Stormi Steele’s Mother Doesn’t Regret Coming for Melody Shari + Says LAMH Boycott Failed

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Melody Shari isn’t on the best terms with some of her LAMH coworkers.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari is no stranger to taking to Twitter to vent her thoughts about what has unfolded on recent episodes. In fact, she had some things to get off her chest after Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott addressed Martell Holt‘s romance with Sheree Whitfield. Marsau said that Martell dating the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” OG is “leveling up.” And he truly suspected that the relationship bothered Melody. LaTisha agreed. She also said that Melody is the type of person to not show her real feelings. So she didn’t think Melody would actually admit to the romance getting under her skin.

Well, Melody clapped back at Marsau and LaTisha. She thinks both like to discuss her too much on the show and they are lacking actual storylines. Melody also said that she has no issue with Sheree or her romance with Martell. In fact, she thought it would be clear to people that she doesn’t want Martell since she’s the one who filed for divorce. So in her opinion, certain people are just being messy and trying to pit her and Sheree against each other.

Melody also had something to say in response to the scene of Destiny Payton replaying Melody’s interview for Martell. The whole scene was shady in Melody’s opinion. And she tweeted about not being able to trust someone who would record her conversations.

Stormi Steele’s mother had some strong words for Melody Shari.

Interestingly enough, the tweet about the conversation being recorded triggered Stormi Steele and her mother. In fact, they thought the tweet was in reference to Stormi. In response to this, Stormi’s mother Bettie slammed Melody on social media. And she told LAMH fans that Melody is a snake who can’t be trusted.

These comments may have been brought to Melody’s attention at some point because she later clarified that she wasn’t referring to Stormi. And she and Stormi were able to hash things out via a phone call.

Well, it seems as if Stormi’s mother still isn’t over the misunderstanding. During an interview with Miss Wanda, Bettie said that she has no regrets about coming for Melody. She made this clear after Wanda asked her if there was any truth to the rumor that Bettie was replacing her on LAMH.

Bettie answered, “Wanda, nobody on this planet can take your place. There’s only one Miss Wanda. Okay?” She added, “And no, I don’t operate like that. You know? And I’m one of the ones like, why get rid of her? What has she done? But they’ll see. Nobody can take your place.”

Bettie continued, “You solid. But do I regret what I said? No.”

She also clapped back at the people who vowed to no longer support Stormi’s haircare line.

“You know, they can target it all they want. But as long as the consumers are happy with what they’re getting, as long as all these retailers for her…long as all these retailers are happy with her products, and she’s affecting their bottom line, and it’s doing what they want it to do, there’s no problem.”

The Blackout was a failure according to Stormi Steele’s mother.

Bettie also said she doesn’t think the Blackout hurt the show at all, “Me personally, I don’t think the whole Blackout plan has affected anything. It’s just whatever’s going to be on that show that night, people go, ‘Oh well I don’t want to watch this. This boring. It’s not about us, it’s about who’s appearing on that show that particular night, what the subject matter is about.”

Wanda agreed, “And I feel exactly the same way.”

She continued, “When I’m on the show, it blows up. It gets more views when I’m on the show. Blacking out or not blacking out. And I feel like whatever they see coming up, if they wanna see it, they gon look at it regardless. Even the people that’s blacking out gonna still look at it. And they want other people to not look at it. I don’t think it’s fair for the other people not to look. But they can see.”

For what it’s worth, it’s probably not accurate to label the boycott a failure since LAMH did drop to its lowest ratings ever during the current season.


  1. So now Stormi went from shading Wanda to her and her mother kissing Wanda’s a-s. Throw the whole show away. I’d watch Melody on her own show honestly at this point. I’m over it.

    1. Exactly ladies! They come across as self- righteous. Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine (in my Williams Brothers voice).

    2. I hope melody gets her own show too The Scotts are cut throat the only one I like is Kimmy the rest of them need to be replaced

    3. Agree. Who needs high-maintenance friends? When Ms. Betty went off on Melody, I was done. Did she call Melody out of her name? I’m not sure b/c it just seemed like she was just waiting to go off on Melody. Storms just sat there. Why are they always coming for Mel? Their vocabulary is very limited because Ms. Betty did not have to call Mel out of her name to get a point across.

      LaTisha told Melody that she has a cold heart or cold soul. She said something of that nature. Melody doesn’t allow them to rattle her cage and that’s what bothers them the most. She’s a classy lady. I hear her talk about her kids and she definitely seems to care about protecting them from the madness.

  2. I actually did buy Stormi’s products because I liked her and wanted to support. I won’t be repurchasing because of her mother’s comments. She doesn’t seem very nice and this is not how you should talk when you actually want consumers to keep you and your daughter rich. Oh well! I’ll find another brand to support.

    1. I’ve brought her products and will continue to buy them. I do what’s best for me and mines irregardless of people from reality shows personal disagreements which is a nonfactor in my life….. however, I must say there’s a common denominator in ALL these disagreements…. Melody Holt and that in and of itself says who the problem truly is

      1. I don’t think I asked you what you chose to do with your money. I actually don’t give a d-mn. I only purchased the products because Stormi was Melody’s friend. Now I won’t. The common denominator here is jealousy and the fact that none of these people were actually Melody’s real friends in the first place. They all met her through Martell. These are Martell’s friends. Since you said Melody is the common denominator, go ahead and type up what Melody actually did to Stormi and her mother to warrant this reaction. And I’ll wait on your reply since you think you have some wisdom the rest of us ain’t privy to.

        1. That’s probably Stormi or her mother 🙃. The “Melody is the common denominator” narrative is their new talking point this week. Meanwhile they’re hush about customers not getting their products even though they ordered them months ago.

          1. EXACTLY…It took well over a month to get the products that I ordered. I had to email every time that I inquired about it because there was no customer service number. I even asked for my money back only to be told that it was in the processing status. Now, I will say that I was pleased with the products once I finally got it.

        2. I want them to tell me what Mel did to Stormi too because Mel really just minds her business and has people pressed by her existence. The only person who has a valid reason to be mad at Melody is LaTisha. Everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon because they think it will lead to more camera time on the show. Did y’all not hear Maurice jokingly tell Stormi to pick a fight with Destiny next season so she can have a juicy storyline? He said it in that post Kimmi posted to IG. These people don’t really hate Melody, they just want a storyline. Marsau’s fake a-s even begged Mel to take a pic with him after they filmed this reunion. Mel’s haters are so annoying. They think they are smarter than everyone else because they hate Mel. No, you’re just a hater boo. And haters are a dime a dozen.

        3. Overall, Melody IS the common denominator in the mess! Anyone has a right to voice/type their opinion. Hating on it shows what type of person YOU are.

          1. The funny thing is the group of Melody haters on the show have mugshots, criminal records, convictions, violent offenses, pasts which include harassment and threats. And those are the people YOU are siding with and the judgment you trust to make your opinions. That shows what type of person YOU are. As for me, I’ll continue to stan God’s favorite, Melody Shari. I don’t stan criminals like a lot of you do in the black community. 😍

          2. Question, Why did Storming and her mom think Mels’ comments were about Storming? Does she go around recording people conversations? IDK, why when someone get on the show, they want to turn on the person that got them on the show? Why is Destiny messy *** still on the show ? She is not married, and has no relevance to the show other than starting drama. The show definitely needs to go back to its original purpose, without Wanda or Destiny would be a wonderful start

        4. I agree 💯 Mel don’t care about them people Stormi fake she boring and ghetto now I see where she gets it from her ignorant dumb wanna be known Mama!!!

      2. Since you bought Stormi’s products, can you explain to me why some have been waiting for months to receive them? Maybe Stormi, you, and her mother should worry less about Mel, and more about the products y’all claim are such a massive success? I mean people are still waiting for products they bought in November. 🙃 Melody isn’t the common denominator. She’s just deflection for these raggedy people.

        1. Thank you. They got so much to say about Melody but if we all got on here and brought up the real tea, then it would be obvious as to why all these people make Melody their storyline. Hating Melody gives them all a way to not discuss their real business on this show. Common denominator my a-s. Sit down girl.

      3. No, unfortunately some black people are very low vibrational and envious. Melody hasn’t really done anything to most of the people who are mad. The most she did was take some time to herself. Destiny and Stormi took offense to that and created beefs out of envy. The only legit beef Mel has is with Latisha. And honestly Marsau and Martell instigated that.

        1. I agree with you. They’re mad b/c she actually does her best to stay above their childish antics and she dances to her own tune. LaTisha is controlled by Marsau. She knows it and she hates it. Now, she has a baby. Marsau cheated with Kyra Coffey; didn’t he? He’s a snake.

      4. I’m still waiting on you to tell me what Melody did to Stormi and her mother. And have receipts too. Thank you!

      5. This is why I never take the Melody haters seriously. Y’all are totally fine with the most gutter, ghetto, and low vibrational people (Wanda, Martell, Destiny, Stormi’s momma), but y’all scream that Melody is the entire problem on this show. You think you got some insight because a group of adults are being followers while chasing fame. Keep hating though because Melody will just be more successful this year.

      6. Y’all said the same thing about Megan and how did that turn out? A group of people coming for one black woman doesn’t mean she’s the problem. Ganging up on a black woman is par the course because we’re the most hated and unprotected, especially if there’s no black man to “validate” us. The crazy thing is y’all wouldn’t be doing this if she stayed with Martell. A lot of y’all are mad she left that man. Black women are instantly hated whenever we hold a toxic black man accountable.

      7. So you’re okay with bullying…10 people vs 1 isn’t a bad look for the one person who’s being jumped on. But it’s definitely a bad look for those doing the jumping. Melody doesn’t even discuss Stormi or her mother.

      8. I truly am starting to see that a good bit of you still have that childish, follower mindset from middle school. It should not be this easy to sway and confuse black people but here we are. Y’all are just as easy to manipulate as Trump supporters. What part of these are all Martell’s friends is not clicking? Every single one of them met Melody THROUGH Martell or his side chick. Who do you think Stormi was just hanging out with? Martell and Sheree! For crying out loud the Scott brothers actually helped Martell cheat on Melody while they were smiling in her face and giving her advice about saving her marriage. Girl your discernment is in the trash can. These people helped Martell hurt this woman. And you really think that her choosing to not be around them is some kind of strong proof she’s a problem. The post even told you that Melody didn’t do anything to Stormi and you’re on here spouting bs. No, it’s called confirmation bias. Work on your discernment. It’s trash.

    1. Melody has been fake and I saw right through her. She is so jealous of everything I have done. I have been telling people how much of a snake she is for a long time.

      1. I see it in a different way actually. I think Melody is the most authentic person on this show. LAMH wouldn’t even had made it to a 2nd season if it wasn’t for Melody’s decision to be completely transparent. And since she’s decided to not fake friendships with these people like they constantly do with each other, some of you think that means she is the issue. No baby, some of us just don’t care to fake things to make everyone else feel comfortable. But be grateful for Melody AND Martell, you’d have no show without them because the Scotts and everyone else including Stormi aren’t real enough to show you what their real lives actually look like. It’s super easy to hate the two most authentic people on LAMH. The others hide their truths and play it too safe because they care about people like you liking them a bit too much.

  3. Tuh. Look at all these mad and pressed black women. Reminds me of another show. They hate to see Quad doing good on her own after divorcing Greg. And this group of women hate seeing Melody doing better after divorcing Martell. Certain black women can’t stand to see a woman winning without a man’s help and cosign. That’s why I’ll forever root for Melody. She’s showing all these bitter people that she didn’t have to stay in a toxic marriage or friendship to succeed. Stormi is a millionaire but begging for acceptance and fake friendships because TV time is what she wanted the most apparently. It’s all so embarrassing.

    1. Say it again. They thought Melody would struggle on her own but God had a different plan for her and they can’t take it. Stormi’s mom been hating on Mel before Stormi was even on the show. Her past comments about Melody were dug up by fans. She’s another male identified Martell defender. They’re all the same.

  4. Stormi’s mom thinks she’s too successful to fail now. That’s a dangerous mindset to have. Humility will get you much further along in life. I have to say, I’m officially off of the Stormi train now. Her and her mother are just Wanda and LaTisha 2.0. No thanks.

  5. It’s always going to come down to the cast members real problem with Melody is they are jealous of the fan base she has. This is why you’ll constantly see them saying they want the same support and how imperfect Melody is…um her fans don’t care that she’s flawed. They like her in spite of said flaws. If Stormi would have been patient and not switched up, she could have adopted the same fan base. I’ve seen a number of Melody’s fans supporting her business because they liked the friendship so much. So this is just dumb business sense. Stormi really did let Bettie, LaTisha, Wanda, and Destiny get in her head because she was jealous of Melody the entire time.

  6. One of the quickest ways to turn off fans and kill a reality show is to gang up on one person for content. Wanda and Betty have no clue. But once the success is gone, it’s hard to build a show back to its peak. Ask RHOA because they thought they show could survive without NeNe too. They think they can run Mel off LAMH and Wanda is the true star. Okay. Test out that theory then Wanda. Remove Mel and see how the ratings look then.

  7. It’s just so jarring to see mothers act like this. Your mother is supposed to keep you out of mess, not constantly put you in it.

  8. It’s unfortunate that black mothers like these are completely fine and even content with being caricatures and stereotypes. And to think, Stormi originally acted like her mother was above Wanda. Now the truth is on display.

  9. It just so sad how our black people let money control their lives. The devil knows how to fine weak mind people that will do and say anything for a dollar. Because they want it all. When these people children get grown, I pray they will never see any part of this show at all. If was me, I would be shame to even admit that i had parents that would lie and try to play people for a dollar. I know this have affect her business some way. I know they wouldn’t tell it any way. Because they the type of people that like to hide, they dirt and talk about the other person. Carlos and his 6 rachet family member

    1. They are just mad mad at Mel Because she bounced back strong and hard, after her nasty divorce. She did call and cry on any of the two-faced woman’s shoulders. That’s Tisha, Wanda, and Destiny they hate the fact, Mel is the star of the show.

  10. Let them and their low vibrational mommas ruin this show.I don’t care. I’m only here as long as Melody is. She leaves and I’m done watching because she’s the only one I like now.

  11. They have way too much time on their hands. I don’t care who on this show doesn’t like Melody. I don’t care whose momma doesn’t like Melody. I love her! And she’s the only person I can relate to on this show! The rest of the women are too male identified and follower like for me. No thanks. Melody reminds me of me and my friends. We’re very ambitious and driven. She spends more time making moves than the others. I can see now why Stormi has been rolling so hard with Destiny and Martell now. Let them all be haters together.

  12. Dianna and others like her are speaking on things they don’t understand or have enough info about. Do your research Dianna. Stormi was friends with Martell’s side chick. She used to bash Melody to the side chick. Melody never did nothing to Stormi or her messy mama. They just feel bold enough to be open with their hate now. Stormi faked a friendship with Melody just to get on the show.

    1. Girl stop! Really? I did not know that… literally clutching my imaginary pearls. I wonder why Mel brought her to the show. She seemed over all of them in the first part of the reunion, I wonder if she’ll continue filming with them. She is the only one that seems to be capitalizing on the Show’s exposure – she is making boss moves left, right and center and I respect that.

  13. These comments are on point. Yes, the cast is mad at Melody because she divorced Martell. Melody and Martell’s marriage was the focus of the show and them divorcing has hurt it. Now Marsau and Latisha don’t have the Holts to hide their dirt behind, now people want Destiny to share more, now Maurice’s lack of contribution is more noticeable, now Stormi needs to hate Mel because getting along with her wasn’t an interesting enough storyline. This is a cut throat business. None of these cast members are real friends. Everyone is just using each other. They’re mad Melody has cut them all off.

  14. Both of these women are probably well into their 50s talking cash money sh-t about a woman young enough to be their daughter. If Stormi had any sense, she’d be embarrassed by her mother’s actions. But like LaTisha, she’s using her mother as a mouth mouthpiece. It’s pathetic as f-ck. Definitely not something I’d expect a successful millionaire to do. But hey, I appreciate when people show their true selves so I can make the appropriate moves with my money. I want Melody to leave this dry a-s show so these people can finally contribute something to the show for once. She doesn’t need to keep carrying a show for people who don’t even like her.

    1. Me too, I hope she quits. It must be exhausting to work with people that always have your name in their mouth

  15. So Stormi’s momma was wrong and Melody was actually talking about Destiny but the Mel haters are going to ignore that part and say Melody is the common denominator anyway. I can’t stand this show and the fan base. I really need to stop watching. There’s a certain segment of people who love seeing a group of people jump on one black woman. And they were very loud and wrong last week until that guilty verdict came through. Eff this show, disrespectfully.

    1. Serious question, what did Melody say about Destiny? I am not a fan of either of them but I don’t see how Melody is wrong. Destiny did not like that Mel was not at her beck and call so that went left. Melody did not like that Destiny was talking about her to LaTisha, so that went left. What am I missing?

      1. You aren’t missing anything boo. Melody will be wrong to these people no matter what she does. If she ignores the constant shade and plots from other cast members, then she’s called boring, arrogant and full of herself. If she responds or claps back, she’s the problem. When she stayed with Martell, she was called stupid and weak. When she left, she was called a h-e for dating other men and told she should have made it work with Martell. She can’t win because she’s the type of woman who commands any room she walks into and she didn’t need a man or her momma to be a boss. She’s a boss in her own right so she’s getting jealousy from multiple angles here. But she’ll be fine. God doesn’t play about her. The more they come for her, the more blessings she receives.

  16. It’s sad that to grown older women won’t own their crap. Bettie and Wanda need attention and this is the only way they can get it.Wanda is ignorant so this is why she acts. She doesn’t want people to laugh at her. I like Stormy I like her sprit.We shouldn’t blame her for her ignorant mother. It’s just sad 😢😣😕

  17. I need more mothers to raise their daughters to only compete with themselves so they don’t fall victim to a jealous spirit. Wanda and Bettie are so used to comparing their kids to everyone else’s that they still have that mindset even though they are grandmothers now. I feel sorry for them. Living vicariously through their children’s success because they never had their own. Imagine being this way at their big age. Eww.

  18. It’s laughable seeing the Mel haters say she’s the common denominator. The humor for me is how ridiculous the take is. But it’s always spewed by people who think they are smarter than everyone else. Let’s break down these beefs shall we…

    Melody vs LaTisha: Martell was actually the first person to say Marsau cheated. After Melody even apologized for believing what her ex told her, LaTisha said she’s not going to forgive Melody ever. Meanwhile, LaTisha and Marsau are still friends with Martell. And Martell has since accused Marsau of cheating publicly about 3 more times since the first claim.

    Melody vs Destiny: They were tight to the point that Melody gifted Destiny thousands of dollars to pay off her bills and divorce lawyer fees. Martell then tells Destiny that Melody isn’t her real friend. Destiny gets in her feelings because Melody starts texting more than calling. Destiny flips on Melody at the reunion and Melody catches her talking about her to LaTisha.

    Melody vs Martell: Martell cheated and disrespected her on and off of the show. Martell then files for full custody.

    Melody vs Stormi: Melody speaks highly of Stormi, even gets her a spot on the show. Even encouraged her to make up with Destiny. Fast forward to now, Stormi’s mom mistook a tweet Melody wrote about Destiny as a reference to Stormi. And instead of apologizing and being humble about it, she chooses to be arrogant, rude, and nasty again.

    Melody vs Maurice: Melody doesn’t speak on Maurice, thinks they are good. Maurice gets on the show and says Melody is the common denominator, meanwhile, crickets about Martell, Marsau, and Mark’s actions. Instead, Maurice said Wanda is messy. Not his brothers who caused more trouble on LAMH than Wanda ever has.

    The common denominator isn’t Melody, the common denominator is misogyny. Melody didn’t even start any of the beefs she has. She’s just going to get all the blame because she’s a woman and single woman at that. And we know how much the black community hates single black women, especially the ones who leave cheating black men.

    If you think the women on this show are the problem and haven’t considered the actions of the men, congrats, you’re a misogynist.

  19. This is Married 2 Med all over again. Shout out to Staying Anonymous for highlighting one part of it. Quad and Melody are two black women who had the audacity to divorce their cheating husbands. Both were blamed for their marriages not working. And now both are hated because they are even more successful single. The other side of it is how much this resembles what happened with Mariah. Mariah created the show just for the entire cast to hate and resent her. She had no allies really. So fans ran around saying that was proof that Mariah was the common denominator. Well, Mariah was fired. And what happened next? Well all those people who said Mariah was the problem fell out with each other. Ratings dropped. The show is in trouble. I predict the same will happen with LAMH. Then the Melody haters will cry and complain about how bad ratings are. We’ve seen this before. It happened to NeNe as well. Y’all start hating the people who make these shows relevant. That’s why fans should be ignored when it comes to production decisions. Y’all know nothing.

  20. Melody isn’t nastier, messier, or meaner than any of her costars. I don’t get on the internet and play dumb for argument’s sake, so I’m not going to conveniently forget that the same people Melody aren’t cool with have also fought with each other as well. If Melody wanted to be around these people, she could since they were all giddy the last time they were around her. Y’all don’t dislike Melody because she doesn’t meet your qualifications for good morals – I mean y’all literally defend people who have done worse or equal to her. The problem is y’all know y’all faves will never outshine her. Y’all have been mad at the bad b-tch who walks in the room and holds everyone’s attention for decades now. You’re not about to change now. Bettie is just another hater looking for relevance Melody will never give her.

  21. The fact that it’s always pick me’s, toxic men, and jealous ppl who don’t like Mel lets me know I’m on the right side. Thanks Bettie!

  22. I think Latisha should get her head out of the sand and stop act so gullible.She mad at Mel because she wanted to continue to play dumb to the fact that Marsau has cheated on her.Mel brought it to light and we all know people don’t take bad news well so they will shoot the messenger.Latisha as a married woman of that many years knows in her guts that these are not just rumors.Latisha is really mad at Mel because she doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore like they were.

  23. These two mothers don’t appear to be that smart. Hate Melody all you want but the show won’t survive without her and it wouldn’t have been created without her. Now if they want to be petty and run Melody off the show, they’ll indirectly hurt their daughters because neither Latisha nor Stormi are interesting enough to carry this show. This is why they make Melody their storylines and their mothers spend so much of their free time obsessing over Melody. It’s all just jealousy. They all know who the stars are and it’s always been Melody and Martell.

  24. “Melody is the common denominator!”

    Melody not being liked by envious bottom feeders is not a bad thing at all. That’s actually a blessing. If you know, you know.

  25. God will always support and protect the woman who stands ten toes down by herself. Keep your head up Melody. I and many others love you and will keep praying for you.

  26. I’m glad some of you brought up the Meg and Tory situation because I remember how multiple people came for Meg and said she was lying about everything. It was literally like the entire rap industry against her with the exception of Cardi (a real one). And it was mainly women with simple a-s reasoning writing comments about how Meg had to be the problem and lying because all these people don’t like her. Then the facts came out in court. And Meg was vindicated. So I never jump on a bandwagon of a bunch of black people hating and ganging up on one black woman. It says more about them than the black woman they are jumping on.

  27. Just came back to reread since I think Stormi will make Mel her storyline next season if Destiny is fired and Stormi is made full time.

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