Former RHOA Husband Peter Thomas Calls out Phaedra Parks + Spills RHOP Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Peter Thomas had a lot of drama while he appeared on RHOA.

When it comes to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” longtime fans probably won’t ever forget when the husbands used to play a pivotal role on the show. In fact, Peter Thomas used to get caught up in plenty of drama. And at times, cast members would even call him out. NeNe Leakes was irked by his actions. She accused him of getting way too involved in the situations involving the housewives. However, Peter never allowed NeNe or the fans to dictate his decisions. So he continued to speak his mind throughout his time on the show. Of course, he left the show after he and Cynthia Bailey divorced.

Interestingly enough, Peter is a hot topic on social media right now thanks to a recent interview. He appeared on “Reality with The King.” He and Carlos King talked about Peter’s time on RHOA. And he had a lot to say about things that occurred behind the scenes. One of the most interesting revelations made was Peter admitting that he never liked Phaedra Parks. Plus, he opened up about Cynthia feeling as if he took too much of her spotlight. Tea on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” was also spilled.

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  1. Peter being messy as usual. It’s funny though, many people were clowning Kandi for being with todd and saying todd was kept. When it was not todd but Peter getting paid from Cynthia. Maybe that’s why Kenya didn’t have a real relationship with Cynthia but she saw allot of fake. Well i hope people stop labeling todd like he is a bum. Peter fit the role and clearly looking for clout. People need to move past their dislike for these characters, yes even phaedra. It’s a job , Kenya knows the assignment too. Miss me on “well we should not have those type of people the show.” Goodbye, have you met Kyle, Romona,Brandi, Erica , Theresa, and others? Bravo likes the intense drama because people want to see it, even if they are problems/rascist.

  2. He’s got a lot to say for someone who lived off his wife the entire time they were married..even losing her money in his business ventures..

  3. You can always count on Peter to dish the mess. He told everyone’s business but Kandi’s. He the entire cast out there with behind the scenes information.
    It was hard to see Phadrea as rock thrower who hides. She would be soo tickled about the others reactions, Kenya as doing whatever to make them react. Cynthia being behind the scenes rager. Nene being who she is bossy.

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