Jennifer Williams Claps Back After ‘Basketball Wives’ Fan Shades Her for Not Being a Fighter

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 Jennifer Williams has been receiving backlash.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is receiving plenty of strong opinions from fans on social media these days. In fact, some are loving this new side of her. Jennifer hasn’t been holding back at all during the current season of the show. Originally, she was having some tension with Malaysia Pargo. As we reported, Jennifer thought it was shady for Malaysia to bring Zell Swag back around considering their history. Jennifer believes Malaysia just uses Zell to do her dirty work. During an attempt to get even, Jennifer alleged Malaysia lost her Atlanta house via foreclosure. While some fans didn’t see an issue with Jennifer’s choice of payback, some accused Jennifer of taking things way too far.

The reason Jennifer’s critics felt like she was a bit too harsh with Malaysia is the timing of it all. Malaysia alleged her ex-husband Jannero Pargo allegedly wasn’t financially helping her out much with their children. So she was really stressed out trying to do a lot of things on her own. Regardless, she decided to just end her time on “Basketball Wives” rather than get even with Jennifer. So Jennifer has been accused of being a bit of a “mean girl” on the show.

During the recent episode, Jennifer and Jackie Christie clashed yet again. Jackie invited all of the ladies to Sacramento to enjoy the city with her and Doug Christie. Doug is an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings.

Jennifer Williams had a lot to say about the recent episode.

Jackie was in charge of booking the hotel rooms for all of the guests. And well, Jennifer wasn’t happy about Jackie reserving a deluxe room for her. This resulted in a massive argument. Jennifer then decided that it would be best if she just went back home to LA instead.

Jennifer strongly believes Jackie does little things to get under her skin. It’s the same thing she felt was responsible for Jackie’s behavior at the fashion show they went to recently. Interestingly enough, Jackie said that Jennifer is the mean-spirited one. And she said that it hurt her feelings when Jennifer criticized her open house listing.

Well, Jennifer doesn’t have any regrets about the way she’s been handling things on “Basketball Wives.”

And she had a lot more to say on Instagram. She wrote, “Just so we are clear! It’s not about a room. The trips are paid for by production. This was Jackie’s trip and she got to choose the rooms. She chose to put Brooke & I in a deluxe room. There are certain stipulations in my contract about accommodations. I can pay for a suite anywhere in the world. And there were no more suites in the Hyatt Centric Sacramento because it’s not a high-end hotel.”

She continued, “The point is the lady keeps trying to son me and I’m sick of it. FYI I started this franchise so put some respect on my name. Now back to my baecation in Miami. Enjoy the show tonight 💋.”

Jennifer also clapped back when someone said she’s acting tough when she doesn’t fight.

The Instagram user wrote, “Jen finally grew some balls, but u gotta know how to back it up! Women these days are knocking you TF out ijs 🤷🏽‍♀️ humble yourself!”

In response, Jennifer wrote, “Please name one person that knocked me out???? I will wait… and I am a lady. Who fights?!!! I didn’t grow up like that, I grew up getting education and learning how to use my words!!”




  1. Well, even though Jennifer is one of many reasons why I stopped watching this show within the first few episodes, I agree with what she just posted. Still in all, she seems very obtuse this season for no apparent reason.

  2. For Jennifer to be so Rich and educated she keeps doing this show when she is humiliated season after season. It has never painted her inna favorable light. Shes so rich and im demand that she was chasing Tim for a ring. Girl please

  3. You are so right. Don’t forget a man ran off with her car. Oh, her husband threw a drink in her face. What happened to her clothing line she thought Tim was going to finance?

  4. Girl by! Evelyn was the star, you were the side kick. Susie was more revelant then you. People didn’t tune in to see what Jen is doing. You complained and Evelyn fought your battles. You can talk about it all u want. But you will never be about it.

    1. Didn’t Evelyn come hard for her when they were away in Amsterdam and she found out from Malaysia and Shaunie she was spreading those rumors about her daughter. She was acting so big and tough. She’s not tough. Girl stop!!!

    2. Jennifer want any man she can find she reached real low when she wanted the big butt on sweetie pie to marry her buying her own engagement ring she need help

  5. Jennifer needs to stop acting so boujee. I dont know who she think she is. You do look like a freaking giraffee and you dont look presidentail (whatever that means). There are homeless people in the world who would appreciate a mattress to sleep on and here you are crying about a whole room. If the acommodations were not good enough for you, then pay for what you want and shut up about it. You’re not all that. I see why nice looking men drop you and you were married the not some attractive knot head ex-husband. That’s all that will put up with you and even he left.

    1. Yes yes yes Sandy I agree that d-mn Jennifer is a piece of work. She thinks she is all of that could be the reason as to why she keep a man and the one she had was so disrespectful he all but spit in her face when he decided to throw a drink in her face. Her attitude it’s as if everyone else is beneath her and she must be treated as such. I dont care for her at all and never did I hope she gets off the show since shes so d-mn rich she dont VH1 checks so Buh Buh Bye

  6. Jennifer just STOP. No one is afraid of you so just STOP. NOW you want to be a tough guy since Evilyn, Tami and Malaysia left? No one watches the show just to see your Stuck Up Bougie self.
    I promise you, if you left the show NO ONE would care

    I am team Jackie Marie Christie 100000000%
    Jackie can do NO wrong in my book.

  7. The bottom line is this. Jackie is jealous as h-ll of Jennifer. She showed that at the fashion show when she needed to walk the walk way with Jen.
    As far as Jackie talking about Jen making comments about the R-estate listing. She ask her opinion and Jen gave it to her.

    Jackie is to old to even be on the show, she embarrasses herself and the other women with her rude attitude.
    Jennifer need to continue to put her in her place because the truth is she jealous of Jen.

    The other woman knows that but they are scared of Jackie

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion but I do think it’s rooted in delusion. I’m not a Jackie fan but she’s the only true Basketball Wife on this show. She lives the actual life Jennifer thinks she’s entitled to and doesn’t actually have. All this screaming and shouting about a deluxe room, but tell me, what’s so posh about Jennifer’s life again? She dates nothing but bums. At least with Jackie we see an actual basketball wife and what that lifestyle actually is. It’s nice to see Doug, their multiple homes, and watch him be a NBA coach/commentator. What does Jennifer actually bring to this show outside of her delusional elitism? All we’ve seen from Jennifer is her haughtiness that doesn’t actually trickle into her dating choices. You’d have no show at all without Jackie. Jennifer has no substance. She should be a friend on one of the housewives shows. Just another Marlo without the criminal record. Boring.

      1. You are on point for real! However, I do remember when Jackie was a drama queen that was always acting up. I didn’t really like when she walked at Jennifer’s show. That was disrespectful. BUT, Jennifer gets what she gets at every turn.

        1. Jackie has always been messy. I know she’s far from a saint. But Jenn is a mean girl who gets a pass because she doesn’t fight. She really does look down on poor people. I noticed it when she made Tami feel bad about using food stamps as a single mother. Malaysia was wrong to throw that table years back, but it’s also evil to embarrass a single mother for losing her house to foreclosure when so many people are struggling right now. Jackie may be messy on this show but in real life, Jennifer sucks a lot more.

          1. Jennifer is completely unlikable this season. And being attractive and stylish doesn’t change that for me.

    2. I believe it too. Jackie is getting older and the fact she didn’t want her husband knowing what was going on, I found interesting. Jackie is a troublemaker. She thrives on these woman being unsuccessful, especially in their relationships, because she uses those weaknesses to make her look better than everyone else.

      1. Jackie is a hot mess. She’s too old to act like she does. She made a damn fool of herself at the fashion show. She deliberately got Jen a messed up room. Jackie is mean and nasty I love Jen.

    3. Jealous of Jennifer for exactly what? Jackie has had the same husband for 20 plus years and Jennifer can’t keep a man for 20 plus weeks. Her attitude stinks and if she can’t put someone down she’s not thriving. If she wasn’t happy with her room and since she’s so “world traveled”, especially on someone else’s dime, pay up or leave. Someone else’s struggles is not a reason to rejoice or put their affairs on front Street. You may be flying high today but, you don’t know what tomorrow holds.

  8. Yes indeed Jackie is quite messy and has been not sure why she still wants to be part of BBW but ok🤷🏾‍♀️. As for Jennifer she needs to go take several seats and yes she gets a pass because she doesn’t fight well then she needs to relax her mouth before someone plucks her in it. Shes a mean girl just like u said and I’ve never liked mean girls so im sure no im very sure I would have pulled her lips off her face back in the day and placed them in her hand and I would have told her NOW SAY SOMETHING!

  9. Agreed Jackie was DISRESPECTFUL to walk along side Jenn at the show so uncalled for and very childish. She needs to focus on her businesses and leave that show to whoever. Jenn yes you can stand up for yourself but being mean and in the mist of standing up for yourself is another. She likes to dig but when its done to her she becomes the victim. Read her Twitter post when she said I WASNT RAISED LIKE THAT I WAS TOO BUSY GETTING AND EDUCATION AND USING MY WORDS. Now I cant remember verbatim but in my opinion she is saying that because she has an education and the rest of us are just loud fighting bottom feeders and are or were on welfare using food stamps. That’s just my opinion but what I do know is having an education is knowledge is true but for her shes thinks shes so smart but shes stupid! Again yall just my opinion Peace and love to all

  10. If you truly watch the show you would see that they go based off he say she say sh-t like children . Jennifer has been lied on, bullied and embarrassed by all these ladies, the so called “ friends” and no one spoke up, now that she’s speaking up for herself she’s a “ mean girl “ it’s called being fed up and having your own back. She’s grown as hell so why would she put her hands on someone, that can end in a very dangerous way and honestly the only one that has true hands 👊🏾👊🏾 was Tammy. How harsh women are on each other and how flip floppy they are is disgusting ..

    Oan chasing a man, every woman has chased a man here and there & there’s nothing wrong with it.

    1. I feel you but Jennifer isn’t innocent. She really is a mean girl and she treated people horribly when she was besties with Evelyn. I’ve been watching since season 1 and I remember how her and Evelyn treated Tami while she was at her lowest and struggling on food stamps. Jennifer isn’t a nice person. She really does look down on poor people. You don’t have to fight to be a bully. Jennifer has bullied multiple people with just her words. And that’s not cool either. She’s not being bullied. People are just tired of how nasty she can be.

    2. You were the only one out of all these comments who got it Jenny. They are so loud in the comments coming for Jen because she’s standing up for herself. The WORST ONES on the show was Tami, Jackie, Evelyn and Malaysia!!!!

      1. No, we’ve just been watching the show much longer than y’all because Jennifer did terrible things while she was Evelyn’s bff. Jennifer was not standing up for herself when she told the world about Malaysia losing her home. She certainly wasn’t standing up for herself when she made fun of Tami using food stamps. She also wasn’t standing up for herself when she shaded a woman’s apartment even though that woman let her sleep on her couch while she was going through a divorce. Jennifer is just a mean girl.

  11. Today Some Women’s Are Tear Each Other’s Down (Attiude, Gossip, Jealous, Hater, Lie) Not Stay in They Lane At All. Yes Jackie is Messy But That Her Way. JENNIFER Stop Look Down on People’s That Struggle To Me She Have No Story Line at All. Just Gossip About Other’s Female ‘s This Show (Basketball Wives Going to Go Off- Cause Shaunie, Tammy, Elveyn Mayalsia Move On Love Brooke

  12. You are so right, why does Jennifer think she’s so entitled? Now jackieis too old to be acting like she acts but is the only true basketball wife in my shaunie voice Jennifer you service is no longer needed!!!!!

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