Dr. Simone Whitmore Called Messy + Dr. Greg Lunceford Returning to ‘Married to Medicine’?

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Quad Webb and Toya Bush-Harris have been clapping back at rumors.

Married to Medicine” stars Quad Webb and Dr. Simone Whitmore had tension during the latest season. Quad didn’t like that Simone was one of the sources of a rumor that alleged she slept with a married contractor. And this was supposedly how she was able to afford her house as a single woman. Quad denied all of this. She also pointed out how offensive it is to insinuate that a single woman can’t afford her own house and needs to sleep with a man to be able to accomplish the milestone. So Quad came to the conclusion that Simone’s actions were all about her loyalty to Toya Bush-Harris.

Simone didn’t see things that way. She said she wasn’t okay with Quad questioning if Toya had something to do with Anila’s house being broken into.

Toya and Quad clashed during the recent season as well. As we reported, Toya didn’t like that Quad and Anila Sajja were spreading rumors of her having an affair. It was alleged that Toya slept with one of her neighbors. Toya denied this. Plus, Dr. Eugene Harris said he didn’t believe there was any truth to the accusations made about his wife. Interestingly enough, one of Anila and Toya’s neighbors accused Anila of making up the accusations completely to spite Toya.

Dr. Simone Whitmore maintained her friendship with Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

Quad shared some interesting thoughts regarding her issues with Toya and Simone. In fact, Quad said that she’s not cool with Toya because she allegedly tried to get Quad fired from the show. And when it comes to Simone, Quad thinks Simone is jealous of the support she receives from fans.

Well, knowing where things stand between Simone and Quad, fans had some interesting reactions to one of Simone’s recent Instagram posts. She posted a photo of her and Cecil Whitmore spending time with Dr. Gregory Lunceford, his boo, and another couple.

Simone’s caption made some “Married to Medicine” fans accuse her of being messy in the comment section.

The caption reads, “A night of fun & 💩 talking! #married2med #getready #TF #justwhenyouthought.”

Some fans took the caption to mean that Simone may be hinting at Greg and his lady filming for the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.” Not too long after it was rumored Phaedra Parks was joining the cast, another report said a “big cast shakeup” was happening.

Check out the post here.


  1. Soo pretty much Simone has no storyline AGAIN……what happened to the cast shake up? Anila and Concession ain’t enough. There’s still more dead weight…

      1. I agree ,Quad should not be on there. Who is she married to? It was shameful what she did to her husband, just to elevate herself. Messy !!!

  2. This show has become dry and obnoxious ever since the onset of Dr. Heavenly. Shaking
    up the cast for the betterment of the show, would have to include the removal of her and Quad. They bring nothing to the show but drama and hatred to the other women, deflecting from their own openess. It would be wise, as well as appealing to the fans to bring Dr. Gregory and his life back into the show. If they were going to keep an original, it should have been him instead of Quad. At least he is a Dr. which is synonymous to the title of the show.

    1. I agree with 100%. But let’s be honest the PTB want drama and ugliness. It’s what sells. Heavenly and Quad are obnoxious, devious and cunning.

  3. I’m not sure why y’all are on here mad. Greg and his wife are actually married to medicine and have authentic friendships with the cast. Quad isn’t married to medicine and she doesn’t have authentic friendships with any of these people anymore. Quad had outgrown this platform and this group. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  4. Simone is messy because she and Cecil are still friends with Greg? So are half have the other couples. Quad’s the one without friends on the cast.

  5. Quad ain’t even married to medicine so I don’t know why she still there and I would like to see Dr G on the show to see what he have to bring to the table because all the guys are still friends with him

  6. So why is Phaedra joining the cast she isn’t married to medicine. Never have been. I love Dr Simone!! I don’t think ANYONE is jealous not Quad the Fraud

  7. Quad needs to go! She ain’t no doctor, she ain’t married to one, she’s single not married. Plus she looks like a man! Heavenly needs to tres lightly cuz she thinks she has the perfect marriage … gurl you’re in for a rude awakening! She’s so messy she’s sickening

    1. Dr Gregory was never in many scenes that I can recall. So him being on will not make it any better. All housewives are not married so it’s a moot point that someone is not married to Medicine. The show needs a definite shakeup. I’m tired of symone and Cecil’s dinner parties at their home. Crazy Contessa ect.

      1. Again, Married to Medicine is not a part of the Real Housewives franchise. Married 2 Med is its own franchise. If you have to lie to validate Quad’s place on the show, she shouldn’t be on there.

  8. I love them all . I always wanted Quad and Dr Gregg to get back together and have a family. Yes Quad wanted a career at that time. Doc was cheating and act like he was innocent one. Well when it hit the fan he was gone. Really!!! Let all stay because I for one love to see them get along. I miss the true friend ship we witnessed two lady Doctors taking time out for one another . Buying lunch or just calling to see what each one was up to. Toya and her husband loving one another. Toya talking about problems that was personal to a friend . Wanting her and Dr Heavenly to find their friendship back. Just Toya & husband enjoying life with their family. Love seeing everyone seeing everyone Happy. I know at times there will be drama. Not cheating please ! They all have faithful wives. Keep them all

  9. If anyone needs to go it should be Dr Jackie. She is “slumming” and has too many other productive platforms to work on

  10. So what if it’s called Married To Medicine, The Real House Wife is called that and ppl on their is not housewives. Stop trying to make a point just because yall don’t like someone.

    1. Umm, no. Married to Medicine is not a part of the Real Housewives franchise. Married 2 Med is its own separate show. Comparing it to Real Housewives makes no sense. Stop trying to downplay a point because you like someone. Quad doesn’t fit. End of.

  11. WHY IS QUAD ON THE SHOW? WHY IS QUAD ON THE SHOW? Its funny that I stopped watching this show because Quad never planned to have a child with her Ex. I told a friend that shes just using the platform until she can figure out what she wants to sell, lol. Then she did some puppy bullsh^t and I was out. lol. Fast forward shes still there. She did the victim, he tried to kill me bullsh*t. I feel for the guy. Why is she there? Ok i get that she almost died by the hands of her Ex, supposedly. I understand the shows are scripted but what is her story. Ex-married to Medicine. Please put her on a new less ignorant show.

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