Dr. Heavenly Kimes Fuels Speculation of Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Return to ‘Married to Medicine’

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The drama from last season resulted in a cast shakeup for “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” fans had plenty to say about the recent season on social media. There were rumors at the center of the drama. As we reported, Toya Bush-Harris was accused of sleeping with one of her neighbors. Although Dr. Eugene Harris said he didn’t believe there was any truth to what was alleged, Toya was still upset about it. However, she was more outraged about Quad Webb and Anila Sajja questioning if she had anything to do with Anila’s house being broken into.

Interestingly enough, Toya wasn’t the only one who wasn’t feeling the speculation. Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe all thought this was taking things too far. In fact, Simone called Quad out for this multiple times.

Quad had to deal with a rumor of her own as well. She was accused of sleeping with her married contractor. In fact, Simone felt like the gossip made sense. Simone didn’t think it was any other way to explain how she could afford her lavish home as a single woman.

As for Quad, she said the gossip is nonsense. She denied sleeping with her contractor. And she showed up at the reunion with lie-detector test results she figured would prove her innocence. However, Simone said she was unmoved by the negative test results. She went on to label Quad as a fraud. Toya and Andy Cohen said that lie detector tests aren’t admissible in a court of law.

Quad Webb’s ex-husband may return to “Married to Medicine.”

One thing Toya and Quad could both agree on is the severity of the accusations they were targeted by. And many fans agreed that cast members may have bit off more than they can chew with the accusations they made about each other during the latest season. So rumors of a major cast shakeup for the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine” went viral.

Carlos King said Phaedra Parks was approached to be a cast member on the next season. But it’s another possibility that has caused a bigger stir on social media.

Days ago, Simone made some think that Dr. Gregory Lunceford and his fiancée could be making appearances on the new episodes. She posted photos of her and Cecil Whitmore hanging out with them recently.

Now Heavenly is doing the same. She recently went out to lunch with Greg’s boo LaTeasha and posted about it on Instagram. In the caption, Heavenly wrote, “Having brunch with a new friend @sweet tea shhha (LaTeasha Dr.G’s fiancée) #DrHeavenly #Married2med DrHeavenlyUniversity.com.”

You can check out the photo here.


  1. You know Heavenly could not let Simone be the only one getting press for hanging out with Gregory and his lady.
    What is her bestie Quad thinking about this 🤔?

    1. She really is. I’m in the middle of binge watching the show because when I first seen it, I came in the middle of the seasons… I seen how mean she was, so I told myself I’d go back and see if she had a reason to be that way. I promise it taking me so much time to get past season 5 because she is just ridiculous. I’ve fallen out of like for Simone too Cuz it don’t seem like she has a mind of her own….EVER

  2. The whole cast is just messy for grown black educate women down grade themself for a dollar. So where did they get there costly education from.

  3. Why would you want to bring Gregory and his new Woman on the show? Like what would you benefit from letting him do this? I would think that it would forsurly stir the teapot, to an uncomfortable boil…. And where would that put Quad? Y’all be doing to much, plotting, and scheming. H-ll you got to many on there already.

  4. I’m with #TeamContessa …. BTW.. Dr. Hellvenly favors a helium balloon with make-up. I’mma head out… The show is now way too toxic without Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott. It was good to see folks “fighting for love”. Now, the show is gonna just be about fighting. Chile, I just cannot…

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