‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Says He Made the Wrong Decisions Regarding His Daughter

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Ceaser’s fallout with his daughter played out on TV and social media.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser has been vocal since he was fired from the show due to a video of him allegedly abusing a dog going viral. He doesn’t like how those in power handled the situation. Ceaser said the decision to let him go happened so fast. And he at least expected an investigation to be done first. However, he feels that did not happen. This bothered him because he expected some grace considering the show’s been a huge success. Regardless, VH1 parted ways with Ceaser swiftly amid some fans calling for his firing on social media.

Interestingly enough, Ceaser’s exit from the show isn’t the only major controversy he’s had to deal with publicly. His daughter Cheyenne accused him of physically abusing her on Instagram Live. Ceaser denied the allegations. And he also threatened to sue Cheyenne’s mother Crystal because she backed up Cheyenne’s claims.

Teddy told Ceaser that it wasn’t a good idea to pursue Crystal legally while he was not in a good place with Cheyenne. However, Ceaser told him that it needed to be done because he had a business and image to protect.

Ceaser and Cheyenne’s relationship has taken a major hit. Cheyenne has even taken to social media to tell her followers that Ceaser missed her high school graduation. And before being fired from “Black Ink Crew,” Ceaser claimed he had to cut off Cheyenne because she allegedly lied on him.

Ceaser said he handled things wrong during an interview.

Well, Ceaser addressed his fallout with his daughter and the downfall of the show in a recent interview. In a promotional clip, Ceaser said he didn’t handle his situation with Cheyenne the right way.

“I’ma be honest with you. I believe I handled it wrong.” He continued, “I went at it as a businessman and a celebrity instead of going at it as a father.”

Ceaser also said that losing Sky was the beginning of the end, “I think the fall of Black Ink started when we got rid of Sky.” And he thinks the fame brought on the darkness, “That fame **** is different, bro. That’s gonna put pressure on you and you start seeing people crack that you never seen crack before.”

And he also said he doesn’t regret his relationship with Dutchess only how things went after their breakup, “I don’t believe Dutchess was a mistake. She’s the reason why I am who I am right now. My only regret about me and her situation is the way she moved after she left.”


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      1. Yes it was they don’t realize the opportunities that they have they get the big head you are not Stars you just on a reality show take that and do positive things with it at first it was a lot of tomfoolery, all of them think you can say and do what you want,Ego’s,Big head i was hoping these young black people grow up and be positive influential, to young people.

  1. I am so team Ceasar. Having owned a small boutique showed me how people can turn on you while having expectations from you.

    I wasn’t there to see what Ceasar did with his daughter. However, the way Cheyenne’s mother acted I believe she used/manipulated her daughter to act a certain way towards her dad. The same way Teresa Guidice is doing with her daughters against her brother, Joe Gorga HWONJ.

    It’s unfortunate that there is a price to pay for fame and fortune. I still believe that Ceasar was/is a good man at heart. He helped all of them. I have not looked at the new season and I won’t be. If you can turn on me that quickly, I’m good! Just like Mike Vic, your comeback is going make some people run and hide. Trust Me! My life is even better after being stabbed in the back by family and friends who I treated to everything.

    On my worst day, I don’t think they would give me a piece of bread. Lesson Learned!

    Best Wishes, Ceasar! Your daughter is growing up! You must pray that she comes to term with herself and she longs for a relationship with her father. How could you go to her graduation after she blasted you for abuse? That could have been a setup by your own daughter. When her mother finds love again, Cheyenne will be free to be who she really is.

    A fan who wishes you the best!

    1. Girl you are so on point with this but sometimes God has to humble us and maybe that was his way to humble Ceasar but Theresa is another story she is so jealous of Melissa and how Joe take care of her. She gonna look so stupid when Louie play her.

  2. I understand folks empathy for the way things panned out for Cesar but I believe he is responsible for his own downfall. It’s all about business when he’s ready to focus on the business. Other times he just wants to be a dictator and have folks follow his whim. Regarding his daughter, in the 1st season he was fighting not to pay child support and had it lowered so that he could pay the bare minimum. He also said negative things about his daughter’s mother and how she looks. Cesar admitted that she was a big supporter of his and is the reason he had the courage to open his shop. I believe when Cesar met his former fiancee and moved down south he was really feeling himself thinking he rose above everyone else and when his daughter came down south to visit he ordered his daughter to do things in a manner that he hasn’t before and for a teen they do not understand everything only that their parent is with someone new and their changing. Cesar’s ex fiancee’s kids had chores and his daughter didn’t. You can’t expect to just change the rules on a child on a dime – also having his fiancee speak to the child as if they’ve known her for far longer than they have – and then be mad a about their confusion. I didn’t like the way it seemed two grown people were teaming up on his child and the other who was in a different state when her daughter called and said her father put his hands on her. If you never disciplined her before (especially putting hand on) and now you want to do this in front of a new woman and her kids. A lot of this played out to the public which he really didn’t like. Cesar has an issue with accepting responsibility for his actions. Regarding the dog, I don’t understand what he expected when we all saw the video and the way the public is about animal abuse and the network had sponsors to think of. Now he’s on this apology tour because he needs to get a new show and he’s talking about he handled it wrong. It happened a couple of years ago but now he’s sorry. Cesar didn’t go to the graduation because he was mad. Not the way a parent is supposed to act. I guarantee you that if Cesar opened a new shop and asked his daughter to come and she didn’t because she was mad he’d go to social media and talk about it. I hope his next venture is top notch because he is a dope person and tattoo artist and he introduced a new series to reality tv and he deserves success

    1. Do you know Ceasar personally?

      I don’t know him or any of those people. I’m a fan from the first season and I’ve seen nothing but support from Ceasar. None of us knows what any of them are going through and we won’t until we walk in their shoes.

      1. No, I do not know him personally but have seen him personally in New Orleans when they were “opening” a Black Ink – which never came to be. I only know what they chose to show us from their lives. Cesar showing Dutchess getting him released from jail for not paying child support even though he admitted the mom was instrumental in his success and he was thriving but not paying child support. That tells me who you are. He chose to do green screens speaking on his life and maybe he thought it made him sound like a big boss man but to me they started out with the mindset of business but ended up with drama and bs. I was the biggest Cesar fan but little-by-little by what he chose to show it gave me a big pause on him. Same with Ryan of Black Ink Chicago. People always want to blame production and editing but you can edit all you want but the material has to be there to edit from.

    2. I juat want to say black ink won’t be the same with out Caesar ilke Puma but he not Caesar i think they should give him hia show back or Caesar go th vh1 like everybody else or zues don’t let them stop your shine haveing you do a tattoo on me is on by bucket list hope i do get that chance things happen in life he should get a pass he didn’t do that to a human i do believe lesseoned learn don’t ruin him over aomething like this signed a big fan

    3. I totally agree. You can’t always be barking at others and treating them like you are a king and they are servants. He brought most of the drama on himself whether it was scripted or not. I really liked the show at first but it turned to trash. He needs counseling for his rash bouts of anger and rage. He can definitely learn something from this and should humble himself while self reflecting.

  3. It’s disappointing to see Black Women still support a Guy who has a long history of disrespecting Black Womenon national television.

    I was never surprised at how he treated his own daughter.

    1. I tuned in to the Black Ink Last night n will never watch again till Caesar come back didn’t find any use of looking at the new crew, Bring back CEASAR!!!!

    2. Love! Love! Love the name!!!! And you gotta know I am with you 100% on this. These are not 20-somethings these are grown (by date of birth) azz folks.

  4. Ceaser and the majority of these people were awful and toxic. They let the fame get to their heads and thought they could do whatever they wanted with no consequences. But that’s not how life works. He treated his daughter like trash because he was doing well and didn’t think that could ever change.

  5. I love black ink if it wasn’t for Cesar itwouudnt have been no black ink help all of the not about the dog incident he was protecting another dog people act like that was such a big deal and it wasn’t come on now no black ink without Cesar bring him back and the daughter influenced by her mom the mom is mad she do anything to get back at Cesar cause he don’t want her she need to get over it he can repair his situation with his daughter if the mom would remove her self from the situation period these kids growing up today they are desrectful and ungrateful don’t want to listen to adult figures it ridiculous ceaser help all of them I been watching since day one heavenly every body a chance and put up with a alot bs building his businesses stay strong Cesar better thing to come for u u are a boss and very smart vhl lose

  6. What more of investigation needed to be done?🙋🏾‍♀️ I know…how about the accusation Chryenne made about abuse. How did that fall second to him beating a dog??
    Honestly, all of them need to stay off of social media. People don’t want to see them heal from their mess.

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