Scrappy & Erica Dixon’s Daughter Checks Followers for Asking Questions About Bambi

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Bambi and Scrappy’s marriage woes played out on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Scrappy have been a hot topic on social media. In fact, fans continue to speculate about their status. As we reported, Momma Dee had been called out for her treatment of Bambi over the years. Some even felt it was disrespectful for her to say she wishes Scrappy would have married Shay Johnson. Shay and Momma Dee have a close friendship. And this is something Momma Dee doesn’t think she’ll ever have with Bambi. Bambi believes Momma Dee is the one who is preventing them from getting along. In her opinion, Momma Dee befriends Scrappy’s exes to get a rise out of her.

Erica Dixon happens to be another one of Scrappy’s exes whom Momma Dee gets along with. Interestingly enough, most LHHATL fans can remember the times when this was not the case. In fact, Momma Dee’s blowups with Erica were so bad that Erica said Momma Dee played a role in their breakup. Regardless, Momma Dee and Erica were able to hash out their issues away from the cameras. And they have been solid since. So Momma Dee felt like she needed to be the one to push Scrappy to make peace with Erica. This had to happen for the sake of their daughter Emani Richardson.

Emani Richardson had enough of the Bambi questions.

Scrappy and Erica came face to face to talk about their disastrous co-parenting relationship. The conversation happened while they filmed “VH1: Family Reunion.” And Scrappy said that what made him want to move forward is that he saw how receptive Bambi was to being cool with Erica. So after Bambi and Erica talked things out, it made Scrappy want to do the same. However, sometime after that, Erica confirmed to VH1 that she was back to not being good with Scrappy and Bambi.

Well, some people have been wondering how Emani feels about Bambi amid a rumored separation. As we reported, it’s alleged that Scrappy and Bambi have called it quits. And they are reportedly just living together and co-parenting as of now.

Emani wasn’t feeling any of these questions when she was talking to her followers recently on Instagram Live.

In response, she said, “Please stop asking about my stepmom. Stop coming on here and asking about that lady.”

Emani continued, “Do you all see me post with her? Do you see me around her? No. So stop asking me about that lady.”


  1. I don’t know about y’all life and don’t care to know about y’all life but the only thing is that hope y’all be cool or be good to each other for y’all beautiful adorable kids they love momma and daddy huge fan of the both of y’all and momma Dee pray that God strength y’all marriage wish all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Really all of you should get along. When these kids start seeing and acting out then you will know why. Scrappy and Bambi get your mess together. Momma Dee stay out of your son’s relationships. Erica’s daughter needs to to say her words better. It’s not that lady. My step mom is better. Scrappy you need to leave the past alone and be the father you need to be with all your kids. Don’t do it harder be smarter Scrappy. It’s a hard job.

      1. She definitely said “Please stop asking about my stepmom. Stop coming on here and asking about that lady.” And if that’s how she feels then that’s how she feels we don’t know their relationship and we shouldn’t have so much advice for ppl who don’t even know we exist 🤷🏽‍♀️

        1. That doesn’t even matter. Ain’t nobody on here saying this child needs to like Bambi. Y’all are being obtuse on purpose. You know very well it’s not a wise move to be shading your siblings’ mom when you want a good relationship with all of them. Y’all just like seeing black families fight because you’re comfortable with the toxicity in your own families.

  2. They shouldn’t be asking her to speak on adult business anyway. Weird and messy behavior for sure. I’m glad Emani doesn’t want to be involved. She’s very mature.

  3. “That lady” umm alrighty then. Best advice I can give is to stay out of your parents mess and stay neutral so you’ll have a good relationship with all of your siblings. People love their mothers. So don’t ever shade or bash your siblings mom.

    1. That wasn’t shade. She’s fed up with being asked about her and she said it. She’s literally staying out of it. Bambi’s not her mom, so she doesn’t have to stay neutral.

      1. “ Bambi’s not her mom, so she doesn’t have to stay neutral.”

        That’s where you’re wrong and your mindset is exactly why so many people don’t get along with their siblings now. Children need to remain neutral and respect their siblings parents. I guarantee you she’d have an issue if Bambi’s children spoke the same way about Erica. The dislike for Bambi doesn’t cancel out common sense.

        1. You’re so right because the “that lady” already shows that Emani is not being neutral in the situation but supposed to be grown a-s people need to stop asking her questions about Bambi…ask “that lady” directly…everybody knows Momma Dee is a mess but Scrappy allowed her behavior cuz she rode jus as hard for Diamond as she did Shay…I hope they all reach some type of resolution because in the end it should really be all about the children.

          1. She can reply any way she would like. You have no idea how Bambi treated her and how this situation is messing with her mentally. So people shouldn’t put her in the situation in the first place.

          2. Sheknow Bambi hasn’t done anything to Emani. If she did, Erica would have screamed it from the rooftops like she does everything else. Emani doesn’t like Bambi because Erica spent years bashing Bambi. Emani won’t have much of a relationship with her siblings if she keeps this up. Idk about you but hating Bambi isn’t worth ruining your relationship with her children. They want access to Bambi’s children but still want to be able to disrespect her freely in the process. Good luck with that. You would all cry foul if Bambi said anything like this about Emani or Erica. Y’all hate Bambi so much when it was Momma Dee and Scrappy who dogged Erica out the most. Makes no sense. So why are y’all really so mad at Bambi? 🤔

      2. How do you argue and debate against a logical comment like this? I’m truly concerned about the emotional intelligence of Americans. It’s very low. A lot of you do not desire peace for some reason.

        1. Right! Egos get in the way of putting family first and repairing relationships. We all have to do better or things never change.

          1. You clearly responded to me by accident because I definitely don’t agree that Emani has a right to be messy on her page and shade her brothers and sisters mom. Y’all are wild. I can see now why so many families are screwed up. You’ll be on the internet hating Bambi’s kids soon when they won’t deal with Emani but we tried to warn y’all. Keep disrespecting their mom and see what happens when Bambi’s kids are older. Gotta use your common sense in this lifetime.

          2. Period I don’t felt she said anything disrespectful and at the end of the day. She is 18teen now and she is a Adult to so she freely speak her mind

          3. Jacqueline She can freely speak her mind right into her siblings not f-cking with her too. Y’all will learn one day having all that mouth comes with long term consequences.

      3. But she does need to be RESPECTFUL Though i don’t blame her, I blame the adults. This child is truly Erica’s child with her mouth. Sounds like something Erica would say. And we all know that Erica automatically takes issue with any woman Scrappy is with. Even when she has her own man. So let’s not blame the
        child. These grownups need to grow tf up. Starting with that silly azz sorry excuse of a woman and grandmother Momma Dee. What can you expect when someone like that is the family matriarch.

    2. Facts. Especially when you don’t share the same parents with all of your siblings. Some people can’t move on from their dislike of Bambi to recognize what you’re saying is nothing but the truth. How many times have we seen siblings not have a relationship with another sibling because that sibling disrespected their parent? I certainly won’t be close to anyone who dogged out/shades my mother. Sorry not sorry.

    3. Y’all don’t know what relationship she has with her. For all y’all know Emani may not get along w Bambi for personal reasons that have nothing to do with her parents. She’s not obligated to respect anyone who doesn’t respect her. Y’all ppl be delusional thinking respect should just be given unconditionally.

      1. Don’t disrespect me because I didn’t disrespect you or anyone else on this blog. I’m not delusional. I’m mature and I’ve seen this exact same scenario play out over and over again. No one is going to have a relationship with a sibling who trashes their mom. You wouldn’t either. And as much as Emani loves Erica, she wouldn’t either. So it’s simple, be neutral to your siblings parents. Don’t bash them on the internet because your siblings won’t want a relationship with you if you do. This ain’t about Bambi. Just the golden rule and common sense. This is why so many black families are in shambles now. Too many people put their pride above unity. It’s sad!

        1. But did she bash her? She said don’t ask about my stepmom. Don’t ask me about that lady. She’s a child, so I doubt she meant it as shade.

          1. That’s what shade is – it’s not obvious. It’s low key. I don’t refer to women I like as “that lady” and pointing out that people don’t see her with Bambi isn’t indicative of anything positive. Y’all know this. Emani is 18. That’s old enough to be shady. And you’d admit such if it was one of Bambi’s kids who said this about Erica. Disliking Bambi is the only reason this is being downplayed.

      2. Me said Emani should stay neutral. She doesn’t have to like Bambi but dragging and shading her may make it so her siblings won’t f-ck with her when they get older. That’s just how it works. The family sh-t doesn’t get better until someone decides to step up and stop the bullsh-t. Payback ain’t worth constant family dysfunction. And the problem is no one in that family/situation wants to stop the bullsh-t because they are too busy trying to get even.

      3. You have to GIVE respect, to have it reciprocated..this EVER CHANGING world got y’all confused…you treat people the way you’d like to be treated…EVERYTHING starts with SELF

      4. She don’t. She has even been vocal about how Bam mom treats her as well. It was captured a while back when everyone was beefing. It definitely had something to do with them not treating her well.

        1. That honestly doesn’t even matter because if you’ve been keeping up with this situation you know that everyone involved including Emani herself has a role to play in this mess. No one has clean hands. Somebody still has to step up and cut out the bullsh-t. Emani is 18 now, so it’s time to stop being childish. Especially when you’re the oldest. So the least Emani should do is have enough common sense not to drag her siblings’ mom on the internet. She doesn’t even have to like Bambi. But don’t dog out your siblings’ mom if you want them to have a relationship with you when they’re older. Everything else you all are saying is bullsh-t. Immaturity honestly. You gonna hold on to some sh-t your whole life while your family falls apart? That makes sense to you? I had to forgive multiple people and multiple people had to forgive me for my family to get in the good space we’re in now. Y’all have a lot to learn and so does Emani.

  4. This is why the adults are completely at fault here. All their bickering over the years has made Emani pick a side. I don’t doubt her brothers and sisters will too when they get old enough to see all the mess that happened because the internet is forever. Scrappy will be somewhere crying in about a decade about how all his kids don’t get along when he failed to get these women on the same page. He instigated a lot of mess going back and forth between Bambi and Erica. I agree the best thing for Emani is to stay out of it and don’t bash Bambi. I’ve seen blended families work because the older siblings stayed out the mess and didn’t bash their siblings’ parents. That matters a lot.

  5. Emani is still a child and children need to stay out of the adult drama. Erica goes to her and bashes Bambi. Now Emani is comfortable shading her step mother on social media. No matter what, people want to think their parents aren’t wrong. But Erica, Bambi, and Scrappy are all responsible for this becoming what it did. No one in this family seems to respect anyone or respect boundaries.

  6. Some of y’all are mad at Me’s comment but they are right. Someone close to me cut off siblings for dragging her mother. Emani should stop this. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And this was messy.

  7. If y’all didn’t like what she said then stop asking her about “that lady” PERIOD, all this back n forth is childish she’s a child she said what she said now move on yall be forgetting the internet a fairytale🤣 #trolls

      1. You’re not even being honest. I guarantee you that you and Emani wouldn’t like it if your sibling spoke like this about your mom. Don’t lie and act like disrespect and shade requires profanity. You know that’s not the truth. What did Bambi do to y’all besides marry Scrappy for y’all to hate her so much? Grow up.

        1. You guys don’t even know how Bambi treats her. Have you seen Bambi post Emani on her page? We all know how Bambi mom treated Emani and that’s why Momma Dee don’t like Mignon. Emani just turned 18, and was a child mostly in this situation. We saw how thirsty Bambi was for a spot on the reality show and for a man. She’s probably like that in real life and probably doesn’t even want Emani to come over. You Bambi stans need to give it a rest. It’s tired and everyone can see her for the drama and mess she is. Any woman that gets with a man and is fine with him not paying child support for his oldest is a loser to me.

          1. What I saw on Bambi’s IG page is her playing basketball with Emani, spending time with her, and loving on her stepdaughter. It wasn’t until Erica pitched a fit and started her usual bitter hating ways that Emani’s opinions started to change and then the drama really kicked off at that point. What I don’t understand about you Erica stans is one breath you say Bambi is trash for being with Scrappy because he didn’t pay child support. But did y’all forget Erica still wanted to marry him anyway after that? So by your logic, Erica is a loser too. Nice talk.

    1. WE didn’t ask Emani anything. Keep encouraging this young lady to be messy and see how things turn out for this family in ten years. The biggest trolls are people like yourself who are pushing this child down the wrong road because you’re still mad Scrappy married Bambi and not Erica.

  8. The ghetto mentality will keep a lot of families divided. Everybody wants to throw shade and act like they’re on a reality show 24/7. Now the kids think it’s appropriate to throw shade. Oh well. To each its own. My mom and dad would never allow me to carry on like that. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I have three step daughters and in the past have stepped outside of my character to address their mother. Needless to say it has affected my kids relationship with their siblings (forget me) and it breaks my heart. If I had to do it all over again I would have checked my feelings at the door and did what was in the best interest of all of the kids involved. Regardless of how much a bonus child loves their bonus parent they are NOT about to play about their bio parent…not at all! Lesson learned

  10. I hate that the adults never got this right man. They never put the kids first and this is the outcome.

  11. I think a lot of people just like mess because normal people can agree it’s not a good idea for this young lady to shade Bambi like Bambi’s kids aren’t her siblings. Everything isn’t a reality show. And in real life, actions have consequences. This isn’t cute. I’m definitely not about to excuse it because I like Erica either. She did Emani a huge disservice involving her in grown folks business. Momma Dee too. I definitely have cut off relatives for disrespecting my mom. I won’t be surprised if Bambi’s kids do the same.

  12. I remember Scrappy did this special and he talked about that scene where he got into it with Stevie because Erica wanted him to fight Stevie because he called her the B word. Scrappy said he realized after some time that Erica wasn’t a good partner because she wanted to put him in a bad situation that could have ended badly. It showed him that Erica’s pride mattered more than his safety. My opinions on Erica have changed a lot and I realize now that she is very messy and enjoys conflict. So I’m not surprised by Emani’s behavior here I mean Erica encourages this.

    1. So Erica didn’t make a good partner because she wanted her man to defend her but Scrappy is a good partner? Scrappy can’t keep a job, house or relationship. So ask yourself, who is really the problem. It’s funny that most of the comments didn’t blame the MAN who started this mess. Meanwhile Erica, Bambi, Momma D and Emani have been blamed. Nick Cannon doesn’t even have this much drama. As it was stated years ago, Scrappy likes drama.

      1. You clearly want an argument so I’ll bite.

        You said >>> “So Erica didn’t make a good partner because she wanted her man to defend her but Scrappy is a good partner? Scrappy can’t keep a job, house or relationship. So ask yourself, who is really the problem.”

        Erica didn’t make a good partner because she’s combative and likes to keep mess going even at the detriment of her relationships and family. I’m married and would never go to my husband and encourage him to fight another man. You don’t know who has a gun on them these days. A good partner keeps you out of mess, they don’t bring it to your doorstep. Like Erica all you want but she’s constantly encouraging turmoil. Scrappy has been employed for years thanks to this show and he’s touring. If he wasn’t providing, why did Erica want to marry him? And why did she go to Miami after him and Bambi broke up to be in his face if he’s such a terrible partner, father and provider? Again, Erica is a part of the problem. She only has a problem with Scrappy when she can’t have him. I just saw her in his face on some blog two weeks ago. She always moves in on Scrappy when Bambi is out. I told you my opinions on Erica have changed. I used to just think it was Scrappy and Momma Dee causing all the mess, but Erica enjoys the drama too.

        Anything else?

  13. Live enough life and you will understand that you can’t bring a family back together if no one is willing to forgive and move on from what happened in the past. This wasn’t cool. Period. And if Bambi was on the internet shading Emani and Erica like this, y’all would have a fit. So keep that same energy now. She better stop it before Bambi’s kids grow up to hate her.

  14. Some of these comments are just plain out sad. Many of you don’t have what it takes to be leaders in your family and it shows. All this “well she did this, so then she can do that!” That is such a weak mindset. That’s why Scrappy’s family life is the way it is now. All the women around him are combative, angry, and messy. He’s the only one who wants peace. I hope he has a talk with Emani and encourages her not to do this. None of the other adults will because they want to keep the mess going.

    1. You mean the family that Scrappy can’t afford? Him and Bambi popping out kid after kid meanwhile he can’t even afford child support for the first one? How about you guys get on Scrappy who is the real reason for this mess and stop blaming the women. D-mn some of you guys are so male identified. Scrappy doesn’t need to have a talk with Emani when he barely raised her, he needs to have a talk with his wife on why they never took care of Emani and if they’re gonna to pay for her college.

      And why are grown a-s adults asking about Bambi? Do they ask her about Erica’s baby daddy?

      1. You don’t live in reality and it’s impossible to have a discussion with someone who isn’t being truthful and chooses to be confrontational. I pray Erica and her fans can stop being so angry all these years later. You have a good day.

  15. The fact the y’all think this comment from Emani was her being mature is hilarious to me. She was being funny. She basically said she has no relationship with this woman and gives 0 f***s about her lol. She just said in a nice/nasty way. Lol.

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