Carlos King Responds to LAMH Fans Accusing Him of Setting up Melody Shari

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Melody Shari and Stormi Steele have different perspectives about their friendship.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari probably didn’t anticipate that she would have tension with Stormi Steele while filming the latest season. However, that’s exactly what resulted from Stormi’s mother being critical of Melody on social media. Miss Bettie told LAMH fans that she is not a fan of Melody. When they asked her why, Bettie said that she wasn’t convinced that Melody is a true friend to Stormi. Interestingly enough, this came up during the season premiere. In fact, Stormi told Bettie she didn’t approve of her actions. And she knows she’ll receive pushback for it.

Bettie told Stormi that she had no regrets about what she said. She even went on to say that she doesn’t like the way Melody moves. So she didn’t like Melody from their very first meeting. In a green screen interview, Stormi said that Bettie has never liked any of her friends since childhood. But she still values her mother’s opinions.

In the same scene, Stormi revealed that she isn’t necessarily happy with Melody either. She told Bettie that she didn’t really talk to Melody during last season’s reunion. And she didn’t like that she hadn’t heard from Melody for months until she received a phone call from Melody about Kimmi Scott‘s celebratory event.

As we reported, Kimmi tasked Melody with planning an event to highlight her successful chemo treatments. So Melody had to be the person to call and invite cast members. She called them from a burner phone. When Stormi saw Melody at the party, she questioned what was up. Melody explained she had her number changed. And that is why Stormi didn’t receive a response to a past text she sent Melody.

Melody didn’t think it was a big deal and even told Stormi she should have just sent her a DM if she thought she was being ignored. In a green screen interview, Stormi claimed none of her friends had ever said that to her. So this rubbed her the wrong way.

Carlos King wanted to set the record straight.

During a future episode, Miss Bettie will give Melody a piece of her mind at a tea party Melody planned. She even seemingly told Melody to shut up as well. Regardless, Melody tried to make peace but Bettie didn’t seem interested in the apology.

To no surprise, all of this was discussed during Melody’s latest interview with Carlos King. Before they broke down the series of events, Carlos confirmed Melody pitched Stormi for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” And Melody strongly believed that Stormi and her husband Courtney Beasley were a great fit. He also confirmed that Melody did the same for Destiny Payton and her ex La’Berrick Williams.

Melody said that she was a bit caught off-guard by the tension with Stormi and her mother. She thought it would be understood that she takes a break from the cast and producers after each season for her mental health. And it’s a bit disappointing to relive the situation again seeing as Destiny has departed the show.

Well, a lot of LAMH fans feel the same way. They have been calling out Carlos on social media. And he addressed this.

“I’ve been messaged, Carlos you replaced Destiny with Stormi and you replaced Wanda with Miss Bettie. And they both trying to come for Melody. Now look, I know y’all think that I’m some wizard who can be a puppeteer. We don’t even go in thinking that. But that’s what y’all are saying. And that’s not even the case.”

Both Carlos and Melody said that they understand why some fans would feel that way from just the previews alone. Regardless, Melody said she’s still not a fan of her coworkers’ mothers having an issue.

“So for her to have such strong opinions about me which I later found out, but we not gon spoil too much, but I later found out came before she even met me. That’s weird to me. And I pray that I’m never in a position to where I’m ever bashing or having such strong negative opinions about people my children’s age. And taking it social media and I’ve never met them.”

She continued, “So I think there’s room to grow. I think there’s room to do better, period.”

Carlos and Melody also said that “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans will be surprised when they see the outcome of some of these strained friendships. And Melody and LaTisha Scott had an important conversation that was necessary for the good of the show. That moment will play out in a future episode.

You can watch the full interview below.


  1. Chile I love me some Melody and will continue to support her. I’m disappointed in Stormi but I guess everyone Melody puts on feels the need to turn on her for a storyline. Just like I rode for Mariah, I’m riding for Melody now too. People always want to humble black women when we bounce back hard and show we can stand on her own.

    1. This. I just said it’s Mariah all over again on the recap post. I’m just thankful Carlos isn’t going for it and he said he’s not ever firing Melody. The way Mariah was pushed off her own show by the very people she helped was so evil to me.

      1. Agree this is why I stopped watching M2M Mariah was the one who is responsible for all of them being cast. M2M is supposed to be reflective of Mature Black Medical Doctors, however what we got was jealous Medical Doctors wanting to dominate the Narrative and oust the originator who made it possible for them to be cast Simone and Jackie are In my opinion “scrubs”

    2. I love Melody as well. Her mother. Ms Van is a classy lady which shows where Melody got her strength and morals unlike that thing “Ms Wanda”. Remember “thing” from the Adams Family thats the ratchet Wanda. She’s too old and ignorant to be in television. Jesus please take the wheel and see to it that she and Stormies ratchet mom are gone please JESUS take the wheel. These old birds don’t belong on this platform

    3. Everyone needs to stop bashing Carlos and Melody. The show is good!
      To all the haters out there. You can watch the show or get a life! I give this show two snaps and a circle. LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. With regards to “Love and Marriage in Huntsville”, Melody is a woman after my heart. She cut her loses and with a christian heart, kept it moving. No WIFE deserves to be treated like a “side chick”. She has a perfect right to freely wait for the one whom will treat her like the queen that she is.
        More women should follow her example and expect to be treated like queens.


  2. Oooh I’m so glad Bettie will be exposed on the show because she definitely wrote nasty comments about Mel and Martell before Stormi was a cast member. That lady hated Melody before she even met her. No one wants to say it but some older black women are big time haters.

    1. “No one wants to say it but some older black women are big time haters.”

      This is a lesson I learned a long time ago and it’s really sad.

      1. I don’t get why those old women (Bette & Wanda) involved themselves in the daughters business. Stormie turned on Melody after she became friends with destiny and that she is gone stormie is turning up the heat on Melody. Melody brought her to the show and she should send her and busybody mother away like wanda. All the people Melody brought to show has become very ungrateful.

      1. Stormies mother is almost as bad as Miss Wanda. She just speaks better than Wanda just not as country but she is out of order. Her daughter is grown and should be able to speak up for her self, they should take a cue from Mrs Van and Miss Marlene

    1. She is playing the new Ms. Wanda., it’s sad she has only met Mel a couple times with all that on her chest towards Mel., it’s laughable we know now your playing up for a check.Mel pitched her daughter to the show., after she couldn’t secure the bag on her own..have several seats ma’am.

  3. I’m just baffled by her uncouth these mothers are. I could never be okay with my mom embarrassing herself on television.

  4. What gets me is they want to normalize being in a pit with snakes and vipers, but Mel is always the one who has to be the person who is supposed to smile and let these people that she put money in their pockets and food or their table and helped them realize their dreams of being on TV. Mel should do exactly what she is doing. Treat them like co-workers and keep it moving. They were never Mel’s friends,they have always been Martell’s friends PERIOD

    1. I love Melody she has shown strength courage during all the crazy with Tisha who is a jealous hater. She has nothing to prove she’s made moves to move on and be happy. She’s not into anyone’s business not even Martell who is having a hard time getting over Melody. She doesn’t need anyone she’s a star.

  5. Here we go again. These women are jealous of Mel. Period. Get over it. Mel continue to do your thing. Latisha. I feel for you. At the reunion the only one that was evil was YOU! You are so jealous of Mel it’s pitiful. I’ve always seen it. Crabs trying to crawl out the pot girl. Crabs trying to crawl out the pot. Kimmi I’ve loved you from day one and I’ll continue to pray for you. Martell and Marsau somebody told y’all y’all are all that and a bag of chips. No honey more like a bucket of worms!!

  6. It’s clear that these women are feeling like they’re building a real friendship with Melody, not just a working relationship. I don’t think their expectations is to speak daily since everyone on the show is a business owner/entrepreneur and has a family life that’s busy; however, their expectations of a friend is much different than Melody and they probably want to communicate more other which is why they all are feeling ignored when they don’t hear from her for several months. I think it’s just a lack of communication and expectations. However, this is a pattern now so, after witnessing it with Melody’s relationships with others there shouldn’t be any confusion that she’s not really into them like that. She just wants to keep it as an work/acquaintance dynamic. To me when someone shows you who they are you should believe them the first time. I frankly don’t feel any of them really spend time outside of the show together except Tisha and Kimmi bc they’re married to brothers. If that wasn’t the case, Kimmi already said Tisha wouldn’t be a close friend.

    1. RIIGHT, Mel said after taping she goes / in her own space (Kids,family, business). She foes not contact her co workes as much. If they wanna talk or do something contact her.
      She said this on the reunion how many years ago?B

  7. It seems to me Stormi/ Mrs. Bettsie are reacting to backlash from last season. Last season Stormi said she was labeled as being ghetto. What is going on with these women and there low self esteem. If your friend don’t call you or return your calls why do you feel slighted? Why didn’t you get in your car and drive to her house if getting in contact with her was so pressing? These women…..

  8. Man, this show really makes me appreciate my parents because they aren’t messy like this! My mother especially never tried to pit me against other girls and women. You should never teach that as a parent! Stormi’s mom has an envious spirit and she’s projecting it onto Stormi.

  9. All these mommies need to get their own d-mn lives and leave their children alone. If you haven’t instilled enough into your child at this age .,,,,,,,,, tough tit. They have to grow up and can’t hang onto you skirt take forever. Let them put on their BIG GIRL panties and deal with the other women however it rolls.

  10. Wanda, all over again. Mariah, all over again. Melody is always going to be the bigger person, to me. Too much hate to show for someone who looked out for the greater good. I hope Carlos can finally see that and get rid of the negativity around Melody’s positiveness. How is it that the one who helps, becomes the villain? Stormi and Destiny?

  11. Wow. I had no idea Melody actually got Destiny and Stormi on the freaking show. It makes Stormi and her mother look even more crazy. How do you hate the person who looked out for your daughter? How do you hate the person that created the platform your daughter is using to show off her brand? Jealousy is a crazy thing.

  12. From Ms. Wanda to Ms. Bettie. I believe this show should get back to its original premise, couples making power moves. Everyone is SO preoccupied with Melody that they can’t tend to their own business. Stormi should be concerned about her desire to have more children and the FACT that her husband doesn’t want any more children. Martell should leave Melody ALONE unless it has to do with their children, Tisha and Mausau should concentrate on building SCOTT Manor and their Lounge (that we never see during business hours) and Kimmie and Maurice should be focused on Kimmie’s health. What we are seeing IS NOT the Black Excellence that Marsau and Maurice talk about. This is NON SENSE and I’m getting turned off.

  13. I’m all about for women empowering women, so I don’t see how all these people are team Mel
    Mel is not a real friend to anyone. She be their friend for a while, then kick them to the side. She wants the show to be all about her. Stormi don’t have no reason to be jealous of her. She’s a millionaire in her own right. Just like she had Tisha escorted out her party, then she think she can show up to Destini’s relaunch, so going to threatening Martell about calling the police on him. If you call her a friend, then, I can do without froends. Her mother is messy too.

    1. Thank you! I was really starting to wonder about these comments. Lol Mel is out to make herself look good in all situations. When she’s done using you she’ll kick you to the curb without remorse. She takes zero accountability for anything. Her holier than thou attitude is waaaay too much for me. No one is jealous of her, no one wants to be her and no one owes her anything for recommending them for the show. She made a recommendation, period. No one should be expected to kiss her ring for eternity.

      1. You sound jealous. And I’m certain you’re another Destiny and backstab the people who help you. Good luck with that.

      2. You need to work on your reading comprehension and just maybe you wouldn’t be so wrong and so envious. Yuck!

    2. Well, I think you’re another needy woman who has no idea how friendships are supposed to work because you’re messy and want someone to call you everyday. Now, this is how assumptions work right Kaye?

    3. 1. Melody is a millionaire as well. So are Marsau, LaTisha, Maurice, and Kimmi. They are all self-made at that.

      2. Stormi and her mother are jealous of Melody because money can’t buy class or a strong fan base.

      3. Melody has proven herself to be a real friend to multiple people. She got Destiny and Stormi on the show. She even helped Destiny pay her legal bills. So to not give Melody a pass for not calling for a couple of months would mean Destiny and Stormi weren’t real friends. I don’t pick fights with my friends for not calling me everyday. How juvenile are you to think that’s okay?

      4. Martell has proven multiple times he’s violent with anger issues. He was just investigated for a disturbance two weeks ago. And he assaulted an OWN employee. But Melody is wrong to want police protection? Girl, are you the scarecrow missing a brain or just a proud pick me?

      5. Van is literally the only mother who doesn’t get involved in her daughter’s beefs. So let me guess, you’re jealous of her too. Women like you don’t like black women unless we are ghetto with tacky mothers and pick me’s. I’d stay far away from someone like you in real life.

  14. Melody is a great person who lacked discernment and helped evil people. God continues to bless her and her mother because they are good people who have class. I’m so happy Mel refuses to stoop to Bettie’s level and be ignorant. Keep your head up Melody! We love you and these jealous people can’t stop your blessings!

  15. I’m riding for them both still like Maraih black people don’t like to see other black people excell that jealousy mentality overides all.

  16. Beautiful interview I love melody she’s such a blessing to watch . Her encouraging words and beautiful spirit She is Huntsville Alabama been watching from day one

  17. This guy Carlos King is THEE WORST!!!!! He is the king of keeping up mess! He wants the ratings so he promotes anger and hostility. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 All he cares about is how to make those ratings climb!! Messy messy messy. Ummmm nope cannot watch such toxic meaningless exchanges another season.

  18. Melody is the worst. She’s a bitter nasty person that wants others ti think she’s a good person. She is not. She’s the problem. She’s the common denominator here. She’s messy and unaware of how she presents. And those that like her… well

    1. The common denominator is people like you like to play obtuse. You don’t like Melody because it bothers you to see a black woman receive that kind of love and support. Look at you giving Melody all these awful labels like there aren’t at least two abusive men on the same platform. Yet, no venom for them though, right? Typical. You’re the bitter one Quel.

    2. Those of us who like Melody are smart, successful, classy, and have busy lives so we don’t expect our friends to call us every day! Thanks for playing!


  19. Love me some Melody! Forget the haters! They ain’t stopping NOTHING over here. Keep shining Melody. The envious are pressed because so many of us love you. 😜

  20. Melody is the entire package and that is why her haters stay mad. They really can’t take seeing a beautiful black woman bounce back from a bad marriage and win like this. If a black woman isn’t ghetto, male identified, with a tacky momma, they can’t get behind her. Meh! Not me though. I’m thankful to see the black excellence I see from Melody and her mother. I feel the same way about Wendy on RHOP. I would not teach this show if Melody was not on it. I can’t relate to anyone else.

  21. Stormi herself said Mel was just her associate at the last reunion while she called Destiny a friend. So if Melody was just an associate, Stormi is only mad about her not calling for a couple months for storyline reasons. Next!

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