Kandi Burruss Criticizes the Editing of the Recent RHOA Episode

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Kandi Burruss is done with Marlo Hampton.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton have been clashing all season long. Marlo said the issue is she was triggered by Kandi’s cousin Melvin Jones being shot outside of Blaze Steak & Seafood. While discussing the situation on the show, Kandi said an employee came to the restaurant drunk. They argued with Melvin outside before shooting him. Luckily, he survived. But Marlo didn’t like it when Drew Sidora refused to use the term “shooting” while talking about it on camera. And Marlo assumed that Drew did this out of fear for Kandi. However, Drew said it’s something they just don’t do in Chicago.

Marlo’s nephew died from gun violence. According to Marlo, he was shot by his roommate. And at some point, Marlo alleged that he met the shooter while working at Old Lady Gang. Kandi took to her YouTube channel to deny this. She said this person never worked at any of her restaurants.

On the recent episode, Marlo said that the real issue is Kandi didn’t do enough to acknowledge her nephew’s death. Marlo and her family expected more since her nephew worked at OLG. However, this confused Kandi because he wasn’t working at the restaurant at the time of his passing. So Kandi thinks Marlo is maliciously trying to attach her to the death.

Kandi Burruss took issue with the last episode’s editing.

Regardless, Marlo said Kandi should have at least sent some flowers or catered some food from Old Lady Gang,

Producers also flashbacked to Kandi hugging Marlo and telling her she was sorry to hear her nephew died. However, it’s the other flashbacks that didn’t sit well with Kandi. As Marlo and Kandi argued during an explosive scene, producers flashbacked to Kandi saying Marlo was a “sweet girl” a couple of seasons ago. And her criminal past didn’t matter.

Kandi addressed this on “Speak On It.” She said, “Okay y’all…watching this episode, I ain’t even gonna lie to you. I was annoyed…I was annoyed by everything about it.”

She continued, “I was annoyed at myself for allowing myself to get that angry. I was annoyed by what I felt like was the edit was trying to give Marlo some grace. Or trying to make her in a better light. How many **** times did they try to playback, ‘Oh she’s so such a sweet girl.’ That was two years ago, y’all. Don’t keep tryna repeat that as if she’s a sweet girl and if anybody believes that right now.”


    1. Kandi should speak on the issues her cohosts are referring to instead of trying to diminish what Marlo is referring to, calling Marlo all those bad things is not cool! Kandi ignoring the talk about what goes on in her businesses is not right! mean girl label now belongs to Kandi!

      1. How is Kandi ignoring what happened at her businesses when she talked about what happened and even had a whole spin off to discuss said businesses? Do you even watch the show?! Kandi is more open about her life and businesses than any other cast member! It’s Marlo who shows NOTHING! And it’s Marlo who says the most horrible things ever! I’ll never forget how she bullied Kenya about being abandoned by her mother! Y’all are really defending a trash person! Do better!

    2. Well now that I know Marlo nephew wasn’t even working at Kandi restaurant when he got shot, I’m really don’t see why she is mad at Kandi, she told her she was sorry to hear about her nephew passing, so what else did she want. I’m sorry to hear about your nephew passing, but just because he worked at OLG at some point but not when the incident happens does not mean Kandi had to do anything special. She told you she was sorry to hear that he had passed. It it leaves me to think that she is definitely just trying to put Kandi in a bad light and her business also. But with that being said I have my own mind and believe me our opinions don’t matter this is entertainment. And Marlo can make me feel any way about Kandi are no other cast member I have my own mind. 🙏❤️🙏

    1. Kandi has threatened to headbutt Courtney and then talk about choking Marlo since season began. Very messy and threatening and goes from 0 to 100 in seconds. She came to event in a mood and nothing anyone said would have helped. Sure, Marlo can be triggering but all the threats are unnecessary. Again, Queen Kandi seems to run the show and keeps the messiness going on her podcast.

    2. You are exactly right! She wants all the ladies to look up to her bet of her money but she needs to get some therapy/ counseling because she has been SCARED by her mom or someone else in life the way she acts. She is always jumping like she is going to jump on someone or crying every times she gets mad. This is a repetitive behavior of her. I think she has something going on within and it triggers her. This is my opinion of her behavior and she is no better than the other ladies. All of them are double minded in their own ways and it’s very Childish to repeat everything someone says. All of them are guilty of it too in my opinion.

    3. Well stop watching.. I have been watching RHOA, since it was introduced, Kim (the wig) Nene
      Cynthia, Sheree, Kandi, Dwight ,MS Lawerence, Lisa Woo etc. Phaedra, etc. I really don’t like it now,
      as there are too many women on now that are on the come up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and they do not have the same character, as the women who are the originals. BUT that’s Andy Cohen he likes to go to the
      gutter, and fish OKAY. Maybe Marlo should be sent packing, but their a few other newbie’s that in my
      opinion that should not have been cast in the 1st place.. Not a lot of sifting was done, as these new
      ladies are so thirsty to be the TOP ” B” JUST SAYING

    4. How many times must you tell someone that you are sorry for their lost? Kandi doesn’t own Marlo anything

  1. What is the TRUTH? Was he working for Blaze at the time of his death???????? Marlo, I’m not sure what happened to YOU??????? It’s very, very,very,very UGLY of you, it’s time for her to go back as a Friend, no need for her to hold a peach. Bring back Lisa Hartwell, full time give her the peach 🍑 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

    1. I never thought Marlo should have a peach! Marlo really thought Kandi should have paid for that funeral!!! Most Employers don’t send flowers unless the person is still employed by them! Marlo needs to stop with the BS she’s trying to keep trouble going and so is Sharee!

    2. I agree. Marlo is not good for this show. I believe she is trying to get rid of Kandi. I’m sorry these episodes are exhibiting violence rather than having good times.

  2. Marlo reminds be of all the envious people we have to deal with in the black community. She is everything the crabs in the barrel symbolism hits on. It’s really sad how jealous people are of Kandi and her success. Then she gets hate because Bravo sees her as a bigger asset than the fired fan favorites.

    1. Marlo has no reason to be jealous of Kandi. She a beautiful person and is very stylish. Everyone has a past. Kandi isn’t perfect and has had a fair share of d.. and she said lady pond herself. No sing needs to chill. She is always threatening someone and that can read Ghe….o. To some. Surgery is not for everyone and I see zero personality

      1. Marlo is very jealous of Kandi and said as much during her interview with Carlos King. She wishes she was the highest paid cast member. But Kandi is the highest paid. A lot of people are jealous that Kandi is super successful and she’s well respected by Bravo in a way Marlo and your faves will never be. And you don’t want to talk about ghetto my love. Marlo is literally the most ghetto person there with the most mugshots. The hate for Kandi is displaced. 🥴

      2. Being attractive and stylish aren’t accomplishments though. That’s why Marlo is so unfulfilled and insecure because she and Sheree have no actual careers or resume. They need the RHOA check and will do whatever to keep it. Kandi has actual accomplishments and solid connections to important people. So Bravo adores her. And that is why Marlo is jealous. She’d switch places with Kandi in a heartbeat.

    2. Kandi is my girl and always will be. Marlo is messy as she wants to be. She has the ability to work hard just like Kandi but she feels the need to diminish Kandi in every way possible but guess what in my opinion on that show Kandi is the —-ish and always will be. I love you Kandi and Todd . Keep the haters talking for all those in the back.🥰🥰

  3. When Kandi leaves…I’m leaving. I don’t want to watch “The Kenya Moore” show. I was hoping also that Marlo would deserve that peach but now I think she just wants to ruin Kandi by continuing to put her in a bad light. I think she’s jealous.

  4. Truly no one sees what’s going on here. Marlo is looking for a come up off of Kandi. Marlo said if Kandi would have laid a finger on her she was going to fall to the floor and be hurt. Kandi knows this that’s why she’s so frustrated and cries.

  5. Whew chile a lot of you sound really jealous on here and I ain’t even a Kandi fan. How embarrassing. A stranger should not have you this pressed, mad, and insecure. Imagine defending a big hater like Marlo. Eww. I’d NEVER. Even Nene said Marlo has no business getting a peach. Marlo is the problem not Kandi.

  6. The gaslighting in this episode was ALLOT. At first, I was wondering why they started with unseen flashbacks. As I watched the show I understood. Kandi and stans/lap dog had an evil agenda toward. Marlo was only say what most rational people would say, why is a person throwing up issues that’s 23 YEARS ago instead of bringing up something more fresh. Kandi finally showed her tru self and it’s really pathetic and disgusting how she TRIED to manipulate each situation. So it’s okay for kandi to sit back and throw bones , but all hell breaks loose when it’s kandi’s personal life. At this point, after watching the show, I just think folks hate marlo even though she was NOT the antagonist in any way. Drew saying she from Chicago and they don’t say shooting but call it an “incident ” was bs. I have family from Chicago, not the suburbs drew is from and they say shooting with no issue. The issue was when people were trying to label Chicago Chiraq! I’m glad that the producers showed the truth. I wonder do they really feel good about saying those things about Marlo and trying to gaslight that Marlo was aggressive, when clearly Marlo was not and Marlo had her hands behind her back. What a joke this shows turned into because of pathetic bullying Kandi and her crew. I was a day one , and would be excited about this show. Now I dread seeing and kandi stans, I mean delusional fans are just as toxic. There is no fun like it was before. Actually, after Porsha things went downhill. I’m so tired to these toxic culture made by these aggressive women like kenya and kandi. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the shooting, lets talks about the rumors of threesomes, let’s talka about the rent a men Kenya had ,or that egg implanted in her. Let’s tall about kenya divorce and why she is dragging it out (COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW THIS SO THIS IS NOT ALLEGEDLY) . Let’s talk about this imaginary boyfriend who has yet to come on the show. This episode was a revealing red flag about kandi and the lengths she will go with kenya and their lapdog PATHETIC SAD FOLLOW THE LEADER DREW. Drew your husband really did a number on you huh?🤡🙄

    1. Marlo is using her nephew’s death to make Kandi and her businesses look bad. She lied about the killer working at Kandi’s businesses. Marlo told Carlos King she is purposely coming for Kandi this season because she’s the highest paid. Umm yeah, Marlo IS the antagonist and gaslighter. This essay you typed is just word vomit. You’re mad at Kandi because your favorites left the show and that is not Kandi’s doing. Go to Andy and Bravo with this internet rage. Stop being mad at the wrong person.

      1. You’re absolutely right!!! I can’t stand Marlo!!! She’s a jealous hearted and vindictive person. She has NOTHING going for herself otherthan attacking the ones she feels inferior to try to bring them down!!! She did it to Nene, Kenya and now Kandi!!! She can’t hold a candle to Kandi!!! And Sheree’ is nobody’s friend with her lies and backstabbing! She’s a coward, always bullying Drew….only because she’s younger. I’m with Kandi!!!

    2. The definition of antagonizer is a person who antagonizes people, or provokes hostility. That’s Marlo. The definition of gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. That’s Marlo. She’s been the same way since day one. Marlo will tell a flat out lie on someone unprovoked to destroy them. No one “hates” Marlo. We just recognize she’s not a good person and bullies people because she hates herself. Marlo doesn’t need a life coach. She needs a good therapist. And you’re only causing her more harm by enabling her on the internet.

  7. Marlo is so jealous and the only people who are siding with her are mad Nene and Porsha stans. Y’all hate Kandi because Nene got herself fired and Porsha married well and left (as she should). I wish y’all would just leave the rest of the RHOA fan base alone because y’all are so delusional, bitter, and toxic now.

  8. There’s something wrong with any person who would use a family member’s death to destroy someone else (who didn’t do anything to them). So Marlo defenders are…interesting. Kandi is someone who actually did things for Marlo like petition Bravo about giving Marlo a peach. Think about the people in your life you helped. I doubt you’d be okay with someone you looked out for willingly trying to take you down because they think you make too much money at your place of employment. Put more thought into who you defend on the internet ladies and gents.

  9. Marlo is a jealous person and wants to make everyone look bad. Marlo wants some clout to stay relevant she is not a house wide and should not have a peach. Kandi is upset because these women are trying to tarnish her name and brand. Marlo needs to get the boot of Kandi leaves I will not watch the show anymore. Kandi shows all aspects of her life from personal to business she is very transparent but she does need to stand up to her mom .

    1. Don’t know what shows you are watching because Marlo started talking about Kandi past first.
      My grandmother always said when you spit in the wind it blows back in your face, that’s what is happening to Marlo.

  10. I feel people give Kandi to many passes. Kandi mentioned her comment about Marlo was 2 years ago as if anybody feels that way about her now. Forgetting that Marlo cutting the girl was even more long ago. They absolutely do not treat Marlo fairly and mainly because Marlo doesn’t back down to them. They use her past to make her seem as a villain and everyone has a past. The moment anybody brings up Kandi they’re wrong. When Marlo brought up things about Kenya’s past she then called Marlo disgusting but that’s all they dwell on with Marlo is her past. But again like Marlo said where is the receipts? We’ve seen all of them with different men but where is all the men they speak on with Marlo

    1. kandi is crazy and also she is following after Kenya lets not for get Kenya goes after people husband but I guess Kandi likes people like her look what she did to Marlo at her show coming in singing marlo hair care but Kandi stayed friends with her she is doing a threesome or something Kandi got a Good career but the company you keep does not look good there is no way I would be around Kenya but she mad at everyone else play back didnt you say that kim husband is a baby sitter now lets look at your husband always with the children oh my bad let me stop talking about your husband you might fight me lmao and also Kenya is a bad trouble maker dont have a man dont no one wants you kenya I feel bad for your daughter

  11. Kandi has never gotten a pass on this show and this is just a made up narrative that salty NeNe and Marlo fans came up with to make it seem like their jealousy isn’t highly visible. Kandi gets it the worst all the time! The lies told on her are horrible! The problem is Kandi is very successful so jealous people use this platform to bring her down to the gutter levels they are occupying. Marlo isn’t a sweet person. Kandi just didn’t know better yet. Marlo is a user and she has stabbed every “friend” she had on this show in the back at some point, including NeNe. So I’m confused as to why NeNe’s stans are defending Marlo like they haven’t seen her be a snake in more ways than one. Kandi has done nothing to Marlo. Knock it off. And stop lying on here because you think your hate for Kandi is rational. It isn’t!

  12. The anti Kandi comments on here are full of lies and bitterness. I think most of them are written by people who aren’t actually watching the show. The last episode showed Marlo lied multiple times. But it’s a great demonstration of how envious people operate. Like Marlo, envious people will completely lie on someone who is more successful than them because they are mad they cannot relate. It’s sad but there are a lot of Marlos in the world like this comment section is showing.

  13. Marlo is very jealous of Kandi and her constant attacks are ugly. If Marlo nephew wasn’t an employee anymore then Kandi wouldn’t think to cater food and all that. If Marlo wanted OLG to cater she should have asked Kandi. She keeps pretending she’s trying to change but she’s so damaged and projecting her madness on Kandi and Drew. She absolutely flipped out on Drew but she lies about it. I need the show to hold Marlo accountable for her actions. The way RHOA is allowing this to play out, makes it seem like Marlo is right.

  14. Marlo was right. They tip toe around Kandi like they need her or scared to confront.
    They are too old for the this mess and it’s too typical. Every show is beef and there are parents not showing up for recitals and birthday parties with their kids. Do better

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