Melody Shari’s Cousin Says LAMH Star is Happy with Latest Update in Custody Battle

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Martell Holt and Melody Shari’s co-parenting relationship has been messy.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s custody issues have been playing out on the show. As we reported, Martell initiated the custody drama after he voiced displeasure with Melody’s choice of babysitters. Martell alleged that Melody uses “20-something” different people to watch their children. However, Melody denied that there is any truth to the accusations made by Martell. She pointed out that Martell really takes issue with her brother babysitting. And Melody strongly believes that Martell is only bothered because her brother is gay. Some LAMH fans have the same outlook on the situation. Not only have they accused Martell of homophobia but they also created a petition demanding he is removed from the show.

Martell said he wasn’t concerned about the backlash he received from fans. But he believes that he should have a voice about who is watching the children. In fact, Martell said that it would make more sense if Melody would ask him if he wanted to watch the kids before anyone else did. Martell also accused Melody of working way too many hours. Eventually, Martell threatened to fight for full custody if Melody wouldn’t meet his demands. However, this move only resulted in Melody agreeing to a courtroom showdown. And she responded by filing for full custody as well.

Does Melody Shari have a reason to celebrate?

As we reported, Martell told his mother Miss Marlene that he wasn’t thrilled about how things were playing out in court. And legal fees were costing him thousands more than he wanted to pay.

Interestingly enough, “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans received an interesting update from Melody’s cousin. In a comment posted on Facebook, Melody’s cousin said that they are happy with what’s been decided. And they are happy that child support is off of the table.

“She is very happy that the custody agreement remains the same and no child support was ordered! So we are extremely happy this part is over! 🙌🏾 🙌🏾 🙌🏾”

Check out the screenshot in the video below.


      1. Marvell is doing all this bullsh-t because Melody don’t want him anymore.
        So since he like dating continue to date and see your kid’s and let Melody be she don’t want you any more.
        When you had her and your children’s you want to continue to stick your beef cake in some one else that caused another bundle of joy into the 🌎.
        Melody is at peace and not in pieces.

      2. Right he just 😡 she’s living her best life without him she’s making Boss Moves and he’s not😂

    1. I agree!!! Martell sees that Melody doesn’t want him back and he didn’t see that the times they were spending together as a family may have worked but that control came out. Melody don’t look back keep moving forward and let the Spirit guide you.

    2. Right he has to realize she has moved on, time grow up and be faithful. He not even with girl he cheated with, God won’t bless no mess.

  1. The sad thing is Martell will just find another way to make her life miserable because that’s the only thing this custody stuff was ever about for him.

  2. I agree with all of you. Martell has never suffered any consequences for his actions and for once Melody stood her ground and had enough. He’s the cause of all of this. He would’ve been in the house with his children and not going through any of this if “ he would’ve kept his p-nis in the marital home” in my Melody voice. He’s never going to be happy again like he was with a melody.

  3. It’s hard to come back after being unfaithful in your marriage and to bring a child into it from another woman, it’s just no coming back from that and the disrespect

  4. I’m very proud of Melody for moving on and not letting Martell run over her. Martell had no idea how strong she was. He tries to get attention by running around lying on Melody. I wish the show had less scenes with him in it. Martell wouldn’t stop cheating, had a baby with the mistress and now doesn’t want her. A real genius to mess up his family and be left with nothing.

  5. I was watching to night’s episode for next week and it showed her having a party for their daughter and she ask Martell to l think Melody can be rude and selfish at times is not always about her it’s about what’s best for the children and what doesn’t want their Dad or Mom at their birthday party. Both of the need to get it together

    1. It’s hard to be around your ex when he have not only cheated on you, bought another child into the marriage and continue to do things to try and hurt you. I’m sorry the marriage was destroyed I liked them together, but Martell did that on his own. He’s still in love with Molody but like the song “When A Woman Fed Up, Ain’t Nothing You Can Do” It is what it is.

  6. i honestly think had he not gotten that woman pregnant.. melody would have given him another chance… martell you caused all this so live with it.. but also if she told tht man go find you a girlfriend.. she also part responsible..

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