Kandi Burruss Confronts Sanya Richards-Ross for ‘Riding the Fence’ Amid Feud with Marlo Hampton

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Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton may not be able to come back from their latest fallout.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is not feeling the comments Marlo Hampton has made in relation to the shooting that took place at Blaze Steak & Seafood. As we reported, Kandi’s cousin Melvin Jones was shot outside of the restaurant. He is the kitchen manager there. And according to Kandi, an employee came to the venue drunk that day. They argued with Melvin outside of the restaurant at some point. Then they shot him. Melvin survived, fortunately. While filming the current season, Kandi and Todd Tucker told a producer they couldn’t discuss the matter in a scene because the investigation was ongoing.

Marlo has a very different perspective. She accused Kandi of not wanting to ever discuss the unfortunate situations that happen in her personal life. And she even accused Drew Sidora of not using the word “shooting” in front of Kandi out of fear that Kandi would retaliate. However, Drew said she didn’t want to use the word because she didn’t want a stigma attached to Kandi’s black-owned restaurants. And being from Chicago has made her aware of the stigmas placed on the Black community when it comes to violence.

A scene with Marlo and Sheree Whitfield’s friend Courtney Rhodes also riled up fans on social media. Courtney and Marlo questioned if Kandi’s restaurants have a pattern of attracting violence.

Kandi Burruss believes Sanya Richards-Ross has been riding the fence.

Another interesting thing about Marlo and Kandi’s situation is Marlo also accused Kandi of not “acknowledging” her nephew’s death. She said he worked at Old Lady Gang before his roommate shot him. However, the recent episode showed that Kandi did acknowledge the matter. And in a flashback scene, she told Marlo that she was sorry about what happened. Kandi then hugged her.

One person who has been trying to defend Marlo’s actions amid the backlash from fans is Sanya Richards-Ross. During a recent interview with Carlos King, Sanya said that Marlo goes above and beyond for her friends. So she expected Kandi to do the same for her when her nephew passed away. This lines up with a scene Marlo had with her managers. She told them that Kandi should have called her sister, sent flowers, and catered food from Old Lady Gang.

Well, on the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi confronts Sanya. She feels Sanya “rides the fence” amid her feud with Marlo.

In the preview, Kandi says, “I’m about to be not ******* with you and your homegirls. You and your homegirls.” Sanya responds, “Why you not gonna be ******* with me though?” And Kandi then answers, “Because I be feeling like you be riding the fence sometimes.”

Sanya denies that she’s been riding the fence, “No, it’s not about riding the fence. I don’t want to keep getting burned in Marlo’s fire.”

In a green screen interview, Sanya says she doesn’t want to pick sides.

“I’m not gonna let how one person feels about the other interfere with my friendship with them. And that’s all I gotta say.”

However, Kandi points out that she thinks Sanya “downplays” Marlo’s actions, “It’s the times when I feel like you’re playing down what she did. That’s when it annoys me.”

At this point, Kandi believes there is a pattern with Marlo in which she says horrible things and then backtracks.

“You don’t see the pattern? She says something, then she comes back, ‘I ain’t mean it,’ over and over again.”

Regardless, Sanya wants Kandi to know that she wasn’t told the same things that Kandi was told, “The thing is though Kandi what went back to you is not what she said to me.”


  1. I’m glad Kandi was clear in this scene because Marlo does have a pattern of doing and saying horrible things but apologizing later like she didn’t mean it. Then she starts up again the next season just to apologize at the reunion again. She’s an awful housewife.

  2. Sanya is another Sheree. She’s phony and agrees with whoever she’s filming with at the time. She can go.

    1. Agree…another SNAKE like Sheree!! …btw Sheree & Sanya haven’t you heard the OLD wise saying “DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU”!!!

  3. I think Kandi expects these women to be as real as her and they just aren’t going to be that ever. I remember when Kandi was close with Phaedra not fond of Kenya but she would still speak up when she felt Kenya was mistreated. The fact that Sanya has not ever once said that Marlo is wrong speaks to her character!

    1. Exactly Twirl! Its like some adults don’t understand you can still like someone and tell them they’re wrong! Sanya vacations with Kandi and Todd but laughs when Courtney and Marlo slander Kandi. Sanya is nothing but a follower and flip flopper!

      1. Bullseye!

        I’m really fed up. I’m going back to what they were supposed to be from the beginning, housewives. Unfortunately, that means cleaning house. I love Kenya, my Aquarius sister but she has outgrown the show and so has Kandi. Kandi has shown some very vulnerable episodes in her life. From the first fiancee’ that got killed, Riley’s dad, her mom and Todd and his mom who passed. Marlo brings other people drama and yes, I do believe she’s exploiting her family. She brought her mom on the show for her own benefits. Her nephews see right through her bipolar behavior because they are with her. She even asked her nephews if they thought she was getting better and they both hunched their shoulders. She’s giving them material things but you can’t give them what they need, unconditional love and respect.

        Marlo needs to be removed from tv. That’s not personal, that’s real. She is the type that can snap out before she can snap back in. Bravo is going to end up with a big lawsuit. It’s already starting with New Jersey, NeeNee Leakes and I believe the HWOA is next. I pray that all ends well but it’s starting to burn which is not a good sign.

        Best Wishes!

  4. Kandi is the most real , and has been since RHOA begin. She has always been a ride or die, in my opinion.
    She tried to help Kim out remember them being on the bus tour, promoting that song? “DON’T BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY” That went absolutely NOWHERE? Always a Kandi Fan

  5. Marlo will do anything for a storyline. She’s not anyone’s real friend. And at some point she will flip on Sanya too.

  6. Anyone who can’t see who Marlo is as a person is a mark and not someone I’d want in my friendship circle anyway. Let Sanya go Kandi. Her fake a-s friendship with Marlo won’t end well anyway because Marlo is a snake to everybody at some point. I saw her for what she was when turned on NeNe and Porsha.

  7. I’m loving Kandi’s hair in this clip and pic. Sanya is going to get herself in some mess she can’t get out of flip flopping the way she does.

  8. Sanya really picked the wrong team and I hate that for her. I think she only lasted as long as she did because her hubby is attractive. Andy will keep dud housewives around if they have fine husbands.

    1. HATE her for having her own opinions! Everyone isn’t going to agree with Kandi and that shoukd be ok! This show is getting tired as h-ll..Bravo should change the name to “Kandi’s World!” Because anyone who doesn’t agree or get on the train is…a “B” she wants to choke, headbutt, or drag!

      1. Girl what are you even talking about? Sanya doesn’t have her own opinions. She’s a follower and changes her opinions based on who she’s talking to. I’m not even a Kandi stan. But Sanya is a terrible housewife and so is Marlo. Move around.

  9. Sanya is going to lose a real friend in Kandi trying to make a fraudulent person like Marlo feel better about herself. Marlo doesn’t need to be coddled. She has enough enablers as it is and that’s why she’s a hot mess now.

  10. Kandi Burruss is surrounded by Wolves 🐺
    Marlo is “ Not a Friend along with Sanya…SMH
    Better bring NeNe Leaks back so someone will have your back .,,Ugly situation to watch between intelligent, smart & beautiful Black Women !
    Andy Cohen is truly a “ Messy Queen “ always stirring the pot …Shameful ‼️

  11. Agree…another SNAKE like Sheree!! …btw Sheree & Sanya haven’t you heard the OLD wise saying “DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU”!!!

  12. While Marlo maybe a mess sometimes, I do think that Kandi should have said something regarding the death of Marlo’s nephew. Kandi is quick to cry but she is in no way the victim that she portray either….Kenya is overrated and Messy not to mention a big put-on…..She couldn’t have nailed that halftime show at the classics so she suddenly can’t breathe and right back to starting sh-t the next say😎Kenya Moore hair care ????? Would this be for your weave, wigs, or natural hair?Drew is just needy!

  13. Did any other girls send Marlo anything when her nephew died? When keeping on about Kandi. She had helped a lot you on the show. You are a hateful and jealous old no boyfriend “b”. Get your sh-t together or get off the show. Not all about you. You are not NeNe.

  14. They are all flip floppers with the exception of Kandi, period!!!!! I can’t stand Kenya’s kiss a-s mentality to anyone she feels can help further her endeavors. She lives in Kandi’s a-s and it’s sickening. She’s too old for that behavior.

  15. Nope, the only flip floppers are Sanya, Sheree, and Marlo. Kenya and Kandi are the only real friends on the show and it triggers people. Stay mad though cause it ain’t changing. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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