Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Fiancée Responds to Criticism from ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans?

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The drama on “Married to Medicine” hasn’t slowed down any.

Married to Medicine” fans have heard a lot of rumors already about the upcoming season. To no surprise, a good bit of the gossip is centered around casting. During the previous season, it was hard to ignore the tension between certain cast members. Quad Webb clashed something serious with Toya Bush-Harris. In fact, Quad took issue with Toya repeating a rumor that alleged that Quad slept with her married contractor. As for Toya, she didn’t appreciate Quad accusing her of sleeping with a man who lives in her neighborhood. Quad also later questioned if Toya had something to do with Anila Sajja’s house being broken into.

Dr. Simone Whitmore expressed that she thought Quad went too far with the robbery comments. In fact, Simone and Dr. Heavenly Kimes both said it wasn’t a good look to try to link a black wife and her doctor husband to a serious crime. Regardless, Quad said she was only going off of the things Anila told her. It was also alleged that Anila was the original source behind the cheating accusations involving Toya. In fact, Anila’s former friend accused her of making it all up just to spite Toya.

Simone was pretty vocal about all of the drama on her social media accounts. She labeled Quad as a fraud. And she made it clear that she is going to support Toya amid all the rumors and hearsay. In return, Quad has called out Simone. And she accused Simone of throwing their friendship away because she values loyalty to Toya much more. Plus, Quad also thinks Simone and other cast members are jealous of her fan base.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s boo received criticism.

Due to Simone’s current standing with Quad, she was accused of being messy on Instagram recently. Simone posted a few photos of her and Cecil Whitmore spending time with Dr. Gregory Lunceford and his boo. Her caption also made some fans ask if Greg and his fiancée filmed scenes for the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, other fans decided to be messy in the comment section. And they were critical of the looks of Greg’s boo. She may have noticed because she seemingly clapped back in response.

She wrote, “Chilling and Cooking in My Own **** house on a Sunday! Nothing like having friends over to make them a low vibrational plate. #NoMakeupChallenge #InYourOwnHouse #Reality #UnFiltered #RealLife #TrueLife #TrueWife #GotThingsToDo #TFoutofhere @drsswhit ❤️”


  1. Quad should’ve never been able to come back to the show she left to do a talk show and had an attitude that she was better than the rest of her cast members from married to medicine

  2. Nobody has to turn the channel because they wish some cast members would realize their time is up. Give her the big boot!

  3. Quad got with Dr. Greg for money and status. All Dr. Greg ask if her was to give him a Family. She so caught up on her shape and looks she couldn’t even do that. I really don’t think she really wanted Dr. Greg. I’m happy for Dr. Greg and his new Wife.

    1. Now Mam! That is that Woman’s Body if she chose not to give Dr. Lunceford a baby maybe she had a Past Trauma or a health issue that could put her at Risk. STOP making assumptions. Sometimes the Life you save may be your own. This is not the 70’s where women are not given options, you are probably the same type of closed minded woman that think having a baby will save a Marriage, I admire Quad for being able to walk Away in her Peace and to still have a body, THINK Sweetheart Dr GREG was going to have Issues in any Relationship because he is hard on the eyes and he has to feed his insecurities because that’s what men with money ONLY and no personality , no body no dashing looks do

  4. Go DR G I always disliked the way gator mouth treated him and Mariah. Good for him moving on and getting married and the child he desperately wanted. Quad need some counseling

  5. What’s the difference, toya and Simone started the beef first, when they said Quad slept with the contractor who worked on her house and isn’t he married? Toya has always started stuff and when the heat come, she’s the victim!!

    1. False. Quad came for Toya first with the cheating rumor. Toya was confused and asked Quad why she was telling the rumor because she thought they were cool. Quad told Toya it’s because of the contractor rumor. Toya told Quad that Simone was the source of the contractor rumor. Simone confirmed to Quad she’s the source. And Quad still chose to pin it on Toya like you’re doing now. Why are y’all so afraid of holding Simone accountable? I noticed Quad avoids going at Simone as well. Why?

  6. I’m team Dr.G and his new lady,so glad he got over stuck up a-s Quad,Why is she even still on the show.Sure don’t have a Husband or a 👨 man..let her go PLEASE…Bring back Mariah..Team Mariah..

  7. I love to see all the ladies but Quad needs to go she brings nothing to the show, it about Doctor and there spouse, Quad is there to be the bad guy if I was her I would not make a name for myself by being that bitch/gold digger, making it hard for anyone to love her/a real man.Quad get you someone who can really show you happiness, than you would not be so quick to ruin someone else’s relationship, stop spreading lies to be relevant on the show, marry another Dr you want to be on the show soo bad I love watching all the Ladies even Quad, but Quad is no longer relevant to the show, don’t just say sh-t out your mouth without receipts or a fact checklist

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