identified Robyn is. If your husband hugged a woman so hard that her breasts were squeezed and it made her uncomfortable, why is she not allowed to express that? Robyn said Karen could harm Juan’s reputation, but Juan ruined his own reputation with that lawsuit he’s tied up in and how often he dogs out Robyn. The fact that Robyn always has more smoke for women who committed petty offenses but not Juan who cheats and emotionally abuses her is why I don’t feel obligated to like or support her.

  6. I want Robyn to make sure that her storyline next season is about Juan’s lawsuit since she said Karen is fake and thinks she’s off limits. That description fits Robyn better than it does Karen. Robyn won’t even acknowledge the dysfunction happening in her life right now. All she wants to do is discuss Karen because it’s the only way she keeps her business off RHOP. Robyn and Gizelle use the same tactics.

  7. Did this nitwit really say Karen must be too fragile for hugs? Umm maybe tell your trash a-s husband to stop hugging women so aggressively. Robyn shouldn’t be surprised that Juan isn’t all that gentle with other women since he’s definitely not gentle with her. Look at how he talks to Robyn and treats her. She expects everyone to have low standards about how they are treated just because she has zero self esteem.

    1. Robyn is scared of Juan and she expects everyone else to be. I smirked when she told Karen that Juan wants to cuss her out and Karen gave absolutely zero f-cks. Robyn has no clue that she’s the only person who fears Juan. Even his side chicks aren’t scared to expose him.

  8. I liked Robyn until this season. Gizelle too. But I’m done now. They are awful. I can’t ignore their hypocrisy and double standards anymore. Idk if I want to watch this show anymore. Seems like Gizelle and Robyn can do whatever they want to the others, and they are never held accountable. They play victim very well though.

  9. Robyn focuses on Karen to much. Since the beginning Robyn has poking Karen about her back ground, husband, taxes, and living arrangements. During this time she has had tax issues, lost housing, no husband. Yet, she and Giselle have for the second time brought Charisse back to the show to bring out rumors about Karen from 5 years ago. That is sad as h-ll. Who speaks about other people at their bachelor party?

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