Quad Webb Remains Unbothered Amid Rumors of Ex-husband Rejoining ‘Married to Medicine’

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There is tension between Quad Webb and Dr. Simone Whitmore.

Married to Medicine” fans have been hearing a lot of rumors already about the upcoming season. As we reported, the rumor mill kicked off with a report about Phaedra Parks. Carlos King said that Phaedra was approached to be on the new season. However, she had not signed the contract yet. Regardless, a lot of people suspect that Phaedra will be on the show. And as it stands, one person whom she is really cool with is Quad Webb.

Interestingly enough, Quad had to deal with a lot of drama during the recent season. She was furious about being accused of sleeping with her married contractor. Dr. Simone Whitmore revealed that she was the source of the said rumor. She also said that she knows the contractor personally. So she believes what was alleged. According to Simone, it is the only way to make sense of Quad being able to purchase her lavish home.

Quad responded to Simone’s actions. In fact, she addressed Simone on social media. She told her fans that she believes Simone is jealous of her fan base. So she is making up lies to turn Quad’s fans against her. In response, Simone has labeled Quad as a fraud. And she said that the lie detector test results Quad showed off at the reunion didn’t do much to change Simone’s mind about the contractor allegations. Regardless, Quad stands behind the test. She has denied that she slept with her contractor.

Another juicy rumor that has “Married to Medicine” fans talking about the next season a lot is one that involves Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Simone caused a stir on Instagram after she posted pictures of her and Cecil Whitmore hanging out with Greg and his fiancée. Her caption led to speculation that Greg and his boo could be filming.

Quad Webb responded to support from fans amid rumors of her ex returning to “Married to Medicine.”

Fans took to the comment section to either support or call out Simone’s actions. Some even accused her of being messy and just wanting to get under Quad’s skin. Others argued that Dr. G has a right to be on the show more so than Quad. As for Quad, she doesn’t think it’s fair to want her out because she’s no longer married.

And not too long after Simone’s post, Dr. Heavenly Kimes also posted a picture from her brunch date with Gregory’s fiancée.

Well, Quad doesn’t appear to be too concerned about her cast members spending so much time with her ex and his lady. She’s been posting about her latest vacation in South Africa. And in one post, Quad said that she is staying focused and ignoring the noise, “Keeping my eyes on the prize; everything else is noise 😘.”

One of Quad’s supporters offered kind words of encouragement by writing, “Again I’m happy that you are enjoying life and remember to always stay kind even when put in situations that are not kind. Kill them with a smile and kindness and know that God is always watching and he knows your heart ❤️.”

In response, Quad wrote, “You’re so right and the time is drawing near where I will be tested in every way. Trust me, there will be people moving with purpose, and intent to bring me out a character.”

You can check out Quad’s vacation posts here.


  1. Here’s the thing, I always said Greg should have never been fired. Think of how great the show would have been if they showed Quad and Greg both moving on after their divorce. We could have seen the dates that led up to Greg meeting his fiancee. And we could have seen Quad being fabulous and single and traveling the world. Mariah shouldn’t have been fired either. Man, they really killed this show with stupid casting decisions.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. I can hardly stand to watch the show for the past few seasons. Quad is doing well and totally unbothered by the “witches’ brew ladies.”. Toya is so nasty and jealous until it’s getting hard to be so bothered. Her life is trash and she can’t figure out how to get to a happy point in her life. She’s sinking further down each season. I can’t believe Dr. Simone spewing rumors as she is. If it wasn’t for Drs. Heavenly, Contessa and Jackie………………………….

      1. Toya isn’t jealous of Quad. Quad isn’t jealous of Toya. If you pay close attention, you’ll see there’s love there between them. I think Simone just pits them against each other all the time and they are too stubborn to admit it.

      2. I have a different take. Quad is very bothered and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have made this IG post and comments. She’s the nasty, bitter, and jealous one. I don’t think any of the women envy Quad at all honestly. Talk show canceled, marriage over, demoted, and now she’ll have to share “her show” with her ex and his younger wife. L’s all around.

  2. I don’t think it’s wrong to bring Greg back if he does have genuine friendships with the other couples and it does appear that he does. But this will turn messy because Quad has done her dirt and she can’t dictate how the other women choose to hit back at this point. She told some horrible lies.

  3. I say to you quad stay focus on the journey that GOD has you on and let the negative people and them so called friend’s stay away from you. I am so very proud of the thing you have done as a single black queen, you let it be known that we all can do this married or single.GOD BLESS YOU QUAD.

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