Sheree Whitfield Denies Kicking Kenya Moore’s Hotel Door + Blames ‘Shady’ Editing

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Kandi Burruss is done with Marlo Hampton.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton is having a very controversial season. She is not on good terms with Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Drew Sidora, or Monyetta Shaw. However, it’s her feud with Kandi that has a lot of fans talking on social media. As we reported, Marlo took issue with Drew refusing to label the incident involving Kandi’s cousin as a “shooting.” Marlo also accused Kandi of refusing to share the lows of her life. She later said the whole situation “triggered” her. Marlo’s nephew was a victim of gun violence a couple of years ago. And he used to work at Old Lady Gang.

Marlo eventually alleged that her nephew’s killer was someone he met at Old Lady Gang. And they were roommates at the time of the crime.

Well, Kandi clapped back at the accusations on her YouTube channel. She denied that the person who shot Marlo’s nephew ever worked at Old Lady Gang. So she believes Marlo has crossed the line and she’s being malicious. Kandi also said that Marlo is using her family’s trauma to make her look bad. So in Kandi’s opinion, this makes Marlo a horrible person.

Sheree Whitfield took to Twitter to clear her name.

Kandi wasn’t able to attend Kenya’s Magic City Classic trip. But the trip was still eventful for Marlo because she clashed with Monyetta and Kenya. What really set off Kenya was when the ladies came to her hotel room after she called it an early night. Sheree Whitfield jokingly and lightly kicked Kenya’s door before Marlo kicked and banged on the door loudly. This resulted in Kenya going all the way off on Marlo. And she said Marlo should have stopped once she learned Brooklyn Daly was there sleeping.

Sheree took to Twitter to tell fans that she didn’t actually kick Kenya’s door at all. And it was “shady” editing that made it seem that way.

“Lol, them **** editors. I did NOT kick or bang on that door! So shady.”


  1. Marlo needs to GO!! The show is so boring…The new lady came in starting drama with Kandi. The show had run its course, it’s time to bury it. Fights and screaming all the time. It’s not entertaining these old a-s women yelling and screaming. Too much hair and eyelashes.

  2. Well Sheree, editing or not my eyes saw your leg/foot go in and/out in the motion of kicking the door. Did it look like a light kick, yes but it was still a kick. So, please take accountability. Marlo who doesn’t like to follow anyone decided to follow you that day because she needs someone on her team. It’s only a matter of time before she bites you again. I realize that you both need those coins but Sheree don’t sell your soul to the devil like Marlo. You came from a respectful family. You had something prior to HW. You are an OG! Marlo is pulling you down to her level. I do respect your saying that you weren’t okay with Marlo kicking on the door to Kenya but just the fact that you stayed their while she did it and after Kenya said that Brooklyn was in the room. Do you know how traumatic that bang could be for Brooklyn? Marlo is sick and must be relieved of her duties. Don’t fall from grace with her!

    It is sad to see how far this woman will go. She shows her life coach who gives her good feedback and she still turns around and blame others. She is sick and she needs psychiatric help. Housewives is making her sicker, not better. She has years of healing to do. She’s providing material things for her nephews but they see and hear her as well. It’s all around sad and it’s becoming sad to watch.

    1. Amen & hallelujah to that! Shady editting? This woman needs some serious mental help! You expect ghetto behavior from Marlo, but to do what they did, then lie about it w/ video to prove it is shameful! ;-(

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