Marlo Hampton Denies Trying to Attach Kandi Burruss to Nephew’s Death + Kandi Claps Back

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Kandi Burruss is livid about Marlo Hampton’s latest actions.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss are currently at odds. Marlo said she was triggered by the incident that took place at Blaze Steak & Seafood. As we reported, Kandi’s cousin Melvin Jones was shot outside of the restaurant by another employee. He survived and producers attempted to get Kandi and Todd Tucker to address the situation. However, they couldn’t. They pointed out that an investigation was ongoing. So they weren’t able to say what happened just yet. But in a green screen interview, Kandi explained what happened. And she said that an employee came to the restaurant drunk. They clashed with her cousin outside and then shot him.

Kandi also addressed the situation while talking to Kenya Moore and Monyetta Shaw-Carter in a scene. However, Marlo wanted Kandi to discuss the matter in front of her. And she took issue with Drew Sidora calling it an incident instead of a shooting.

When Marlo explained why the situation upset her, she said that her nephew was killed a couple of years ago. And he used to work at Kandi’s other restaurant, Old Lady Gang. However, he didn’t work there at the time of his death. However, Marlo alleged that the killer was her nephew’s roommate. And they supposedly met at Old Lady Gang.

Well, Kandi clapped back at these comments on her YouTube Channel. She also stated that the killer never worked for her in any capacity. So she feels Marlo is being malicious and intends to hurt her business.

Kandi Burruss confronts Marlo Hampton on the upcoming episode of RHOA.

Marlo and Kandi will have an explosive conversation about all of this on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Drew is there to witness it all considering she had a blowup with Marlo over this.

In a preview, Marlo tells Kandi, “I sent you a text but also at your house when we were packing for Riley’s thing. I came to you, I was so emotional that day. But when I brought it up to you I could tell you didn’t want to deal with it.”

Kandi responds, “You tried to attach your cousin’s shooting to me.”

Marlo denies this, “No, I’m not…No, I’m not.”

Kandi doesn’t back down, “And it had nothing to do with me! I told you he no longer works with us. So I don’t understand why you’re running it back to her as if his shooting had something to do with me and my **** restaurant. Don’t do that!”

She says more in a green screen interview. And she says Marlo is just trying to destroy her.

“Anything she can use to try to tear me down, she’s just trying to run with it. And I have a problem with that.”

As for Marlo, she says her bigger point is she feels Kandi ignores things, “I’m mad at you because you ignore things. And people allow you to get away with it.”


  1. Yeah this season hasn’t been a good look for Marlo at all. She still acts more like a friend of than an actual housewife. She’s too thirsty and it’s making her look crazy.

  2. Marlo just isn’t smart. She won’t stop until only two people want to film with her thirsty a-s. If Kandi did her so badly, why did she wait 2 years to bring this up? She’s a fraud.

  3. Kandi could have sent flowers 💐. She didn’t because she doesn’t like Marlo and she really doesn’t care. You have to except who Kandi is and move on.

    1. Why would she send flowers when she didn’t even know it was Marlo’s nephew. Did anybody else send flowers? Why is it Kandi responsibility to make sure Marlo is ok. Please…make it make sense.

  4. Jealous people will do everything possible to destroy successful people. Marlo is evil. I’ll never support or side with envious people. They are dangerous.

  5. Marlo IS trying to come for Kandi’s reputation. Kandi ought to give her NONE OF HER ENERGY..NONE. Treat Marlo like she is not there. She would never hear my voice directed to her again.

  6. I dont know why she got a peach. She is boring and a trouble maker. You cannot hold her for the death of your nephew. I sorry for your loss but you can’t hold her responsible for that. May he rest in peace.

  7. Why is Marlo still on the show.she was nene friend.And she always been hating on Kandi! That’s because she’s a queen! Haters gonna hate! I Loved Kandi since Xscape and I’m still riding for her all day

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